Aerolatte Hand Held Electric Milk Frother Review

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Every now and then I want to treat myself and my family with a delicious, foamy latte or cappuccino. 

Of course, I personally like to stick to my strong and aromatic arabica beans most of the time for my espressos and coffee, but the holidays usually get me feeling frisky and I want to experiment and decorate the coffee for my folks.

Aerolatte Original Electric Hand Held Milk Frother

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Since I’m the resident coffee lady around my house it’s pretty natural for me own most of the coffee making thingies and machines (you don’t want to see my kitchen, there is barely space for all of this stuff – luckily my husband is a coffee drinker).

The other day I got a special delivery (we order a lot of packages) and, among other less interesting things, there was this Aerolatte Original Electric Hand Held Milk Frother, which is the official name of this tiny spinning whisk. 

aerolatte milk frother hand held review

Its icy blue satin color was chosen on purpose (there is also a black one available; when I saw it for the first time couldn’t endure how lovely and simple the design was and yet so classy. 

But, that is not the most important part; this Aerolatte tool works excellently and helps me create wonderful milk foam in literally few seconds. 

Now that I’ve spent some time with it, the Aerolatte has become like a jewel in my kitchen.

aerolatte stand

The Aerolatte Hand Held Milk Frother was about twenty dollars, but I shelled out 8 more dollars and got myself the Aerolatte Chrome Satin Stand where I usually put it when I don’t use it.

Aerolatte itself is quite small (8.7 x 3.6 x 0.9 inches ; 3.5 ounces) and uses batteries, so no cords or cables are included which makes it not only a must-have for a kitchen, but also for traveling, especially for campers or people who travel a lot and want to stick to their way of preparing their coffee.

The Aerolatte Hand Held Milk Frother comes with 2 AA batteries which were included in the package.  Its about the size of my electric tooth brush, actually. 

The sleek handle of my Aerolatte is big enough to fit in your palm and operating it is a piece of cake.  In only twenty or thirty seconds you will get the perfect frothed milk, and the amazing thing is that it works just as good with cold and hot milk.

I want to point out that the frother does not generate steam or heat; you will have to warm the milk previously (whether in the microwave or in the oven) and then make the foam with the Aerolatte.

You’d be surprised how often my family uses this little Aerolatte Hand Held Milk Frother. 

Everyone seems to get a kick out of it, and I have to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get used for anything that will wreck it. 

In particular, my 10-year-old got his hands on it recently and was using it outside to blend mud.  Great! 

I was able to clean it easily even after the mud soup fiasco and it works just as well as ever.  Now its out of his reach at least. 

Beyond easy to use, even for children who might want to help out in the kitchen, it creates satin finished milk foam that you can later mix with your favourite blend and create an original Italian latte or foamy cappuccino at home. 

My whole extended family has caught the bug and they also love it; for them of course, I prepare decaf latte and decorate it with Aerolatte Cappuccino Art Stencils.

cappuccino art stencils

When I purchased the Aerolatte Electric Hand Held Milk Frother I simply couldn’t resist getting these Art Stencils that are super easy to use as a lovely top decoration.

Just place one of the six stencils (star, winkey face, heart, leaf, swirl or snowflake) over the cup, dust some chocolate or cinnamon, or whatever topping you prefer and voila – an amazing decoration on your cappuccino or latte foam. We all love this.

The Aerolatte Cappuccino Art Stencils are low priced, but they are worth it and good quality.  We really have fun decorating our cups of coffee and we truly enjoy them.

On the other hand, it is not forbidden to use the Aerolatte Cappuccino Art Stencils to decorate any milk drink or even cookies or cakes (we had some really nice Christmas cupcakes decorated with the snowflake stencil and it was amazing).

I recommend this whole package as a cute present for your friends or relatives – it is beyond practical, cute, the Aerolatte Original Electric Hand Held Milk Frother has a five year warranty, uses batteries (which saves money on electricity) and above all, creates an excellent milk foam.

The time of preparation of your frothed milk is literally no longer than twenty seconds.

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