All About The Humble Coffee Filter

about the humble coffee filter

Today we are going to talk about a part of the coffee making process that often gets overlooked, and that is filtration, and specifically, your humble coffee filter. We are often asked questions about coffee filters, now and again, and finally we have decided to write an article dedicated entirely to those objects. Coffee filters … [Read more…]

Moka Pot Coffee – A Guide To Everything Moka Pot

People spend so much time debating the quality, consistency, and convenience of high-end coffee makers and espresso machines, but for my money, there is no better coffee maker than the moka pot – an elegantly simple engineering feat. The moka pot looks cool, works well, and produces the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had. … [Read more…]

Illy IperEspresso Capsules Review – How do they stack up?

illy iperespresso capsules review

Now, even though they’re certainly dominating the market, Nespresso’s Dolce Gusto and Keurig’s K-Cup systems are far from the only ones. There are also Nespresso’s OriginalLine brewers, as well as Starbucks’ Verismo ones, as well as today’s choice – Illy’s IperEspresso lineup. Illy is a well-known and very respected brand of coffee, especially in its … [Read more…]

Chemex Classic Series Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker Review

The Chemex Classic Series Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker is an elegant glass system that makes between 1 and 6 cups of coffee. You’re able to measure and brew the exact amount of coffee you’ll need. Whether it’s a cup of coffee for yourself before work, or an entire carafe for the family, this brewing system allows … [Read more…]

OXO On Barista Brain Coffee Maker Review

The OXO On Barista Brain coffee maker is a home brewing system that styles itself after the best coffee shops. That’s also where they got the name Barista Brain. The coffee maker can give you up to 9 cups of coffee. It’s also capable of single serve, too. It’s based on the amount of water … [Read more…]