Blisslii Camping Coffee Grinder Review

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So, you have a considerable caffeine habit, or maybe that should be “romance”.  

Somehow, without knowing it, she has hooked you in, captivated you with her crema and now, with no warning, you find yourself needing more. 

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Coffee Grinder, Manual With Ceramic Burr, Single Serve Up To 2 Cups Portable For Work Or Travel Aeropress Compatible By Blisslii

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BUT, horrors of horrors, you have to leave her.

Just for a while, you need to be away from your deluxe 5 star grinding machine and all bells and whistles espresso maker. 

camping coffee grinder blissliSo what to do if you have to leave your home comforts but still want, neigh need, to play the suitor to a demanding mistress? 

Well, help is at hand.  Thank God!

There are now quite a range of options available to the lovelorn traveling coffee addict, including primarily this Blissli camping-ready coffee grinder.

blissli ceramic burr

Sleek and cylindrical and made of stainless steel, it has been designed to look both cute and stylish, as well be highly practical. 

Not only does the Blissli hand grinder look impressive, but this really does the job in hand – literally- which is to hand grind some top notch coffee for your away-from-home experience, whether it be business, vacay, or camping in the wilderness.

Some people, of course, view hand grinding as a semi religious affair, as if by having the time to meditate over the greatness of the bean that is to come, it somehow enhances the experience.

But many simply buy this for when stopping home to grind coffee is not an option, hence its popularity with camping enthusiasts and travellers of all kinds who want to enjoy their beverage at its very best.

Not Bad, Not Bad

Blisslii ceramic burr manual coffee grinder with scoop, aeropress compatible, for travel, camping, all coffee brewing

The first thing that this reviewer wishes to say is that this is genuinely a very good grinder, made from high quality parts.

Sniffing around the web, there are very very few bad reviews of this product, which is also somewhat rare to see.

Slightly higher in price than the popular Hario Mill Slim Grinder, but only by a shade, this model seems not to be afflicted by the latter’s wear and tear issues.

Maybe this is because it is stainless steel and not plastic, but the durability and longevity of it appear not to be in question.

Also, if you weren’t already aware, it is said that ceramic burrs are best for grinding coffee.  Why? 

They are reported to be the most durable of burr materials, and they don’t heat up very quickly either, meaning you get a nice, consistently cool grind which is exactly how coffee beans do best. 

Besides that, manual grinders allow you to grind the beans yourself and this slow action also does benefit the coffee’s flavor because since the grind is so slow you won’t get have your oils (essential to the flavor) evaporating from the heat caused by things like blade grinders.


Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill – “Skerton”

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Nose To The Grinder-stone

Blisslii ceramic burr manual coffee grinder with scoop, aeropress compatible, for travel, camping, all coffee brewing 1

But down to serious business. What is the grind quality of the Blisslii? Will you be blissed or pissed at it?

In this reviewer’s opinion, this product is every bit as good as a high end electric burr grinder and some rabid fans even rate it above this.

Of course, you are going to find it hard to make the same quantities as you would with an electric grinder, as it will definitely take more time to turn the crank.  

However this makes it better for certain brewing methods like French Press, Aeropress, and Chemex.

Yes, the Blisslii is fully Aeropress-compatible, making it perfect for camping and outdoor vacations and it is fully able to produce any sort of coffee that you could require – with a bit of effort.

The finer the grind, the longer it will take to produce, but be assured it will be literally then ground into a fine dust, with none of the bumps and clumps that can be associated with some of the cheaper electric grinders.

blisslii ceramic burr manual grinder

Slightly more expensive than some of its rather similar rivals, this model does seem a bit more likely to soldier on for longer, than perhaps some of its competitors will do.

All this – and it comes with a free spoon!

Actually, this is not only a spoon, but a spoon-cum-coffee-clip that can be used to seal off your opened bags with.

Buyer Reviews

“Really good little grinder. I like to hand crank the beans, my husband laughs at me, but I swear it tastes better when I grind it myself!”

“We used to take ready ground packets of coffee with us when we went camping,  but then I was given the Blisslii as a gift and have never looked back. This fits into the Aeropress and I love it! I would definitely never go back to buying packets of ground coffee now.”

“My only slight complaint is that it is a little bit hard to know which grind level you have turned it to as it does not make a firm ‘clicking’ noise. But apart from that, everything about this hand grinder has been good. I love being able to grind up great quality coffee, no matter where I am and not needing to plug it anywhere.”

“What could be better than waking up to the smells of nature and freshly ground coffee? This is the perfect answer to my camping coffee woes!”

The Verdict

blisslii coffee grinder ceramic burrsIf you are looking for a traveling companion who can manually grind coffee to the very highest standard, look no further.

Reasonably priced, compact and easy to pack, this has been designed specifically with the camper or traveler in mind.  

No matter where in the world you may go, you can always take great tasting coffee with you. 

Plus, there’s a nice metal scoop which is actually really handy and a step up from the plastic scoops you get sometimes.

Hard wearing and long lasting, there are pleasingly few drawbacks to purchasing the Blisslii, whether you only wish to have a holiday romance or a more long term relationship is down to you!

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