Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder Review

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The Baratza Encore is a burr grinder with a good reputation that isn’t all that expensive.  Let’s start out this review with some of it’s main features before we dig deeper.

  • Baratza emphasizes the grinder’s ability to do excellent espresso and manual brewing
  • Burrs in this grinder are driven by a high torque, DC motor which slowly turns to give you cool and quiet operation and grind for longer periods if need be
  • Thermal cutoff switch which will automatically reset when necessary
  • The burrs on the Encore have been pre-calibrated by the manufacturer to give maximum grind range, but the burrs can also be user calibrated as well
  • A unique speed control allows burrs to be rotated between 405 and 495 RPM if specific modification is desired
  • Easy access on/off switch
  • No tools required to remove burrs, so cleaning is extra simple
  • Cleaning: Burrs are easily removable with no tools, making cleaning very easyBaratza Encore Coffee Grinder Review

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If you were thinking of entering the world of making coffee or espresso at home by grinding your own beans, then the Baratza Encore might be the grinder for you.

The Encore has a wide range of grind styles to suit just about anyone who loves coffee, and it does have its fans!

In this review we will talk about the pros and the cons of this particular coffee grinder, to better help the home brew coffee fan with making an informed decision about this particular burr coffee grinder.

Inexpensive For A High Quality Grinder

baratza encore coffee grinder review

Depending where you buy, you can get the Baratza Encore for somewhere between $100 and $200.

Some might say, “$200?  Too rich for my blood!” and look for a cheaper option.  

So, if $50 is your absolute limit, you might want to read this article, which looks at the best coffee grinders under $50

That said, once you take a step back and take a look at the price range overall for what constitutes a quality grinder, you might begin to see that the Baratza Encore isn’t really high-priced after all, all things considered.

On the contrary, for this caliber of coffee grinder, we are looking at more of an entry-level one might say “pro” coffee grinder. 

Sure, there are grinders that are much less expensive than the Encore, but those grinders simply don’t have the hardware to be considered a high quality grinder like this, which focuses on both consistency and adjustability. 

At the same time, the $20-$50 models don’t have nearly the grinding range to produce high quality espresso and coffee as the Baratza Encore does.

Best Burr Grinders For Home Use

Here are some of the best burr grinders for home use according to our editors!

How it looks Name Price Features Buy Now

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder $$$
  • 8 oz bean hopper, 5 oz grind bin
  • 40 different grinding settings
  • Gateway grinder to higher end grinders

capresso infinity grinder

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder $$
  • Wide grinding range
  • Holds up to 8 ounces of beans
  • Clearly labelled, easy to use
  • Stylish burr grinder for the kitchen


Hario Mill Slim Manual Grinder $
  • Portable and compact
  • Ceramic burrs
  • Elegant glass housing
  • Removable Handle


Rancilio Rocky $$$$
  • 50 mm burrs
  • High caliber home grinder
  • Variable grind settings
  • Quiet direct drive motor


breville smart grinder 2016

Breville Smart Grinder Pro $$$
  • Conical burrs made with stainless steel
  • 60 grind settings
  • Grind directly into porta-filter
  • Precision electronic timer


Great Coffee At Home

baratza encore coffee grinder review

An espresso fan can spend over $1000 on a coffee grinder if they really wanted to, it’s true.  There are no shortage of high quality grinders out there that do everything and then some.

For instance, the Mazzer Mini, to name just one of the more expensive home grinders, costs at least double the price of the Encore, but fundamentally is the same hardware set-up.  

Hence, if you are just starting out in the home grinding world, and trying to make better coffee and better espresso, your best bet is a grinder like the Baratza Encore.  No need to spend that $1000 just yet.

No, the Baratza Encore is no slouch when it comes to grinding at up to 1.1 grams per second.  

For the home user, many customers find the combination of price, value, and quality to be just right with the Encore. 

The general consensus among the Encore’s many fans is that, if you’re getting serious about grinding for a variety of brewing methods at home, such as drip, pour over, and espresso, the Baratza Encore is the one to go with.

One customer named Chris put it thusly:

“I did a lot of research and this was the best value. I’ve had it for about 3 months and it works perfectly. I go between brewing from my Chemex and french press, and it takes a only a second to change the grind setting. The grind is very even (conical all the way) and I love experimenting by changing it between the 0 – 40 range. Easy to clean. Sturdy. A great overall grinder.”

