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In 2015, Isomac celebrated their 70th anniversary of espresso brewing greatness! 

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to work with an Isomac espresso machine, then you will know that they are a cut above the rest when it comes to espresso machines, with popular models of today including the Kia, the Venus, and La Mondiale.

In terms of their humble beginnings, Isomac began in 1977 by Giovanni Fontana. Mr. Fontana had the distinct privilege to be working with other coffee specialists including companies like La Faema, as production chief during the sixties. 

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He worked directly with the founder of La Faema, Mr. Carlo Ernesto Valente. 

La Faema is a very successful manufacturer from Italy in its own right, and Giovanni Fontana undoubtedly learned many valuable tricks of the trade there. 

While working with La Faema, Mr. Fontana learned about authentic coffee culture, traditions, innovations, certifications, and service which were invaluable to him and his new company. 

He was very lucky to have such a great mentor as Ernesto Valento to work with – one of the best in the world!

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Isomac soon became famous in the coffee world as well, for its premium and excellently constructed and designed products that not only impress casual coffee fans, but also hard-to-please espresso makers the world over.  

They can be found on the international espresso coffee market collaborating with specialized distributors such as La Pavoni. 

Their sales and service team are exceptional.  Isomeric demonstrates top quality professionalism from their human resources department down to quality control. 

They incorporate high quality and durable materials such as stainless steel, copper and brass into their products which their customers love year after year.

Take for example their Isomac Tea & Millenium Version 3 Espresso Machine, a machine that has garnered some acclaim in the coffee business.

The assembly and testing of each product is carried out by expert craftsmen.  Spare parts service is efficient and fast. 

The constant commitment to research is widely recognized by their customers, especially for the unique design that transmits solidity and concreteness.

Isomac’s espresso and cappuccino coffee machines provide unique performance regarding thermal stability and coffee extraction, thanks to the technical characteristics and quality of components used.isomac mondiale pid

A full range of products of espresso and cappuccino machines is available for both professional and domestic use.  

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