GROSCHE Madrid French Press Coffee Maker Review

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Would you drink gross coffee? Probably not.

Now, despite having a name that sounds grossly familiar to a distasteful experience, the GROSCHE Madrid French Press Coffee Maker is the top of it’s class.

GROSCHE Madrid French Press Coffee Maker review

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There are a lot of French press coffee makers on the market and some of which have been around for decades. Although Grosche is a young company, this premium quality coffee maker is making coffee lovers go crazy for their caffeine.


The Grosche Madrid French press is truly quite impressive. It features a professionally designed chrome housing surrounding the borosilicate glass.

The glass itself allows you to pour piping hot coffee without any worry over the glass breaking. This heat resilient glass is design in Germany by an old glass manufacturing company called Schott-Duran. They have been making borosilicate glass since the 1900s.

Did you know, this company is now the top making glass company in the world?

Tea Press & Coffee Press 8 cup 34 oz 1L with German Glass

In addition, the overall design is both modern and sleek. The chrome housing provides a premium finish and grips the glass so that it never falls out (this does happen with other French press coffee makers).

When you compare the Grosche Madrid to other French press coffee makers it makes them look like basic chemistry beakers with a toilet plunger.


The impressive design of this French press doesn’t stop at its external details. The Grosche Madrid is built with a dual filter system using a traditional stainless steel plunger and another at the lid.

This well thought design allows the French press to retain the heat keeping it hotter longer.

And, if you ever want to switch it up and make some tea, that’s your choice.

double filter


We mentioned that Grosche was a new company and understandably, some people might be skeptical. However, if you’re not impressed by the impressions this premium coffee makers offers, maybe this will.

Grosche available to address any questions or comments you may have through their website.

And, while they’re dedicated to providing you with a French press you love, they are also committed to making the world a better place. Every sale they make goes toward providing safe drinking water for people in need through their Safe Water Project.

Grosche is committed to quality, not only for you, but also for local communities. They are a Certified B Corporation which is a distinguished certification for businesses doing good in the world.


As mentioned, Grosche is dedicated toward making the world better and supplying those in need with clean and safe drinking water.

From every purchase of their Madrid French press coffee maker, Grosche provides 50+ days of safe drinking water to communities in need.

You can learn more about that here.


Maybe you want a personal sized French press to enjoy for yourself in the morning or the ability to brew a big pot for some friends, Grosche has your size.

See the list below and the number of cups each size can make to guide you toward choosing the best one for you:

  • 11.8 oz (350 ml) serves 3 cups
  • 34 oz (1000 ml) serves 8cups
  • 51 oz (1500 ml) serves 12 cups

For those who have guests with different desires for their drinks after dinner, the Grosche Madrid has a 51 oz. 4-in-1 French press. This is the ideal maker for coffee, both hot and cold, iced tea and loose leaf tea (comes with a specially made tea infuser).

french press


There’s nothing more practical than a French press and the Grosche Madrid won’t let you down. The method for making a coffee with this maker starts with a coarsely ground bean. Add the hot water, let it steep, and push the plunger to enjoy your drink.

When you are finished, the entire system is easy to take apart and clean in seconds. Which is convenient for you and let’s you quickly continue your day.


This Canadian made French press has a 4.5 star rating on amazon and others who have it certainly love it.

Here are what some of the reviewers have said:

Jobu, who purchased an 11.8 oz coffee wrote,  This is a great product, very well made, great attention to detail. It brews a very nice cup of coffee (and presumably tea if that’s your preference).”

And Julia’s French press provided with the perfect amount she needed, “I got Grosche French press because I wanted to get a small size to take with me to work. It is just big enough to give me one mug of coffee.”

Coffee Maker


True to their word, Grosche aims to satisfy with their Madrid French press coffee (and tea) maker. The stylish design and quality parts ensure you a piece of kitchenware you’ll be proud to own.

And, let’s not forget that all proceeds from their sales make a contribution to communities in need. At each sip of delicious coffee from your Grosche Madrid coffee maker, you can smile knowing parts of the world are enjoying safer water to drink — thanks you to!

2 thoughts on “GROSCHE Madrid French Press Coffee Maker Review”

  1. I already have your French press and love it. However, my coffee is now coming out too weak although I have not changed anything. Do you sell
    Plungers separately and do you have any suggestions.
    Do you also sell the mesh seperatelyand could that be
    the problem

    • It could be a problem with the plunger or the mesh, but do you grind your own coffee?

      Usually in French press, the coffee is weak when it’s not the correct size grind. I’d start with the grinder and see if that could be the problem before getting new parts.


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