Cafetec Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder Review

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Coffee lovers that enjoy the freshest coffee flavour, while at the same time love doing their own grinding themselves at home, will always tell you that manually ground coffee is the way to go.  

“It just tastes better!” is an oft heard response when you ask them why.

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Manual grinders are an intriguing proposition, partly because you would think that you would get the best grinding out of say for instance a Rancilio Rocky, or some other higher priced dynamo grinding machine.  

Well, this is not always the case. Certain well-made and adjustable manual grinders can deliver results that are on par with some of the more expensive models, particularly in the espresso department.  

How is this possible?  To be blunt, most people do not like grinding by hand.  Its slower, and its also more difficult.  Also, there’s no denying the electric models can do more.  

On the flip side, manual grinders like this Cafetec manual grinder here are well-built, adjustable, and offers its own special perks.  

If you don’t mind the “manual” aspect of grinding, the Cafetec here is an inviting little device for a number of reasons.

Benefits Of Using The Cafetec Manual Burr Mill

Cafetec Ceramic Burr mill review

Not to knock electric grinders, but some things can’t be ignored, such as the fact that they’re usually rather large, and can’t be considered “portable” by any stretch of the imagination.  

Secondly, some people avoid electric grinders simply because they do require some maintenance.  

Such is not the case with the Cafetec manual burr mill here, which does not need power, and what you see is what you get in terms of hardware.  

There are but a scant few pieces to assemble, and then you’re off and grinding!  

If you travel, you can take it with you, and, as far as being a manual model goes, it does have a nice long handle that makes grinding your free coffee beans fairly easy.

Ceramic Burr Grinder

cool flavor time manual

If you have ever owned ceramic burr grinder, you might already know that they’re known to be overall superior to steel burrs and they produce more consistent results (and we even wrote an article about it).  

This goes for coffee grinders whether they are large electric models, or smaller manual versions. 

Cafetec’s ceramic burrs are no exception, being well made and designed for these same consistent results, particularly in the espresso department.  

When shopping for a coffee grinder, consistent results are the #1 thing to look for, and generally that is what ceramic burr grinders like this Cafetec burr grinder mill delivers.  

We said it before and we’ll say it again.  If you are looking for convenience in terms of speed, a manual grinder is probably not the way to go.  

That said, the results with this grinder are excellent and you will save yourself a bundle of money if you are ok with doing things by hand.

Manual Grinding Has Its Perks

manual coffee grinding vs electric

Manual grinding has the main benefit of actually being better for your coffee beans than electric methods.  

Why? Because the heat that comes with fast electric burr grinding transfers into the coffee and heat in general is not good for your grinds.  

In fact, if you use a blade grinder, this can drastically affect the taste because the whirring blades really do damage the grinds and leave you with sometimes burnt tasting coffee.  

You know what they say – slow and steady wins the race.  

Well, with coffee, this is particularly true as the slow grinding action of manual coffee mills like the Cafetec here make sure you get a slow, controlled, and cool grind that ultimately benefits your cup of coffee.

Adjustable Conical Ceramic Burrs

burr grinder cafetec

Cafetec’s ceramic burr grinder also has the distinct advantage of adjustable conical burrs, that can grind your coffee beans from espresso to french press and any size in between.  

If you shop around, or do some research, you will hear this about how conical burrs are really the preferred type of burr (vs. flat), and in combination with being adjustable and ceramic is the best possible configuration you can find in a grinder.


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Stainless Steel Modern Construction

coffee grinder ceramic burr cafetec

Manual coffee grinders in 2016 are made usually in one of two styles; the long cylindrical classic “pepper grinder” style, and then the wider more antique looking style.

This Cafetec grinder is of the former variety, with its few parts combining to make this durable steel cylinder which also has a viewing window at the bottom. 

While some grinders go with more plastic and glass, this Cafetec model is predominantly steel, which has benefits as far as durability goes not to mention looks if a svelte silver cylinder is a look you like.  

Most of the grinding takes place in the top of the grinder, and of course it falls into the bottom receptacle, where you can see exactly how much coffee you’ve ground.

This Cafetec grinder is also perfect for various pour over coffee brewers like your Aeropress, Chemex, or French Press, as it is shaped so that it can grind directly into these coffee makers.

Adjustable Burrs

manual coffee grinder vs electric

The fact that the Cafetec burr mill here is adjustable makes it so you can grind for a variety of brewing methods, from drip coffee, to espresso, to pour over.

Basically, adjusting this grinder isn’t difficult.  You simply need to turn the grind adjustment mechanism either clockwise or counterclockwise to arrive at your desired grind setting.  

No disassembly is required.  It may take some practice to learn what you setting you like, but it will be like that with any adjustable grinder.  

Easy To Assemble And Use

Whereas the larger electric models have more of a learning curve, it is quite simple to use this Cafetec grinding mill.

If you do buy one, you will find that putting this grinder together is not rocket science and you will be ready to grind some coffee beans right away.  

As we mentioned, you will need to play around with your Cafetec grinder in regards to finding the right grind setting for the brewing method you will be using, but we feel this is part of the fun.  

Cafetec Grinder – Highly Recommended

Cafetec Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder, Portable Coffee Mill, Stainless Steel, Includes Cleaning Brush and Coffee Scoop

Overall, this coffee grinder has a lot going for it and nothing really bad about it at all.  Its durable, looks great, its portable, adjustable – what more can you ask for out of a grinder?  

Sure, its not very fancy, nor is it electric so its a bit slower to grind, but if this is more your speed, then great – it does benefit your coffee in the long run anyway.  Oh, and its relatively inexpensive.  

Use it in your kitchen, take it traveling with you, or camping, or to the cottage.  This little Cafetec grinder should provide you with years of dependable service.  4.5 STARS!

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