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Every now and then cute coffee things catch my eye and although I try to resist them, in the end, they win and I have to have them. But they have to be pretty damn cute!

I was just shopping around for new and interesting coffee things, and there was this little something – a glass flask actually – that not only got my attention but also held it and didn’t give me peace until I eventually caved in and bought one.

My family is used to this behaviour from me at times, but this time they didn’t even know what I was obsessing over.  

A flask dressed in a black flannel thing with a zipper and how on earth does that thing work.  I’ll tell you how and you too might be wooed by it as well.

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Eva Solo Cafe

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First of all, the flannel is not some cute sweater the manufacturer decided to put on to get some extra points with the customers.

Nope, the Danish who made the Eva Solo Café Solo Coffee Maker added the neoprene cover with a zipper in order to keep the coffee inside always warm.

And yes, it does look awesome and like nothing I have seen before, although the design is so simple.

The glass flask wouldn’t keep the coffee not even nearly warm enough have this neoprene cover was not included.

I got my neoprene cover in black, but there are also bright red, black and pink and harbor blue (this one I got for my best friend who say it and almost died she loved it so much – another major coffee lover).

Okay, so adulation aside, let me take a quick cold shower and then let’s take a closer look at the Eva Solo, starting with this video overview

The Eva Solo is a 1 liter flask that comes with a black neoprene cover, as you might guess, its simpler to use than the simplest coffee brewer out there.

eva solo coffee maker instructions

It is similar to a French press, minus the press part.

Here is how this works – you add hot water (the amount can be full one liter, or you can measure it in cups based on the number of people who would drink the coffee), add your grounds (you can have a ground coffee but the texture doesn’t really matter, you can add fine Espresso blend or something more rough or coarse, like a French press blend) and you have to wait a little bit.

Now, what I find to be a little problem here is the waiting – you have to wait for about 4 minutes before the coffee is brewed.  

It is not the longest time, but I have had made coffees in less than a minute so for me it is kind of long – I’m rather impatient I guess. 

eva solo three sizes

Comes in 3 Sizes – 0.6 L, 1 L, 1.4 L

Eva Solo Instructions

Anyway, we have reached the top and there is the lid that works sort of like a plunger, except it does not press anything down to the very bottom, so its not a press.

The top of the lid has a rubber ring around it that covers the flask opening perfectly so no air can escape or enter inside.

Below the rubber ring there is the filter, that lets the liquid pass through it and into your cup, but without any unwanted coffee particles.

The best part and I really liked it – the lid itself.  As you can see it stays flat when it covers the flask, but once you decide to pour the coffee inside your cup, the metal cover slides down and lets the liquid pass.

This is very smart and very elegant design and above all, not extremely expensive. 

Here’s another quick video showing the Eva Solo in action.

I Lurv This Thing

People who love portable coffee devices – campers, people who travel a lot, etc. – those people I think would really appreciate the Eva Solo.

Of course, if you have it in your kitchen it would do great work, because it doesn’t really require any special doodads such as batteries, or even electricity.

It is lightweight and easy for transport, but you have to be careful because it is made mostly out of glass, except for the neoprene cover and the stainless steel lid.

eva solo cafe solo coffee maker with neoprene cover harbor blue

When comes to cleaning, the entire flask is safe to be washed in the dishwasher, or manually, except for the neoprene and the flask lid.

That one you must clean manually, as well as the neoprene cover (seriously, don’t put it in the laundry, you may ruin it for good, and without it, the flask won’t keep your coffee hot).

In case you wish to have a cold brew coffee, especially in the summer days, all you have to do is remove the neoprene cover, simple as that.  It makes a great cold brewer!

Generally, I find the Eva Solo to be a really useful coffee (let’s call it) gadget. I think that as soon as it gets to be full blown hot outside, I’ll start using it for cold brew.  

But, for as long as I can stand it, I’m enjoying making coffee the regular way with it.  I heartily give the Eva Solo 5 STARS!

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