Abundant Kitchen Hand Burr Spice And Coffee Grinder Review

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I was never allowed to help my mother in the kitchen prepare meals but I really wanted to.  I guess that was “women’s” work in the 1970’s and certainly not something that a boy did.  She would let me dry the dishes but that was about it, and I always left soap on them (apparently).

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She was surprised at the end of my high school days, when I announced that I wanted to be a chef and spend my life making food for other people to eat. 

I went to trade school, worked as a sous chef for years in many different restaurants, and finally I am the big food boss in a very popular eatery in a big city.  Oh, I should mention that I own the restaurant.

kitchen hand grinder for spices and coffee

In my business, although I do love coffee and serve a mean espresso in my restaurant, first I wanted to talk about pork. 

Why?  Because I bought this Abundant Kitchen grinder with grinding spices for some of my famous pork dishes in mind.  Coffee, in this case, was secondary (don’t hate me).

I have several great burr grinders that assist me with making top-notch espresso already, which isn’t to say that this grinder isn’t a good coffee grinder, but more on that later. 

With the right spices, pork dishes can be delicious in ways you’d never imagined, so I had my mind on pork and finely ground spices.

This is where this Abundant Kitchen spice and coffee grinder comes in, because I found it on sale and it seemed like a humble way to grind spices for a pork recipe I frequently use.

My Humble Spiced Pork Recipe

Combine rosemary, thyme, savory, marjoram, lavender, a bay leaf, and tarragon into your grinder and blend well.  Add a little salt and pepper.  Mince together some fresh basil and parsley and mix it in to the other spices.  The aroma from this mixture is very unique. Rub in into the pork and refrigerate overnight.  The next day, you are ready to cook the pork your favorite way.

spiced pork recipe

Maybe you like it roasted with Russet potatoes coated in olive oil and garlic, or maybe you will grind the meat up as well and make your family’s famous pork chilli. 

It won’t matter because the spice mixture will dazzle all your guests’ taste buds, and little will they know that much of the grunt work was done by the Abundant Kitchen spice grinder.

Spice & Coffee Grinder

kitchen coffee grinder

I’m going to run down the main points of why I think this Abundant Kitchen spice and coffee grinder is a good deal.  

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It Is Well Made

Abundant Kitchen has used high quality materials such as the glass bottom and the ridges on the neck, making it easy to grip and hold. Aesthetically speaking, I love the style of this grinder!  The spices are exposed through the glass lid.  Just a slight turn of the top and you are set to that fine grind that you will need for the pork recipe (or which ever recipe you try – sorry, I’ll stop talking about pork now). You will want to leave this out on your counter for all to admire the turning handle.

It Is Easy To Use

abundant kitchen grinderI was a little disappointed when I unpacked the grinder and noticed that no instructions came with it.  It is so simple looking that it didn’t take me long to unscrew the top and remove the handle. 

That was it!  I was ready to grind my coffee beans or my fresh herbs and spices.  It was like wearing an Armani suit.  I never got tired or bored with the grind process.  It fit me perfect and I felt like I was on top of the world!!

Did I Mention It’s Great For Coffee?

hario skerton grind settings aeropress

Adjustable adjustable adjustable!!!  I bought another one of these grinders since they’re so inexpensive to use in order to use with my Aeropress and for being less than $20, it does a pretty good job. 

Move the dial from fine to coarse and you are away to the races.  When I was ready to clean it, I took it apart in seconds and washed it in soap and hot water and let it stand to dry on the counter.  Voila!

Slow But Sure

buy kitchen grinder

Just keep it mind that it is a small and very inexpensive grinder.  It is perfect for a cup or two of coffee, but you will need a bigger grinder if you are preparing that black gold for a crowd.  Or maybe you just like espresso and of course the grounds must be very fine for that drink.  This is the grinder for you. 

In the end, I purchased my for my spice grinding only, and eventually I picked up a second for coffee, but I never mix the two up.  With regards to spice, too much spice is not recommended for most recipes, so this grinder is perfect for one meal at a time.  I love it!

I hope you enjoy your new kitchen toy.  Overall, it isn’t noisy (which suits me fine), it looks great (I love the glass grind receptacIe, with the logo), and it allows me to grind things fresh and that’s great for both coffee and spices!  – 4.5 STARS

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