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Bunn G1Hdb 1-Pound Bulk Coffee Grinder

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Time To Get Serious?

Ask yourself this question. Are you serious about coffee? I mean really serious. Like $800+ worth of equipment serious?

Are you ready to install a machine the weight of not just one small child, but a pair of twins on your counter?

The thing is, sometimes you can’t predict when babies are coming your way, but you certain can make a clear decision on buying a gigantic toddler-sized commercial bulk coffee grinder like the BUNN here.

Is your caffeine addiction raging so hard that, actually, yes, ripping through a pound of beans in thirty seconds seems an entirely reasonable proposition and not, err, a bit excessive at all?

review bunn professional commercial coffee mill

Are you, perhaps, actually a fully functioning café, restaurant or coffee house after all and not a domestic address?  Heck, maybe you even own a grocery store, who knows?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then, perhaps it is time to consider the possibility of making space – literally – for the behemoth that is the BUNN G1HDB Commercial Bulk Coffee Grinder.

Here’s a quick video from Quipcon.com showing off the BUNN G1’s main features, such as grind settings, some grind results (coarse, perc, fine, Turkish), and basic functioning, voltage, and general appearance. 

It’s nice to see this beast in action, and clearly it is built to grind!

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If you are interested in a truly commercial grade coffee grinder, the BUNN G1 is definitely an investment, but worth it. 

We mention the BUNN on in our full-length article about what type of coffee grinder you will need when starting up a coffee shop (click here to read that article), and its definitely one to watch, if you’re truly considering such a purchase.  

If you have already decided you need such a large and in charge machine in your café, for example, you may need to dust down the sides and prepare the area for battle – or at the very least reinforce the work surfaces – because this baby is going to be both big AND heavy.

bunn g1 review commercial bulk

Here at Know Your Grinder we know that other coffee grinders may have been likened to military artillery in the past – hell – we may have even done so ourselves – but this really is the Sherman Tank of the coffee grinder world.

Grinding In Bulk

As you can see, it is clearly a commercial level grinder by its size, which is a whopping 48 pound weight and 15.9 x 7.3 x 22.8 inches measurements.

BUNN G3HD Black Bulk Coffee Grinder w 3 Lb Capacity Hopper review

This is the sort of thing you get at supermarkets and other vendors of coffee beans. You will find this weapons grade grinder in places like Starbucks.

Jetting through a pound of beans in an impressive thirty seconds, probably isn’t something most of us, in all honesty actually need unless you’re running a business, but more and more domestic customers are choosing professional and commercial grade products in their own kitchens.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “1 pound of beans in 30 seconds?  What a joke!” …then, you might need to upgrade to the BUNN G3HD, which holds double the beans. 

Obviously we’re getting into supermarket / busy café territory here, not something that sits on your kitchen counter next to the toaster.

We think that if you are on the market for a commercial grinder, you may as well go big or go home, right? 

A smaller grinder, should you choose to skimp on this aspect of your business, is only going to conk out on you anyway before long, so you almost have no choice if this is a business decision you’re making but to get something which can handle the job.

Is It Really Worth The Money?

bunn g1 commercial grade coffee grinder

We are well aware that even the fanciest pants domestic grinder can a) cost a fortune and b) is probably going to do well to outlast its guarantee.

This one comes with a three years manufacturer’s warranty and an additional year for the burr grinder as well.

Extended warranty may be available depending on where you purchase.

Actually, a brief glance at the manual regarding that warranty states: “parts and labor for 4 years or 40,000 pounds of coffee, whichever comes first” which may be worth bearing in mind, although quite how anyone would know just how many pounds had been ground we are not quite sure! 

27 pounds of coffee in any one single day, let alone every day, all year round would seem like quite a challenge though!

What Customers Are Saying

The word, from impressed owners, seems to be, reassuringly, this thing will withstand – possibly, not quite an actual Armageddon, but definitely the coffee-apocalypse.

It lasts. Which, if you add up the fast burn out rate of a lot of domestic appliances, may make it more worth considering, even if it does seem to be an initially rather large outlay.

bunn g1 review bulk professional commercial grade grocery grinder coffee

Obviously, you would have to be a household of very high coffee dependency levels… but if you are, you would not be disappointed.

Realistically, we don’t know who would need something like this in their home – it is meant for a store of some kind. 

This is like buying a literal space shuttle in order to get to work five minutes down the road.  It makes no sense.

Other people, besides the obvious catering establishment, considering this as an investment, may be a workplace or office environment.

Think about it, it may just work out more efficient than a constant Starbucks exodus – if you are the employer wishing to utilize more productivity from your workplace.

Similarly, if you are a group of work mates serious about coffee and considering clubbing together, it may also pay for itself over time.

How Good?

g1 commercial grade coffee grinder by BUNN in red and black

In short, it is very good indeed. So much so that we have not actually heard any entirely negative reports of it from anyone – ever. This doesn’t mean they’re not out there, but this also doesn’t mean we haven’t checked.  🙂

Naturally, this is a burr grinder, so that your sweet pearls are not ritually slaughtered, but milled gently and harnessed with care, to ensure the fullest flavour possible.

Of course, there are a wide range of grind settings, so that you can do everything from a coarse French press grind, to the fine dust required to whip up a pot of Turkish coffee.

And everything else in between. But then, you wouldn’t expect any less would you?

The words “work horse” have been associated with this product and we would agree this is probably the best description to go with.

You will get years of happy grinding from this. The consistency level is high.

Some users have reported that the calibration of each model varies a little, so, it will require some learning to use and getting used to on your part.

Other features include a cut off of the machinery, if the bag is removed from the grinder, to prevent mess and waste of grinds going everywhere if there is nothing to collect them in.


There were one or two murmurings out there, that this machine is either slightly difficult or something of an enigma to clean.

Possibly, some customers had never had to do this whilst they owned it, or there was some confusion about it.

Yes, of course, this model can and should be cleaned regularly.

Here’s how: use a simple damp cloth without any kind of  overly abrasive cleaning products – washing up liquid should be fine, for example.

There really isn’t anything fancy or difficult to it. Possibly it could be a tad fiddly, but well worth the effort in the long run.

The cleaning lever that is built in to it should also help to excavate any loose grounds as well.

Here’s a general grinder cleaning video that should help you if you’re new to cleaning these kinds of machines.


You would have to be a very serious domestic coffee user indeed to buy this machine, however, perhaps you are and maybe there is a heavy coffee usage in your household, in which case, this is certainly something that you should consider.

But if you are a commercial premises, it is more a question of, how can you not afford to have this type of machine at your coffee shop?

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  1. Michael Cale

    Hello Dave

    Great article! You also have a great sense of humour. Can you tell me what selection on the Burr Grocery store grinder you would use to make coffee for a French Press. The Industrial Burr we have at our local Sobeys does not list French Press grind. I’m so of Tim’s and want to taste what real coffee tastes like so I thought I would at least give it a go with the old French press I have.



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