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best turkish coffee grinder reviews 2016Turkish coffee is one of the major delights of the coffee world.  Turkish coffee has such a rich history going back centuries – dark and potent, exotic and mysterious.

The Turks were responsible some of major innovations in the development and design of coffee grinders over the centuries, and you can see their influence in the way the technology looks today in 2016. 

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This Turkish influence extends to other coffee traditions as well, including brewing and serving, not to mention the way we enjoy our coffee.

In Turkey, they simply call their grind-and-brew method “making coffee”, since for them it is the standard way to brew. 

Across Turkey, they use this method, which requires time and effort, but with results that we often can’t achieve here in the west with our own regular grinding methods.

Getting The Best Turkish Grind Possible

turkish grind coffee One big reason why it is notoriously difficult to achieve the right Turkish grind with western coffee grinders is because they aren’t designed with the Turkish grind in mind, and those that do claim to grind fine enough for Turkish often fall short.  Unless you have an extremely dynamic and usually expensive commercial burr grinder, chances are true Turkish coffee won’t be possible, at least on the grind level.

Here is our 2016 Buyer’s Chart for the best Turkish coffee grinders on the market that will not only help you achieve that authentic Turkish grind, but they are beautifully crafted either by Turks themselves or by companies who love the culture and want to make a grinder that is reflective of that beautiful gateway to the East. 

Luckily, we’ve found that Amazon ships nearly anyway and you can get one of these grinders in no time and for a price that may surprise you!

Name Image Read Our Full Review Buy For Lowest Price On Amazon
Zazzenhaus Zassenhaus Coffee Mill: Grinder Havanna, Brass Click here available on amazon
Turkish Coffee World (Burrs by Sozen) Turkish Coffee Grinder - Large (8.5 inches high) Click Here available on amazon
Bazaaranatolia Bazaaranatolia Turkish Grinder, Spice Grinder, Salt Grinder, Pepper Mill 4.2'' (Silver) Click Here available on amazon
The Turkish Emporium Turkish Coffee Brass Hand Made Engraved Grinder Spice Salt Pepper Mill Review Coming Soon available on amazon
Pepper Mill Imports Pepper Mill Imports Atlas Pepper Mill, Brass, 8" Review Coming Soon available on amazon

More Info On Turkish Coffee Grinding

If you are really interested in the whole Turkish coffee making process, have a look at the following video, which does a great job of breaking down how it can be done. 

Its a rather long video at 17 minutes, but once you watch it, you will understand the Turkish coffee making process a lot better, and also you will truly know the reason why this coffee is so beloved by so many people.

To recap what the video states, here are some excellent points he makes about the art that is Turkish coffee making, which can also be applied to all types of coffee making really:

turkish coffee close up

  • It might take more time, but its about doing things right
  • Its a lifetime skill that tends to impress people
  • Requires that you have specific coffee making equipment to do it right
  • Small amount of product (grinds) to make very potent cup of coffee
  • Turkish coffee is more for desserts / entertaining / dating
  • Responsible for some of the myth around coffee that it is an aphrodisiac

Here are some great “How To” tips when it comes to Turkish coffee grinding

turkish coffee making

  • Always start with a quality product (great beans) – you don’t need “Turkish” beans but the grind must be Turkish
  • Turkish coffee is distinguished by its grind so you need the right grinder
  • You need either a mortar and pestle, a Turkish grinder, or a high end espresso grinder to achieve Turkish grind
  • Surprisingly, a hand grinder can do a better job than many expensive grinders
  • Sometimes a hand crank coffee mill (non-Turkish) can also do the trick
  • If you really want to speed things up or don’t have the patience to turn the crank yourself, you *could* try a drill (about 8:00 into the video)
  • You can get a headstart from an electric grinder on its finest setting (again, if patience isn’t your thing)





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