The Best Aeropress Coffee Recipes – Original, Inverted, Championship, Let’s Go!

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Playing around with your Aeropress and trying out as many recipes as possible is definitely fun, but you know what else is fun?

Trying to make a coffee just the way champions do!

aeropress championship coffee

In this post, find out what does it take to create one of the best Aeropress coffees you’ve ever tasted, and even how to do it yourself.

It’s most likely that you already have the skills, but you just have to take your technique to another level – and that’s exactly what you’ll improve after reading this post, so stay tuned!

Best Aeropress Recipes

Let’s get into it!

Championship Winning Recipe 2018

Championship winning recipe 2018

Carolina Ibarra Garay is the Aeropress champion for the 2018 year. With her coffee choice and her recipe, Carolina won the 2018 World AeroPress Championship, and here’s the recipe she used!

The recipe in steps:

  • Set the water temperature at 85 C
  • Prepare the filter paper and grind the coffee
  • Pour 100g of water for 30 seconds
  • Stir carefully yet vigorously with a wooden stick for 30 seconds
  • Put the filter on the cap, flip the Aeropress and press into a glass for 30 seconds
  • Don’t preheat the serving vessel
  • Top up the brew with a 60g of 85 C water and 40g of room temperature water

Coffee Used: Mugaya AA from Kirinyaga, Kenya

Coffee Weight: 34.9g

Roaster: Single O

Filter: Paper filter

Grinder Used: Mahlkonig EK43S

Grind Size: 8

Championship Winning Recipe 2017

Championship winning recipe 2017

The winning recipe of the 2017 World AeroPress Championship comes from Paulina Miczka from England, and here’s exactly how she became a champion.

The recipe in steps:

  • Put 35g of coffee in Aeropress
  • Add 150g of water for 15 seconds
  • Stir for 20 seconds
  • Put a filter cap on (with pre-wet filter) in place
  • After 30 seconds, flip the Aeropress and start pressing
  • Press for 30 seconds and then stop pressing
  • You should have 90ml of concentrated brew
  • Add 160g – 200g of water

Coffee: 35 grams

Water: 370 grams at 84 C

Brewer: Inverted

Filter: Paper filter

Unfortunately, the coffee brand wasn’t revealed.

Inverted Method

Inverted aeropress method

The inverted method is a very common method that became popular because of the immersion that allows the baristas to leave the coffee emerged in water for as long as they wish.

This results in a thicker and bolder taste, depending on the time coffee spends in the water.

The recipe in steps:

  • Insert Aeropress plunger partway
  • Put it upright with the back of the plunger on the counter
  • Remove the filter cap
  • Pour coffee in the Aeropress
  • Add hot water
  • Add a paper filter
  • Lock the filter cap in the Aeropress
  • Flip the Aeropress and press it

It’s a simple yet very effective method which is commonly used by Aeropress champions.

Iced Aeropress

Iced coffee

If you’re a fan of iced coffee, you can make one using your Aeropress by following the next steps.

The recipe in steps:

  • Prepare Aeropress and ice
  • Put the Aeropress in an inverted position (the inverted method is used)
  • Place the plunger in the Aeropress under the 3 marking
  • Flip the Aeropress assembly and place it on a scale
  • Add 18 grams of coffee in Aeropress
  • Add about 30 grams of boiling water
  • Use brew paddle to pat the grounds down
  • Let bloom for 30 seconds
  • Add water in small circles to match 138 grams on the scale
  • Rinse filter
  • Stir 10 times
  • Flip the Aeropress and press it
  • Serve it in a glass with about 87 grams of ice

Up next…espresso style!

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Espresso Style

Espresso style

Photo from Flickr by Mike Rohde

Even though Aeropress isn’t capable of creating a traditional espresso, there are a few recipes that create a short and intense cups of coffee, very similar to espresso – hence the name of this recipe.

