History of Zassenhaus: 150 Years of Quality

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In 1867, Zassenhaus started out as a supplier of steel goods. Around that same time, they began producing coffee mills along with their other products.

This German company has hundreds of years of experience behind it, and currently still exists making their coffee mills and other kitchen-related products.

The company used the finest materials to create their coffee mills as they still do today.

Due to their original steel goods manufacturing, they were one of the first companies to build a conical burr grinder made of steel. It was hardened tool steel of the highest grade, too.

Stepless Grinding

The sharp burrs of their coffee mills are stepless, which means that the grind settings can be changed to any grind size you like.

There are an infinite amount of sizes that you can set with their mills. This is a feature that they continue to offer in their current mills.

The grinding adjustment is done with the nut right below the crank. Coarse grinds are achieved when the nut is turned clockwise.

For a finer grind, the nut is turned counter-clockwise. That’s true of every grinder ever created from Zassenhaus.

Coffee Knee Mills

It was in 1887 that they began making coffee knee mills. The box mill is a design that’s often associated with Zassenhaus. They were one of the first to craft these type of coffee mills.

The mills come in a variety of woods like Beech or Walnut.

The knee mill features rounded sides, so that the box can be held between the knees while grinding. It provides a sturdy grip for fast cranking of the handle.

While many coffee lovers like to control the cranking to ensure the best cup of coffee possible, they don’t necessarily want to spend a long time grinding their beans.

Ceramic Adjustable Mechanism

Over the years, the company extended their kitchen products with pepper mills and other assorted herb grinders.

This continued into the 20th century. The company became well-known for their care and German craftsmanship.

Zassenhaus invented the continuously adjustable grinding mechanism. This was the first to be invented anywhere in the world. It was in the year 2000.

The mechanism was crafted using high-quality German ceramic. They were the first and other mechanisms were founded on Zassenhaus’ original design.

Travel with the Zassenhaus Grinder

The beauty of a grinder like the ones created by this incredible company is that they can travel anywhere.

While other box grinders might be decorative, these grinders are useful. It’s easy to bring this along on trips where you need to make your own coffee.

Imagine heading out on a camping adventure without your grinder.

It would be an unnecessary example of roughing it. You don’t need to leave fresh-brewed coffee behind because you’re heading someplace with no electricity.

It’s also great for places where you have to worry about the voltage.

Whether you’re traveling to the US or out of the US to another country, the voltage will matter to your electronics. That’s never a concern with a grinder like the ones from Zassenhaus.

Guaranteed Grinding

The grinding mechanism has a variety of adjustments available. The company stands behind its mechanism – whether it’s the steel or the ceramic burr.

They have a guarantee of 25 years for most of their grinding mechanisms. Others are guaranteed for 10 years.

For a company that has been around since the 1800s, that’s a very long time for a guarantee.

It’s unlikely that you’ll even need to take advantage of the guarantee. They wouldn’t be around if they didn’t have a quality product line.

They recognize that the mill is only as good as the mechanism that grinds the beans (or spices). It determines how much flavor is released, and how that will impact the final cup of coffee.

Distinctive Design and Branding

The Zassenhaus has a distinctive design with a brand that is recognized around the world.

Once you see the plaque from the company, you know you’re getting a German, precision-crafted and quality coffee mill.

The Future of Zassenhaus

There are no plans for the company to stop creating their coffee mills or other kitchen products. They have created a name for themselves over the past 150 years.

They understand the passion that chefs and home coffee brewers have for creating the perfect food and coffee. They provide mills that their customers appreciate because they’re technically close to perfect.

Zassenhaus is a company that’s poised to create coffee mills for another 150 years. You really can’t go wrong purchasing one of their coffee mills.

Even one of their vintage coffee mills still exist and are better than some of the current models being produced by inferior companies.

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  1. I wish to consult someone at Zassenhaus in connection with a Brasilia Mahogany Coffee Mill/Grinder purchased via Amazon just over two years ago. Please can you give me an email address and telephone number – and if possible the name of a person to whom I can speak in connection with a developing fault on my coffee grinder? Many thanks.


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