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Quick Definition Of A Blade Grinder:  Whereas a burr grinder chews and tears your coffee beans into small chunks suitable for brewing, blade grinders use electric whirring blades which spin around at high speeds and chop up your coffee beans into either a coarse or fine grind, depending on what you intend to brew once you grind the beans.  

Blade grinders have a number of advantages over their burr grinding counterparts in the coffee grinding world that the aspiring home brewer will want to look at before buying.

For instance, the best blade coffee grinders get the job done super fast, using spinning metal blades which quickly grind up your beans to the desired size and then you’re ready to brew in just a few moments.  They are also generally easier to clean (less parts), and then there’s the everyday low price that’s hard to ignore.

Cost Effective

Another advantage of using blade grinders is that they’re actually far less expensive than a lot of burr grinders, which means that you can pick one up without it taking a huge toll on your wallet. Starting at as low as $12, you can get a good blade grinder that will do the job.

3 Of The Best Blade Grinders – Quick Reviews

Before we start talking more about blade coffee grinders, let us first look at 3 of the best out there on the market right now, based on three factors: price, the number of buyer reviews, and the average rating for that particular coffee grinder.



  • Electric grinder with 200-watt motor provides fast grinding
  • Large grinding capacity yields up to 12 cups of coffee
  • Oval design and stainless steel blades ensure uniform grinding
  • Versatile unit grinds spices, nuts, and grains
  • Lid activated safety switch; 200 watts; 2 year worldwide warranty

The Krups F203 electric blade coffee grinder may not cost a lot, but it maintains a high average user rating and is consistently praised for its grinding ability of all things, from coffee, to spices, and more.

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Hamilton Beach 80365


  • Removable grinding chamber for easy filling and dishwasher cleanup
  • Great for coffee and spices
  • Hands-free grinding- Refer manual and use and care guide for any assistance.
  • Precise cup & fineness settings for perfect results
  • Hidden cord storage

The Hamilton Beach 80365 electric blade grinder is another under $20 blade grinder, but you receive a lot of value for that price.  The 80365 has received a ton of glowing reviews by its many users and maintains a high average user rating overall.

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  • Stainless steel grinding cup and blades
  • Removable grinding cup for easy pouring
  • Strongest motor on the market ,250 Watt, for fastest and most efficient grinding
  • Large activation button for extra comfort-Cord storage
  • 2-year warranty

The Epica electric coffee and spice grinder with a lot of style, and it hovers around the $20 range like the other two on this list.  The Epica has ranks highly as well, hence its inclusion on our little list here.

=> Click here to buy the Epica Blade Grinder for the lowest price on Amazon

More Info On Blade Grinders

If you’ve never seen one of these types of grinders in action, check out this video of the Proctor-Silex E160BY blade grinder (another popular model), which shows how blade grinders function, generally speaking.

Click here to read our full review of the Proctor-Silex E160BY.

More Blade Grinder Advantages


Another big plus for blade grinders is that they are usually very compact.

They are built to be quick and easy to use, and when you’re done, you can store them away if you so choose.

This is quite different from many burr grinder models, which are much larger and bulkier, and basically often stay right where they are as it can be a bit of a pain to move them, plus they don’t fit snugly into any compartment, as they are about the size of your average blender.

Another advantage of blade grinders is that they’re very easy to clean. They don’t contain a lot of complicated hardware, which makes them an ideal choice for their simplicity alone. When it comes time to clean them, a few quick wipes and you’re done. Not much to the cleaning process of blade grinders at all.

Grinding For Your Brewing Method Of Choice

Kuissential Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder

One thing you want to keep in mind is the brewing method you’ll be using.

Grinds can either be done coarsely or fine, depending on if you are brewing for drip coffee, French Press, espresso, or other brewing methods like Chemex, Cold Brew, or Turkish style.

Having the right grinder for each of these methods is crucial to getting the best flavor. 


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