Coffee In A Bag?! Enter The Alkemy Cold Brew Kit

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Seriously, its not as weird as it sounds.  In fact, the husband and wife partnership of Rim and Jin Han who run the company Crema BK in Brooklyn, NY.  These purveyors of excellent New York Coffee have come up with something that makes a whole lot of sense, as you will soon see. 

crema bk brooklyn ny

There are many ultra hipster coffee shops in Brooklyn, NY.  If you’re from the neighbourhood, you probably know this.  Hipsters here, there, and everywhere!  As it happens, Crema BK is pretty hip too, not to mention very nice and their coffee joint is quite chilll.  Oh, and they’re technically on Driggs Ave. in Greenpoint, if you want to know specifics. 

crema bk brooklyn greenpoint new york

If you’re a regular G train user, you may have been there, and maybe even grabbed a tasty coffee and a vegan peanut butter cookie to go.  Crema BK is known locally as a great little coffee spot to stop in to, with baked goods supplied by another local business – Ovenly.  Their place radiates with a certain calm that you will feel when you stop by, no doubt.

Err…You Said Something About A Bag Of Coffee??

Oh, right!  As if you needed another reason to go to New York, well, now there’s another reason to go there.  Coffee brew coffee…<drumroll> in a bag!  Sounds kinda weird, right?  Well, in fact, it’s quite novel. 

alkemy cold brew coffee kit crema bk

This thing comes as a whole kit, and you have to take it home and brew it yourself, although it comes with everything you need to make awesome cold brew coffee at home.  Make no mistake, this is not just any ol’ coffee in a bag, rather, its actually an entire kit used to make a superior-tasting cold brew coffee that you can store in a completely portable, disposable, sack when is also reusable. 

coffee in a bag

Actually, maybe we should call this “bag” a “pouch”.  Bag makes it sound like some flimsy grocery bag, when in fact this is a thick pouch which allows you to steep and then store the aforementioned cold brew.  With a price tag of about $20 (maybe more, maybe less), this thing is built to travel.  So, rather than stop at every Starbucks you run into on your journey to where ever you’re going, you can instead take this fortified pouch of cold brew on your next road trip, and we have a feeling you’re gonna like it. 

What Does The Kit Include?

This Alkemy Cold Brew Coffee Kit comes complete with both brew bags and coffee grounds.  From the looks of it, using it would seem very simple – even for the technically challenged. 

cold brew coffee in a bag

If part of your jam is to hang out in coffee shops, then no, this miracle coffee pouch / kit doesn’t replace that ambiance.  To get the full Brooklyn coffee shop experience of urinals that don’t flush, haughty baristas that think they know everything, plants, and bricks, you still need to go to Brooklyn for that.  However, you can take a little bit of Brooklyn away with you if you get yourself this kit.  In order to use this kit properly, you will need to let it steep for between 12 and 24 hours, just like any good cold brewing method.  Become the barista you always wanted to become and start ignoring yourself to get that authentic hipster service we all know and love.

crema brooklyn

This cold brew kit is actually bomb for summer months, and you can use it and use it again.  If you’ve ever tried the cold brew method before, you’ll know that sometimes it can involve advanced coffee equipment, and can be very messy.  But with this coffee-in-a-bag…err, pouch, you can make cold brew quickly and easily, and it will taste delicious. 

Next time you’re in Brooklyn, we recommend you swing by Crema BK for a cookie and perhaps a cold brew kit, if you have a bit of extra ca$h. 



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