Krups Company History

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In 1846, a German entrepreneur, Robert Krups, founded the KRUPS brand for manufacturing household appliances. He worked in a forge of Wald in North Rhine… (READ MORE)

Coffee Grinder History

coffee grinder history

Coffee grinders, just in case you didn’t know, actually have a long and storied history, that reaches all around the world and goes back for many centuries. (Read More)

About Breville – Company Overview

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Someone once said, “I’ll take a Breville!” This someone was probably Australian, because in Austraiia, Breville is a term synonymous with household (READ MORE)

An Old Beatnik Remembers Coffee Houses Of The 1960’s

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I am 70 years of age tomorrow and yes I was a “beatnik”. The “Beat Generation” was born in 1948 when Jack Kerouac, an iconic poet and novelist of the time, wanted to recognize the youth in New York City. He was famous for his spontaneous poetry such as this haiku…