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The Baratza company has some of the best grinders on the market.

We’ve done reviews on many of Baratza’s coffee grinders – both conical burr and flat burr – but what about the company themselves?

We wanted to share a bit about this phenomenal company that’s taken the coffee world by storm.

Baratza Company History


The company was founded in 1999 by Kyra Kennedy and Kyle Anderson, and other coffee lovers have joined as team members over the years.

The company is proudly based in the United States. In fact, it’s based in Seattle, which is the epicenter of the growing coffee movement. Especially for espresso – try saying that three times fast!

Anyway, the name comes from a term that’s part Arabic and part Swahili for a place where locals meet to drink coffee.

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Kyra has been the brains behind the brand as well as sales. The distribution network across North America was by her design and lead. She’s the CEO as well as “Culture Champion,” which is a great title.

Kyle is the President and Product Visionary. He is a hands-on force behind the new products.

They started with the Maestro in 2001 then the Maestro Plus two years later.

The Virtuoso was the first conical burr grinder they introduced. That was in 2005.

baratza virtuoso pic

Read our review of the Baratza Virtuoso

Then, they upgraded the previous models in 2007 then in 2008 came out with the Vario.

We’ve done reviews on all these grinders, over the years.

Next on the agenda for our review is the Sette, which is a new model that Baratza has started offering to its customers.

But first, we wanted to get to know the company itself a bit better.

SCAA and Awards

The Specialty Coffee Association of America is one of the biggest associations that is focused on coffee. The trade organization hosts events, gives awards, and even sponsors guilds, and trains coffee professionals.

Baratza received its first award in 2011 from the SCAA for the Esatto and Vario-W. It was for Best New Products.

The Sette 270 Series

While we won’t go into a huge amount of detail here about the specifics of each Sette grinder.

We do want to point out that this was thought to be a game changer when it entered the market in 2016. SCAA awarded it Best New Product for Consumer Coffee or Tea Preparation and Serving Equipment.

The company has answered many of the concerns of home grinders and brewers. When consumers asked for certain key aspects, Baratza was eager to solve their issues.

All the innovations and new features in each design has been the result of problems that consumers wish were fixed. The company has always been extremely open to feedback and constructive critiques.

The Baratza Sette was the first grinder to deliver weight-controlled grinding. It’s something that home brewers as well as professional coffee houses have wanted for a long time.

Most other manufacturers answered with a digital timer. It’s not what consumers wanted until the Sette hit the market.

Along with that one game-changing feature, there’s also other features like the fast grinding speed and the reasonable price.

The weight-controlled grind was in answer to the home brewer’s requests, but they unintentionally found themselves in the commercial space, too.

Coffee houses, cafes, and roasteries all found that the new Sette had many of the features they’d been asking for, too.

Advancements and What’s Next

Kyle Anderson has been very clear that they will not be entering the espresso machine market even though customers have made numerous requests.

They’re clear on their market and are focused on providing specific products for their customers. They make an incredible grinder, so it’s what they will focus on as they introduce new technology and features.

Anderson has mentioned in interviews that the initial reports on the Sette were mixed.

It’s a refreshingly honest report from a man who obviously cares about the thoughts and feelings of his customers. It was likely the cause of the new Sette 270W. To fix the concerns of their valued customers.

Final Thoughts

The Baratza company doesn’t have a ton of grinders in their inventory, but the ones they have are incredible.

The team cares about listening to customers and fixing errors, or improving the quality of the existing products with new iterations. It’s a company that we’re proud to feature.

We will be sending some questions to the company in the hopes that they’ll respond. When they do, we’ll update this post and share Baratza’s thoughts and answers on a number of topics.

Visit Baratza online here!

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