The recipe in steps:

  • Rinse and place a filter of choice in the filter cap
  • Insert the plunger halfway in the Aeropress
  • Bring clean and fresh water of 90 C
  • Grind your coffee at fine setting and pour the grounds into Aeropress
  • Put the Aeropress on a scale, zero it, and get a timer ready
  • Start the timer and pour 55g of water for 10 seconds
  • Grab the Aeropress and shake it in a circular motion for 15 seconds
  • At 0:25 mark, attach the filter cap, flip the Aeropress and press it
  • By the 0:30 mark, you should’ve pushed the coffee out

Up next…if you’re using low acid coffee, try this!

Low Acid Coffee Recipe

making coffee with aeropress

Low acid coffee has more mild flavor profiles in comparison to some other coffee types, and this recipe will help you get the best flavor out of low acid coffee.

The recipe in steps:

  • Get your scale and timer ready
  • Grind 15 grams of coffee
  • Place two rinsed filters in Aeropress
  • Add 225 ml of boiling water briskly
  • Make sure to place a plunger to create a vacuum
  • At 1:00 mark, remove the plunger
  • Break the crust gently with a spoon
  • At 4:00 mark, flip the Aeropress and press it
  • Decant and the coffee is ready

Now, if you want a little more coffee (or a lot), try this!

High Volume

aeropress coffee maker

Aeropress was designed for a single cup of coffee, however, some baristas are able to create full-size cups of coffee, and this recipe shows you how.

The recipe in steps:

  • Boil about 500 ml of water to reach a temperature of about 93C
  • Weight 36g of coffee and grind it using the medium setting
  • Set Aeropress for an inverted method
  • Put coffee in the Aeropress
  • Set the timer for 2 minutes
  • Bloom with a small amount of water and stir
  • Fill the Aeropress till the top with just a bit of space left for stirring
  • Then fill the Aeropress till the top and leave it to steep
  • Place the filter cap, flip the Aeropress and press it
  • Dilute to approximately 430 ml for a high volume Aeropress

Now, let’s get a little bit crazy. 😛


If you feel like experimenting with your Aeropress and trying out a recipe you’ve never tried before – this experimental recipe comes from a Floris van der Burg, a Dutch Aeropress Champion of 2015.

The recipe in steps:

  • Prepare the Aeropress, scale and a timer
  • Cold bloom 30 grams of water at 15 C
  • Pour 160 grams of water at 71 C
  • At 3:00 mark, flip the Aeropress and press it for 30 seconds

The recipe is easily customizable and you can play with the amounts and the style to find a flavor you’ll like.

Fruity Coffee

fruity tasting coffee

If you’re a fan of fruity coffees, using an Aeropress is still a great choice, with just a bit different technique.

The recipe in steps:

  • Prepare Aeropress, scale, and a timer
  • Grind the coffee and put it in the Aeropress
  • Add 100g of water at 96C for 30 seconds
  • Stir the water
  • Add another 100g of water and place the cap on the Aeropress
  • Wait until 2:00 mark
  • Press Aeropress for 20 to 30 seconds

Now, on to the most commonly used method for making Aeropress coffee.

The Most Common (Standard) Method

Aeropress standard method

The most common standard method with a standard technique is the best way to get a flavor you know you will love, in just minutes.

The recipe in steps:

  • Prepare Aeropress in standard position
  • Add 15g of coffee to Aeropress
  • Start the timer and immediately top with 255g of water
  • Stir 5 times in clockwise
  • Stir 5 times anti-clockwise
  • Cap Aeropress with a plunger
  • At 1:00 mark uncap the Aeropress and stir again
  • Recap Aeropress and press it for 45 seconds

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Depending on your mood and your coffee need, in this post, you’ll find different recipes from the one champions use to the experimental method.

You will even find recipes for different coffee types, but also how to hack the Aeropress and get a full cup of coffee.

We recommend giving every one of these a try and in case you don’t like the flavor – play around with the settings and timing a bit.

Nothing is set in stone, and while these recipes might be a great fit for some people, it might take a bit of customization for others.

Both Championship recipes are truly amazing if you follow the instructions closely so you are able to get the exact same Aeropress coffee that has won the championship for a reason.

We’d like to know which did you prefer more, a 2018 or 2017 championship Aeropress coffee, so feel free to leave your thoughts down below in the comments after trying them out!

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