Amazon’s Top 10 Anti-Trump Coffee Mugs

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As the next U.S. presidential election fast approaches, Donald Trump has a lot of supporters…and a lot of non-supporters.  

Not surprisingly, there are a growing number of anti-Trump products on the market right now, including t-shirts, voodoo dolls, and of course coffee mugs.

Here we have a look at 10 anti-Trump coffee mugs you can pick up on Amazon that definitely are not in favour of “The Donald”, ranging from playful jabs to palpable disdain.  This site is not a political site, obviously, so these mugs are meant to be taken as entertainment only.  

#1 – I am a f*cking IDIOT

trump idiot mug

Speaking of palpable disdain, the makers of this mug definitely do not like Trump by the looks of it.  You really have to NOT be in favor of Donald Trump to rock this coffee mug, as it basically sends its message loud and clear!


dump trump mug

This mug invokes a direct anti-Trump message via a simple phonetic juxtaposition – DUMP TRUMP.

#3 – Trumpled

funny trump coffee mug

This mug is a little bit more playful with its political cartoon type of design, showing Trump getting “trumpled” by Hilary as she rocks a mighty victorious pose atop him.  

#4 – We Shall Overcomb 2016

trump parody mug

This mug aims to hit Trump where it hurts – right in the hairline!

#5 – TRUMP 2016 – Just kidding.

elect donald trump coffee mug 2016

This cheeky anti-Trump coffee mug has the classic “just kidding” qualifier as it simultaneously builds him up and then tears him down right on the same mug!

#6 – Tyrannical Racist Uncouth Mean Pompous

anti trump coffee mug for sale

Ah, the maker of this mug really does not like Trump, labeling him with a few choice words on this mug accompanied by an unflattering depiction of him as a bulldog wearing a wig.  Unflattering!


anti-trump coffee mug

Here we have another anti-Trump mug that *almost* supports him, until you actually read it.

#8 – Poo mug

dump trump mug

They say if you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.  Bearing that in mind, this mug gets its message across depicting Trump as…well…fecal matter. 

#9 – The Scream

President Trump Scream 11oz Mug

This mug uses an art reference to the painting “The Scream” by Edvard Munch to illustrate its point that electing Trump could be a bad trip for us all.

#10 – The classic anti-Trump mug

anti trump coffee mugs

We call it “the classic” because what more classic way to show you are not in favor of something or someone than this?  Gets the point across right away…

#11 – Anti-Trump coffee thermos

anti trump coffee thermos

We did say 10, but here is one extra anti-Trump coffee thermos, in case you want to show your non-support for Trump but you’re a person on the go!

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