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Hamilton Beach is a company that has been part of the fabric of American culture for over 100 years, and in a very literal sense, they have been at the heart of our electrical kitchen appliances. 

This is because in 1904, a man named Chester Beach, who was then employed by U.S. Standard Electrical Works in Wisconsin, developed a small motor that would soon find its way into a wide variety kitchen appliances. 

Very innovative, this Beach fellow. 


Together with business partner L.H. Hamilton, the two formed Hamilton Beach, which as gone on to create a multitude of useful appliances that range from coffee makers to meat grinders, to mixers, fans, knives, bread makers, grills, floor polishers, and much, much more!  

Really, their list of products is very long and varied, and it would be difficult to list them all here.

Take a look at this commercial below for the Hamilton Beach Tempest Commercial Bar & Smoothie Blender.

Hamilton Beach products are designed for domestic as well as commercial use, and the company has been expanding and innovating in this field for the past century, and continues to do so, officially becoming an international company in 1995, popping up in India, China, and Brazil. 

Check out this video review of their slow cooker in action.  Caution: Do not watch this video while hungry!  🙂

Award Winning Kitchen Products

Over the years, Hamilton Beach has won its share of awards, and the company has an entire division dedicated to personal innovation, which exhaustively researches what consumers are looking for, and works to produce products that increasingly serve the needs of those consumers year after year. 

This has resulted in bold new products which tackle certain problems consumers face, such as their Stay or Go slow cookers which come complete with clips to prevent spillage, not to mention their fan favorite coffee maker called The Scoop (pictured below), which effortlessly combines scoop and filter into one convenient machine. 


Their breakfast sandwich makers are another hit with customers, allowing them to make personalized breakfast sandwiches from the comfort of their own home, which saves people both time and money in the long run.

In terms of an online presence, Hamilton Beach has not been shy about facing their public on social media and elsewhere. 

In addition to the customer care they provide via their website and the company’s call center, their online outlets include Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, where you can interact with the brand and find out about new products and promotions. 

There’s always something happening with Hamilton Beach, which is why we love them! 


Their Everyday Good Thinking blog is a great place to grab handy recipe ideas, and you can read tons of useful posts there as well, which they update regularly. 

Downloadable information comes in the form of Use & Care guides, also found on their website.

Hamilton Beach Coffee Products

As we are a coffee site, we do have a particular preference for Hamilton Beach’s coffee-related products, of where there are many. 

Indeed, Hamilton Beach has shown a rather staggering dedication to coffee over the years, producing many of our nation’s favorite single serve coffee makers, coffee grinders, coffee urns, cappuccino and espresso makers, percolators, and more. 


It’s difficult to play favorites when it comes to all of their coffee-related products, but we will say a particular favorite grinder of many of our readers is the Hamilton Beach 80365 Custom Grind.

This is a small but powerful and affordable little coffee grinder that has gained a reputation as a welcome addition to any family or household that loves making home brewed coffee using a fresh grind, whether it be drip, espresso, or pour over style. 

We simply want to spread the good word about Hamilton Beach to anyone who may not be familiar with their appliances, big or small. 

If you are a fan of good food and drink – and who isn’t? – an investment in a product by Hamilton Beach is only going to make your home a more flavorful place. 

Check them out today!


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  1. Guess you haven’t looked at all the complaints found online re their products & customer service. I bought their small personal blender & loved it at first until I realized that the remenants of the liqufied contents could not be removed from the housing surrounding the blade since the blade can’t be removed to clean inside the housing. Their response – an email telling me how wonderful they are!


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