Thermal VS Glass Carafes

thermal vs glass carafe

I’ve been asked this question more and more often lately (people know that I’m a coffee addict slash expert slash crazy about anything coffee related) soooo… (READ MORE)

Hario Slim Mini Mill Vs Skerton

hario mini slim vs skerton

Today, we will be taking a look at two similar hand crank coffee grinders from the Hario company. Namely, the Hario Skerton, and the Hario Slim Mini… (READ MORE)

Baratza Battle Royale – 4 Grinders Reviewed And Compared!

baratza virtuoso comparison review

There are few things that Know Your Grinder likes on evening more than a good old knuckle-dusting between our favorite coffee grinders.
This time it is a strictly family affair, with four of the leading models made by Baratza, one of the leading names in coffee grinding.