Baratza – Brand Name Quality

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Bin review

When talking about quality coffee grinders, once the dust settles, there are only really a handful of brands that keep coming up again and again – and for good reason. 

Baratza just so happens to be one of those brands, and the reason is that they make a quality product according to their customers, with the kind of hardware that can last a long time.

Feel free to look around the web – we’re pretty sure that you’ll agree with us that Baratza is a brand that has rightfully earned its place in the coffee grinder pantheon alongside grinders like the Breville Smart Grinder, the Mazzer Mini, and Rancilio Rocky.  

Luckily, its just less expensive.

Watch this Crew Review of the Baratza Encore to get an even closer look at some of its functions, and to get a peek at the Encore’s inner workings.

40 Grind Settings / Stepped Grinder

grind settings for chemex

The Baratza Encore has a conical burr set which makes it ideal for performing the stepped grinding functions that it does. 

Stepped grinding means simply controlling the incremental distance between your burrs, so that you can pinpoint and set it to a particular grind size, which will then suit on of the popular brewing methods – French Press (coarse), drip (medium), or espresso (fine), and anything in between. 

Looking to grind for Chemex?  There is a grind setting for that.  Looking to grind for espresso?  There is a setting for that too. 

Each of the individual 40 grind settings gives you something a little different, and the Encore is the perfect grinder to allow you to experiment with grind size.

Espresso Perfect – Customers Have Their Say

Many users of the Baratza Encore seem to praise its ability to grind for espresso.  In fact, it seems that many users use the Encore exclusively for espresso, and not much else. 

One customer commented on its application for espresso use:

“If I ever do need a grinder more suited to espresso I will only buy a Baratza.”

baratza encore espresso

Another user, J. Ard, said this:

“I will be honest, I now use the Vario for Drip and Press and use the Encore exclusively for espresso.”

Of course, buying more than one grinder can be expensive, and not to many people are willing to do that. 

Luckily, the Baratza Encore is a fairly well rounded machine, eliminating the need for multiple grinders to grind for multiple brewing styles.

Michael Manzo, who uses the machine mainly for his french press, says:

“The grind is very uniform, and each cup of coffee has the least amount of “sludge” left in the bottom of the cup, less so than any other grinder I’ve used.”

Richard H. Schneeman, a fan of all different brewing methods, remarks on the Encore:

“I use it to make drip coffee and it turns out great. I’ve used it for espresso in a friend’s stove top mocha maker and the gind was very consistent. It has a really wide range.”

One customer named Bruce said this of the Baratza Encore:

“Why did I wait so long? …I have been using this grinder multiple times per day for a year now and so far I have NO problems to report. It still grinds just as well as it did on day one, the burrs are still sharp and I still love this grinder.”

Problems With The Baratza Encore

baratza encore reviewBut despite all the praise being heaped on the Baratza Encore, there are still some people whose experience with this grinder has been less than excellent.  

One customer said the following:

“There is one thing that is a “con” but this may be just my unit…the on/off switch…not the push button, but the switch that rotates on the side….it seems like there is a short in the switch…i have to jiggle it a bit but it always works.”


We feel that the bottom line here is this – the Baratza Encore is an excellent conical burr grinder to buy if you want to jump to the next level of grinding beans at home for either french press, drip coffee, or espresso. 

There are very few complaints out there about this grinder, with the majority of people finding it to be a great all-around machine. 


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  1. Ryan

    Usually Wirecutter is spot on with their reviews; not this one. Yes, the Encore could be a top grinder except for one small but intense flaw – every time it is used, grinds spray out ALL over the counter.

    The issue is obvious – the chute is (curiously) not designed to extend over the grind chamber. So a small amount of grinds will always drop down between the back wall and chamber, with more tumbling down as soon as you take the hopper out. As soon as you push it back in…whoosh, grinds all over.

    Tapping the hopper after grinding helps, as does misting water on the beans; but both only partly reduce the mess and just add hassle. This may sound like a small thing, but having to wipe the counter down literally every time I grind coffee becomes a serious annoyance and waste of time.

    Could be 4.5 stars otherwise, this results in a long term 2.5…

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