We Pick The Best California Roasteries of 2018

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Coffee roasting businesses are booming. Those who care about the best cup of coffee in their coffee shops and cafes are starting to roast their own beans.

When they do it well, they sell those roasted beans to other local businesses. They’ll often train other businesses’ employees.

They’ll run cuppings for coffee shops, and choose partners that care about the products as much as they do.

We’ve gathered some of the best roasteries in California for this post, that are doing a great job in 2018. They are roasteries that care about their local clientele and want to provide the best cup of coffee possible.

Many are outspoken advocates for the third wave coffee movement, too. The first and second wave were back when coffee became widely consumed then when companies started running successful coffee businesses.

The third wave is about tossing out old concepts of coffee shops, and how they should be run.

We’re excited to share these roasteries with our readers!

Black Oak Coffee Roasters

The cafe is located in Ukiah, California. They have signature coffee blends like Heartwood medium roast, which is sweet and nutty.

They have Duomo Espresso considered a Northern Italian style. One of their dark roasts is called Black Bart.

We love that they have subscription services to their own tasting club. They’ll send you a different coffee from around the world each month.

For the month of June, they have La Rosa from Costa Rica. It’s a milk chocolate and caramel flavor.

On the website, you can see all the tasting details about the roast. The tasting notes on the coffee for June is cocoa and apple crisp with a hint of lemon zest.


The Coffee Roaster

The Coffee Roaster is in Sherman Oaks. On their website, you can see in advance what the brew of the day is. On the day of this writing, the brew was Indian “Monsooned” Malabar.

They have customized blends and flavor profiles right on their website. Beans like Ethiopian Yirgachefe with overtones of blueberry and a hint of floral are part of their menu. You can sort the beans by roast, region, and caffeine level when ordering.

The Coffee Roaster posts their roasting schedule, so you can see what has been roasted recently. You’re sure to get a fresh cup when you purchase from beans that have been roasted within the past few days.


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Portola Coffee Lab

This coffee roaster has a few locations all around California. There’s Costa Mesa, Tustin, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, and Mission Viejo.

Along with coffee beans from various locations around the world, the shop has classes for anyone who wants to join. They have classes in things like “How to Use Your Aeropress” that sell out rather quickly.

There are mixes like Alchemistic and Terra Incognita for purchase. You can choose the roast by location or head over to the cafe.

They’re quite welcoming to their customers and never want anyone to feel that they have a sense of superiority. At the same time, the owners believe they do stand out from the crowd.

In 2015, Portola was named the Micro Roaster of the Year, and they said much the same in their interview on Daily Coffee News. They want to stand out and make their customers feel comfortable at the same time.


Verve Coffee Roaster

The Verve Roasters have a few locations in California as well as one in Japan. There’s Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

They roast in their locations, so they offer bags of coffee beans as well as cups of coffee. Roasts like La Candelaria and “The Dad’s Day Duo” are just a few of the roasts offered.

They have a subscription service, too. You can even purchase a gift subscription for a friend or family member. If you’re uncertain, they offer a trial where you can experience one of the roasts they have to offer.

Verve is a leader in the third wave coffee movement. They have turned coffee drinking into a daily ritual for the coffee lover.

Black Sheep Coffee Roasters

This shop is located in Bishop, California. They select all the coffees in their shop by hand. They’ll take the time to complete a cupping process and consider the farm before they’ll add a roast to their menu.

You don’t have to be a resident of California to experience their coffee. They sell coffee beans around the world to discerning customers on their website.

In 2017, they won the Golden Bean Award for their Espresso – El Socorro Pacamara. You can experience the same bean that won awards.

While we focused on roasteries in California, that doesn’t mean you have to live nearby to experience their unique blends. In fact, with subscription services, you could experience beans from various shops around the world.

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  1. What a great way to bring new jobs and quality products to the community. The entire industry seems to be in full swing forward with creativity and production. Also, did you say something about milk chocolate and caramel flavor? Yes, please!


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