2Pour Launches Campaign To Provide Dual Aeropress Brewing To Your Home

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In the world of coffee, people are always trying new things to get the most out of a cup of java.  Among all the various brewing methods, grinders, roasters, and everything else, it’s an intense area of study for those who appreciate coffee. 

However, when it comes to this new coffee technology, inevitably, not all of it is going to catch on.  Some devices, while fancy, might be beyond the budget for your average coffee drinker.  In addition, other devices just don’t work well, and eventually they are relegated to the bins.

Today, we look at an example of a device that shows true promise in the world of better coffee.  Not only is it simple, but it appears to offer some hope for those of us who love Aeropress-made coffee without the mess.

This device allows you to pour 2 cups of delicious Aeropress coffee at once, and what a great name as well – 2Pour!  

It is billed as a “dual brewing accessory for the Aeropress coffee maker”.

We wanted to know more about the 2Pour, and, as luck would have it, we were able to connect with the folks behind the project to give us some additional information. 

We can see the 2Pour catching on, but it depends, to some extent, on the success of their current Kickstarter campaign, which they are running right now, in order to get the project off the ground. 

Here is our chat with 2Pour.  Please enjoy it as you would a hot cup of delicious Aeropress-brewed coffee!

Q: How many 2Pour team members are there?

Myself, Andrew, my partner Rachel, and a designer + coffee lover Dan Marc, who we met at the very beginning of the project. I know that without his knowledge and passion in coffee, we wouldn’t be here today.

Q: How and when did you encounter the Aeropress coffee maker?

I was shown the Aeropress® 4 years ago by a friend whilst visiting for the weekend.  This simple tube design instantly caught our attention after the first brew and taste ‘demonstration’.  That weekend I purchased my own, and haven’t used anything since wherever possible.

Q: Why do you think the Aeropress makes a superior brew to other brewing processes?

The Aeropress® is exceptionally easy to produce a great cup of coffee. I think that is why so many people love it.  It is incredibly versatile and functional, allowing almost anyone to play with different recipes to suit their taste, while still producing a fantastic cup every time.

Manual brewing coffee is both sophisticated and therapeutic in equal measure, not to mention an art in its own right, and the Aeropress is no different.  That’s why we love it.

Q: Was there a moment where you realized that the 2Pour would be a handy accessory?

Yes, two of them.

The first was after buying the Aeropress® and using it for the first time trying to make two cups in a single brew. We got the correct strength early on, but the mess we still face today. The prototype in the campaign is exactly that and not our kitchen item.

The second is still continuing, but we’ve realised that Kickstarter is much harder than we expected. We are getting lots of great feedback, but not all are progressing into pledges, unfortunately.

Q: What is involved in making a moulding like you have for the 2Pour?

A mould production is pretty simple:  our manufacturers take a 3D digital file of our product and they re-create that, using a set of tools like a ‘cnc’ router, or high powered lasers from a block of metal.

The only difference is, the mould is a negative.  Think of it like pushing a small object into silly-putty or play-dough, when you remove the object, you’re left with a negative and then that gets injected with plastic to create the 2Pour®.

Q: What type of plastic do you use and why? 

The 2Pour® is made from a ‘BPA’ free food-grade plastic as is the Aeropress®. Using this material, means we’re not having to include harmful chemicals in our production. It also means that the end user won’t be left with a horrible plastic taste in their coffee.

The combination of safe and strong materials means our customers can be safe in the knowledge that the 2Pour is both user-friendly and will last a long time.

Q: How long did it take you to design the 2Pour? Were there any ‘beta’ versions?

It took us about 3 years to design the 2Pour®.  It started off as a slow burner as we really wanted to ensure that the product had some validity behind it.  We didn’t just want to arrive at an empty marketplace. so we spent years creating prototypes, testing, user feedback etc..

It took us around 8-10 attempts at prototyping before we arrived at 2Pour® – many, many evenings of dripping coffee at different rates through our moulds to ensure we had an even 50/50 ratio, all the while drinking lots and lots of coffee!

Q: How does the 2Pour manage to avoid messiness with the pour?

There really is nothing complicated about the 2Pour.  The design is simple and has been carefully sculpted to eliminate any splashing or dripping while in use.  The spouts are designed to carry the coffee in a smooth fashion towards the cup. 

After that, you just have to make sure all the coffee has left the 2Pour before drinking – no fancy technology here!

Q: Is there an ideal type of mug height or material that goes best with the 2Pour?

A: We’ve designed the 2Pour to fit a standard homeware mug of 98mm – so you’re safe with anything under that.

Q: Are there any coffee accessories that inspired the 2Pour?

The 2Pour draws influence from a number of iconic coffee accessories.  In particular, the portafilter that is used on commercial coffee machines, and the Chemex pour-over brewer.

We felt that by using these familiar accessories, we could create a new accessory that is both easy on the eye and seamlessly blends in on your counter-top.

Q: How did you get linked up with KINTO:

KINTO is one of our staff’s longtime friends.  They supported us through the campaign with some of their beautiful products, and we’re really grateful to have them on board.  Their products are very well made and look amazing.

Q: Are there any other brands you like?

Oh, I could geek-out for days about homeware and ceramics. If you’re looking for great ceramics, try these:  Hasami Porcelain, FRAMA cph homeware range, and my personal favourite, Takashi Endo or @t_endoh on Instagram.

Help Support 2Pour and Visit their Kickstarter page to Donate!

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