De’Longhi America Prima Donna Espresso Machine Review

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The De’Longhi America Prima Donna Espresso Machine with it’s Lattecrema System is the dream home espresso machine.

This espresso machine will give you very good coffee from the comfort of your home. A built in frother makes the richest foam to top off your coffee.

This machine is for the serious coffee drinkers only! From the push of a button this machine is the next level of De’Longhi espresso machines. 

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Quick Features:

  • Stainless Steel finish
  • automatic milk frother
  • digital display
  • programmable for a quick one touch “your cup”
  • 2L water tank
  • Hot water spout can be used for tea and hot chocolate

High End Espresso for Your Home

Now the DeLonghi America Prima Donna is not a cheap buy, but if you are the serious drink-a-latte-everyday kind of person, then this machine will save you money over the years definitely.

5$ a day times 365 days is 1825$, so you can do the math…it’s not pretty. Additionally, you’re also saving by avoiding paper cups and that waste can pile up exponentially over the course of a year.

Plus you get an amazing cup of coffee in your home, in an actual mug, if that’s your thing. Everyday. Without having to travel, unless you are a traveller, in which case, by all means, put it in a to-go coffee container. 

My husband uses the Contigo Snapseal travel mug, which is a pretty decent to go container, when he wants his to go for his trip to work.  Personally, I like to enjoy mine at home when I can. 

This machine, at 26 lbs, sure isn’t going anywhere.  By the way, the built in milk frother is just genius.

If you are like me, who isn’t a barista at home, this espresso machine does all the work for you. Perfect coffee every time – I love it as you can probably tell, but darn it, I paid good money for this thing!

Features and Aesthetics

The De’Longhi America Prima Donna comes with your standard espresso machine features that come with a machine that is fully automatic, but, design-wise and construction-wise, I’d say this machine takes it a step further.

It’s very similar to other De’Longhi machines with the whole format such as the water tank, grinder, grounds compartment, and frother.

We used to have a De’longhi Magnifica, and this Prima Donna is certainly a step up from that, as it should be considering the price.

With the Prima Donna, the frother can be removed to attach the milk tank which is a nice touch.  This model’s stainless steel finish gives it a sexy feel!

I recommend just using normal milk, the heat can be turned down or up for alternative milks though. For the coffee, choose a medium roast or lighter because they tend to have less sticky coating on them which will bung up your grinder.

Speaking of grinders, the one on this machine is substantial, and I would say it’s comparable to many of the industry’s best burr grinders out there, although, if you are obsessed with the highest quality of everything, getting a dedicated grinder can’t be a bad idea.

I recommend that you read the instructions first for this machine, because the initial start up takes some time, but, if you follow the instructions step by step, things are sure to run smoothly.

Not reading the start up instructions tends to be the most complained about problem in the negative reviews I’ve come across for this machine.

I think that most problems could be prevented easily if the customer followed the instructions versus trying to figure it out based on previous espresso machine knowledge.

Also, I should mention that the tray leading the coffee beans to the grinder isn’t the best, so check it regularly to make sure the grinds are flowing into the grinder.

I like to keep the beans topped up and then you don’t run into this problem if the beans never run low.


Everything operates off the click of a button, so the Prima Donna really is fully automatic in every way. There is one setting under “My Coffee” that can be programmed to your specific brew setting.

Choose a fine or coarse grind, more or less foam as you like it, and between one and two shots of espresso. You can also set a timer to turn on the machine and turn it off.

Every other coffee choice setting cannot be programmed and is pre set to Cappuccino, Latte, Italian Macchiato.  I’ve gotten around to trying a bit of everything, because I’m just a coffee nut in general and a bit of a snob too.

Once the coffee is finished brewing the machine prompts you to clean the system.

Just hold the purge button on the side of the milk tank for 10 seconds. The milk tank can be removed and put back into the fridge for the next use.

The water tank has a filter that I recommend using as it lessens the wear and tear on the brew unit.


With its stainless steel body, digital screen and one touch design, I would have to put this machine in the “most expensive” category of home espresso machine, hence the name “Prima Donna”.

She’s a diva of a machine, that’s for sure, but I’m glad we have her now.  This is really the Prima Donna of espresso machines because it has almost everything you could ever need in a coffee maker, and I’ve owned a few by now.

It is essentially like having your own barista in the home whenever you need them. There are a few things that could be fixed in the next model but honestly this machine has everything you could ever need.

Enjoy this luxury in your home for the holiday season! Making warm brews for the family will be sure to spread the cheer.


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