14 Pics Of Rainbow Lattes That Will Brighten Your Day

Leave it to a barista from the non-stop party city of Las Vegas, Nevada to master the art of adding food coloring to their latte foam to create what you see here – some truly stunning rainbow latte creations!    

rainbow latte

A fine young fellow by the name of Mason Salisbury is a Las Vegas barista who works at Sambalatte, has caused quite a stir with his “free pour latte art” on his Instagram feed called ibrewcoffee.

adding food coloring to a latte

colored latte

food coloring in latte

By using a combination of great latte art-making skills as well as a bit of colors these lattes are almost too pretty do drink – but drink them we must!  😉 how to make a colored latte how to make a rainbow latte how to make rainbow coffee latte art rainbow

The key to making this type of rainbow latte art (and latte art in general) is to be very careful, and use a steady hand to capture some interesting swirls and shapes.

latte art using rainbow food coloring

If you’re really good you can design animals (like the swan in the latte above) and basically anything you can dream of, as long as you have the skills behind the brewing and the pouring.  

latte art rainbow coffee rainbow colored latte art

At Sambalatte, Mason uses his own skills to demonstrate to budding baristas how to make their own rainbow lattes, and inspiring and motivating up-and-comers to create their own magical works of latte art! rainbow latte art rainbow colored latte

Ok, so how do you make amazing rainbow latte art like this?

If you can make latte art, then you’re halfway there.  Here are a couple of videos on free pouring to get you started!



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