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Wine connoisseurs are saying …WOW!  INCREDIBLE!  ADDICTIVE!

The 2012 Wine and Spirits Challenge presented The Grinder Pinotage with a silver medal!

the grinder pinotage

Here we have a wine after our own hearts, featuring inflections of espresso and even using the humble coffee mill grinder as its symbol.  It was hard for us to ignore it.

Though you might have to travel quite a distance, all the way to the bottom of Africa, to find this “bad boy” wine’s home. 

The dry land and bush yard vineyards of Knollefontein, Leeuwenkuil, and Langviei produce some of the finest Pinotage in the Cape. 

The berries are a cross between a Pinot Noir and a Cinsault. The yield is an intense flavour. 

The sandy loam soil and well structured under soil supported by weathered rocks, supplies the roots of the Pinotage with exactly the right amount of water, only on the western Cape. 

This could be the secret of this 2012 award winner. The grapes are harvested mid to late February at their maximum ripeness.  

The berries are carted to the Paarl cellars where the vilification and maturation happens. You can’t go wrong with the finest Pinotage grapes and the best yeast strains available. 

Just north of the town of Stellenbosch, is the Paarl wine district. 

If you want a great adventure, watch for the bordering town of Wellington, and the Groot mountains, as well as the Klein Drakenstein and Franschhoek ranges to the south-east. 

Take a look at this video by Samuel & Audrey to get a sense of the surroundings in this region of Africa, and see what it’s like to be “well-greased” at 11 a.m.

The rivers in the areas are majestic such as the Berg River.  This is the life giving artery for the wines of the Paarl. 

Sometimes supplementary irrigation in the hot growing season is necessary, except maybe on the eastern slopes where the moisture is retained better. 

The Paarl land produces a wide variety of grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Chardonnay, and Chenin Blanc and our famous Pinotage.

Fermentation temperature controls are a science on this plantation and the high quality oak barrels yield tastes of mocha, berries, chocolate and coffee. 

The finish is long on the palette. Just relax with a tall glass of the Grape Grinder Pinotage under the beautiful Jacaranda tree while feasting on a triple A sirloin cooked to perfection. 

A spicy Indian curried salad on the side with a small but delicate square of dark chocolate will bring perfection to your meal. It is a steal at $14 with 14.5% alcohol.

south african wine vineyard

Wine country at the Cape stretches from the rugged western coastal mountains to the Klein Karoo plains. 

The science of fine wine making happens in the riverine valleys. The fynbos and renosterveld vegetation flourish because of the 1000 mm of rain per year falling into the valleys below. 

Just over the mountains where the rain stops is the land of the hardy succulents, cycads and aloes.  Interesting to witness but not great wine country. 

There are six wine neighbourhoods in this geographical region producing grapes on 99000 hectares of prime real estate.  These people know what they’re doing for sure.

Now, watch as these wine experts from around the world are unable to identify.

The Grinder Pinotage in a game of “name that wine”. They do, however, agree that it is quite tasty!

Read the story of our coffee wine in the new paperback called: “PINOTAGE: Behind the Legends of South Africa’s Own Wine”.

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