1. Naomi

    Please help. We have loved our Hamilton Beach coffee makers through the years. Bought a BrewStaton 7 months ago. We clean it every morning and descale it with Brew Rite regularly. We are seeing “pieces” of something in every cup of coffee now. It appears the mesh filter (not removable) in the bottom of the coffee pot is clogged. I have done everything according to manual — pouring lots of water from underneath and through the top of the little filter. Nothing has worked. We are at a loss to know what to try, other then to trash the BrewStation. Please help us. We do not want to throw it away!!

  2. Buz

    The screen can be removed with a small screw driver, force the bit into the groove and flip it out, takes a little effort but has enough give to it so it will not break; put it in bleach and it will come out like new. If you can hold the unit upside down you could brush the screen with bleach but you have to be careful the rubber washer in the dispenser does not like bleach.

  3. Kathleen

    My dirst two Brewstations worked well enough. Coffee was hot even after brewing only 3 or 4 cups. This last one, and I do mean last, does a bad job of heating the coffee. What kind of penny-saving changes did you make? Even a full pot is only slightly hot. And the idea of keeping coffee hot for 4 hours is absurd. I doubt it is hot even after 4 hours. Why must all changes be for the worse these days?

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