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best coffee storage container reviews 2016

One of the obstacles to brewing the freshest coffee is having the freshest grinds possible. 

In an ideal situation, when you have a coffee grinder, you simply grind, and then brew your coffee immediately using your brewing method of choice. 

However, brewing your coffee or espresso right away isn’t always an option, or in many cases you grind, brew, and simply have leftover grinds, which you’ll want to store somewhere.  An airtight coffee grinds storage unit is your best bet here, and we have looked into the best ones for you!

See below for our 2016 Coffee Vault Buyer’s Guide.  This quick reference guide features the most popular coffee vaults available today, for the lowest price on Amazon. 

You can click the name of the coffee vault to read our full review, or you can go straight to Amazon and buy now.

Read Our Review Image Capacity Color Choices Star Rating (Out of 5) Buy On Amazon
Lovffee LOVFFEE Blue Ceramic Premium Coffee Canister 16 oz. Black, White, Blue, Red, Orange, Royal Blue, ViaoPink 4.5 Amazon-Buy-Button
Beansafe BeanSafe The Coffee Storage Solution 16 oz. Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Purple 4 Amazon-Buy-Button
Friis friis stainless steel coffee vault 12 or 16 oz. Stainless Steel, Red, Black 4.5 Amazon-Buy-Button
Tightvac Tightvac Coffeevac 1 Pound Vacuum Sealed Storage Container, Solid Black Body:Cap 16 oz. Black, Emerald, Mocha, Cobalt, Clear, White 4.5 Amazon-Buy-Button

Grind Freshness Is Crucial

Friis Stainless Steel Coffee Vault

With coffee vaults, it is important to have that 100% vacuum seal to keep your coffee grinds away from oxygen.  Once you grind your beans, the oxidization begins at a much quicker rate than you might think. 

Consider that a banana or apple starts to turn brown within minutes of being exposed to oxygen.  With coffee grinds, its even more severe because they are so tiny.  This is why its important to only grind what you need and brew as soon as possible, in order to maximize freshness.

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