Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Brewstation Summit Review

As far as I’m concerned, Hamilton Beach has come up with another great product with this coffee maker, their 12-Cup Brewstation Summit programmable coffee machine, which is perfect for home, the office, or anywhere where a convenient cup of hot coffee is needed.  It takes paper filters and brews up coffee fast.

Usually these types of coffee makers come with a carafe, but this time the Hamilton Beach 12-cup Coffee Maker comes carafe-free (eg. just the machine), and let me tell you why that is actually awesome.

That is because the Brewstation here comes with a thermal insulated tank inside it as well as a uniquely designed warming heater, so rather than having your coffee sitting in your carafe and getting colder by the second, you having it hot and ready to serve safely inside your HB Brewstation Summit, and keeps things piping hot for up to 4 hours!

This is exactly what HB themselves say about the Brewstation Summit.  Something along the lines about “Forget the carafe…”  Why?  No more pouring, spilling, dripping, breaking, burnt coffee flavor due to the hot plate that a lot of coffee makers have. 

At first I thought, “But I like having a carafe…” and then, the more I thought about it, having a carafe really is only a bonus if it looks really nice and is super insulated.  Otherwise, yes, I have broken a carafe or two in my day, and they do lose heat fast.  So point taken, Hamilton Beach, I am now a convert to this carafe-free method.

I can easily grab my favorite mug or coffee thermos (must be less than 7″ tall though) and fill it with my favorite coffee with the push of a button. There’s no mess, and making coffee with this machine is incredibly easy to do.

Here’s a quick video showing how the Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Brewstation Summit works.

When you purchase this 12-cup gem of a programmable coffee maker, the box only contains just a few things – namely, the machine and its removable parts.  There are so few parts really that “set-up” won’t take more than plugging the Brewstation in and grinding up some coffee to put in the filter.

For the record, the dimensions of 11 x 8.2 (width) x 15.2 inches (height) and the weight of this coffee maker is 5.5 pounds, making the Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker easy for moving around to whenever you wish to put it in your kitchen or office.

Easy Cleaning 

hamilton beach brewstation summit

Be aware that the coffee tank and the reservoir are not friendly with the dishwasher, and you should use a coffee maker dedicated cleaner to clean your Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Brew about once a month to avoid mineral build up.  This will keep your machine working for a long time to come.

The Display

Hamilton Beach created a machine with a sleek and very modern design that comes with easy commands and a very easy-to-read display where you can read all the things you need to know, such as the timing and the number of cups you want to brew.

The front part of the Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Brewstation Summit Coffee Maker has four main round buttons and a well-lit display with even more information, such as the time, coffee strength, and how long to keep your coffee hot.

hamilton beach brewstation summit display features

Before you start, press the power On-Off button. Then, by pressing of the lower right button you adjust the time you want your coffee maker to keep your coffee warm (for instance if you choose one hour, the dispenser will keep the coffee warm for one hour).

Also, you can set the hour when you want it to brew your coffee by pressing the upper right button. You can pour water and coffee in the evening and the machine will precisely start doing its work in the exact time you set it for.

The lower left button is for the strength of your brew; there are four levels here – regular, flavor plus, special setting for one to four cups, and even iced coffee.

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As we mentioned earlier, Hamilton Beach created this 12-Cup coffee maker without a hot plate, which of course, is not necessary if there isn’t a carafe that needs to be kept warm.

Instead, in the middle of the machine, there is a built in warming heater that guarantees to keep all the coffee warm, no matter when you pour your first or last cup of coffee.

This way not only you have warm coffee for hours, but also, the flavor and the aroma are trapped inside the container and will remain there until you pour the coffee in your cup.

It is a smart design choice on the part of Hamilton Beach that is especially suitable for small offices, or households where people don’t get up at the same time. It is a real time and energy saver.

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Please help. We have loved our Hamilton Beach coffee makers through the years. Bought a BrewStaton 7 months ago. We clean it every morning and descale it with Brew Rite regularly. We are seeing “pieces” of something in every cup of coffee now. It appears the mesh filter (not removable) in the bottom of the coffee pot is clogged. I have done everything according to manual — pouring lots of water from underneath and through the top of the little filter. Nothing has worked. We are at a loss to know what to try, other then to trash the BrewStation. Please help us. We do not want to throw it away!!


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