Kalita Wave 185 Drippers Review

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The Kalita Wave 185 Drippers are a pour-over system for making incredible drip coffee. It gives you more control over the taste of your coffee when you can watch your water soak into the grind.

It provides a more even extraction because you’re actually pouring the water in a way that ensures evenly soaked grind. The bloom matters when it comes to these drippers.

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Kalita Wave 185 Drippers

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Features of the Kalita Wave 185 Drippers

  • Flat-bottom bed
  • Wave filter
  • Three-hole design
  • Variety of styles available
  • BPA free
  • Multiple sizes available

Flat-Bottom Bed

When it comes to flat-bottom versus cone, there are proponents for both sides that will say that it’s the best. The cone shape allows water to filter much faster into the carafe. That can leave flavor behind.

A flat-bottom dripper can soak the grind too extensively in some designs. That brings about bitterness. Fortunately, the design of this dripper lends itself to a better experience with the flat-bottom bed than other machines or drip pour-over systems.

We’ll explain in the next two sections how these aspects work together.

Wave Filter

In the wave design, the water moves in a spiral. This is due to the pattern of the dripper. This allows more water to touch the grind for even extraction. It also moves the water down faster than you’d expect from a flat-bottom bed.

While cone drippers push water through quickly, it can be too quick. This type of dripper with the flat bottom actually pushes through water almost as quickly while still getting a good bloom.

Most baristas and long-time home coffee brewers will recommend that you stir the bloom after a few seconds. You can experiment to find the best method for your taste buds.

Three-Hole Design

This brings us to the 3-hole design on the flat-bottom bed. Instead of one hole that all the water has to move through, there are 3 holes in the bottom. When the wave of water spirals through the grind, and ends up at the bottom, it’ll pick one of the 3 holes to escape.

This complete wave system from Kalita allows even extraction that will make you the perfect cup of coffee. It also allows you to see where you might be going wrong in your quest for a delicious cup of Joe.

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Multiple Styles and Sizes Available

This Kalita Wave Dripper #185 will brew and dispense up to 26 ounces of coffee. If you drink 8 ounces per cup of coffee, that’s about 3 cups of coffee. You, a loved one, and a guest can enjoy a cup with this wave dripper.

The Kalita Wave Dripper comes in a stainless steel model, a glass one, and a ceramic one. You’ll be able to pick the material you like best. It can come down to aesthetics and design for your personal preference.

It might make sense to pick a more durable option like the stainless if you plan on taking it with you when you travel.

BPA Free

All the choices available for the Wave system dripper are free of BPAs. That’s important if you want to keep chemicals out of your body. In fact, people who love coffee but don’t like caffeine will be able to use this dripper, too.

Suggested Use

The Kalita Wave 185 Drippers can be used directly into a cup or attached to a brew stand. With the stainless steel option, you can use this when you’re camping.

There’s nothing like making your own coffee over an open fire. This is a perfect way to get the great taste without compromise. The drippers come in ceramic and glass, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any filter fit in the flat-bottom wave dripper?
Unfortunately, you’ll have to buy specifically from the company. They’re fast to deliver and have relatively inexpensive filters. It shouldn’t be a huge problem if you purchase everything at once.

Does this come with a kettle or other accessories?
It does not. You’ll have to purchase any accessories like filters or the kettle separately. It’s worth considering, too. The kettle has the same stainless steel wave that is found on the stainless steel dripper. They’d look stunning together.

How wide is the base?
The base of the dripper is approximately 10 cm or 4 inches. Keep that in mind when buying for your current coffee carafe. It’ll need to rest on top without falling inside.

Final Thoughts

The Kalita Wave 185 Drippers come in many sizes and styles. There’s no way you can’t find the right pour over dripper that will work for you.

Consider where you’ll use it and whether it should fit with your current accessories. There are stainless, ceramic, and glass options with the same flat-bottom design to produce a great cup of coffee.

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