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Kalita is a Japanese company that specializes in producing coffee brewing equipment.  

They are famous for creating the Kalita Wave Dripper and the Kalita Wave Kettle, and some really cool coffee grinders as well.

The Kalita Wave Dripper

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Kalita Wave 185 Drippers

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The Kalita Wave Dripper brings an innovative design to the pour over process with its wave filter and flat-bottom geometry.

The wave filter helps temperature stability by keeping the water away from the brewer material and using air as an insulator.

The flat bottom geometry helps provide an even extraction. This new manual pour-over brewing device is taking the market by storm. 

The dripper has been praised for its calculated design, dashing good looks, and knack for producing a tasty cup of coffee.

The Kalita Wave Kettle

Kalita Tea Coffee Kettle Wave Pot 1L

The Kalita Wave Kettle, with its curved stainless steel body and wooden handle, is perhaps one of the most attractive kettles ever. It is hard to find a kettle crafted for pour over brewing. 

The new Wave Kettle brings a new sense of craftsmanship, style, and pour control to the kettle category. 

Its composition is heavier and the spout is cleverly crafted.  It controls the temperatures better and there is more control in the spout when pouring too.

Kalita Retro Coffee Grinder

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Kalita 52073 Wave 1L Stainless Steel Drip Kettle, Pot Silver

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We would be remiss if we didn’t mention this next bit of information.

The most important piece of coffee making equipment is, in our opition, the grinder! 

It doesn’t matter if you are working with low grade beans or the best coffee beans in the world, you have to grind them before any brewing takes place and everyone in the coffee world knows that how you grind them determines the flavor! 

Kalita, as it happens, makes some very interesting coffee grinders of the mill variety, such as the KH-3, which is a cool retro-looking grinder which incorporates an older style into its look, as well as having a unique and easy to identify style. 

Once you are familiar with the Kalita “look” of coffee grinder, you can definitely spot them a mile away.  They are beautifully crafted, durable, and adjustable as well.

Kalita Naisukattomiru

Coffee brewing is becoming a science and many people are taking up the challenge of trying their hand at home brewing. 

If you are into “the pour-over” method, the second most important piece of hardware is the kettle!  Flow control and flow rate are vital to producing the perfect cup! 

Too much extraction or too little extraction will destroy your cup of coffee and the Kalita Wave Kettle eliminates that problem. 

So keep it all in the Kalita Family, and get yourself a Kalita Wave Dripper, a Kalita Wave Kettle, and the tall glass decanter server that simplifies the entire process keeping the brewing very transparent. 

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Kalita Coffee Mill Kh-3 Retro One

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We simply love the design of these coffee-related products and wanted to share them with you.  Thanks for reading!

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