Krown Kitchen Copper Mule Mug Review

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Sitting here on my deck, thumbing the handle on my new mug, it strikes me that I’ve never seen a mug quite like this before!  Trying to match my attitude to this new mug, my son approaches me to tell me that his brother threw a toy shovel at him.  “SILENCE!” Ah, that felt good…  Spoken with the wrath of a true queen, but when my son started to whimper fearfully (he’s 8, I thought he could handle it), I realized that I must be a more benevolent ruler.  🙂 “I’m just joking, sweetie!” Looking at me sideways, my son ran off.

Feature Pick

Krown Kitchen – Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set Of 4 | 100% Solid

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I bought these Krown Kitchen Moscow Mule copper mugs – a set of 4 a couple of months back from Amazon and I would never have believed I would get so many compliments from my guests, family members, friends and colleagues. There are many reasons why people can go crazy about this product, besides the fact that they are basically a large (albeit fancy) mug.

First, they look beautiful, elegant and are practical at the same time. That’s a difficult balance to strike but Krown Kitchen has managed to do it perfectly with this product. Its ergonomic handle is efficiently designed to provide an effortless grip and at the same time add to its beauty.  You have an option to either buy a set of 4 or go for a single mug.

Great Deal

krown kitchen copper mugs review stainless steel

The set and the single mug are both affordably priced with the set at $59 (or that was the price I paid when I bought them online) and the single mug at $19.99.

While a single mug alone is a good value for the money on its own, a set of 4 is economically more beneficial.  But it doesn’t stop there.

The price that you pay does not only include the mug or the set of mugs but also includes coasters, recipe book, and a beautiful cleaning cloth.

A 100% copper mug is meant to rust over time but these are copper plated over stainless steel which make them durable and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about them rusting (at least not for a long time).

Great Value

cocktail mug moscow mule

As for cleaning, they can be easily spirit washed and renovated. These splendid mugs are double wall thick, and so they’re very well insulated.  For me, this mug does double duty as both a coffee mug and / or cocktail mug.  

Yeah, so whether you go with coffee, or you go with a chilly drink, I’ve noticed that my ice cubes float around in there for quite a while.  The quality of the copper and steel used to make the walls is better than most available in the market.

I must say that these mugs are just perfect for your vodka cocktail parties! They take you back to historic days when Russians used to make and serve their classic vodka cocktails in elegantly built copper mugs.  2 ounces of vodka, mixed with a pinch of lime juice, topped off with ginger shreds is a perfect drink mix to be served in these masterpieces.

moscow mule coffee mugThe classic Moscow mule is a cocktail recipe that has been in practice for over 70 years. To keep the tradition alive, Krown Kitchen has done a great job of naming this product. But more important that that, the mugs have been designed in an aesthetically pleasing, authentic and user friendly way.

I’ve had some cocktail parties, and with these Moscow mule mugs, I really don’t have to worry about my drinks getting warm while they’re waiting to be served.  It’s difficult to manage time when you are inviting guests over for a cocktail party and hosting it.

The biggest challenge you face is when you make the drinks after the guests arrive because you don’t want the ice to get melted. These mule mugs help solve those problems. You can prepare your cocktails beforehand and then store them directly into these mugs along with ice cubes right before your guest step in.

Highly Durable w/ Stainless Steel

minty pomegranate mule

More often than not, we overlook the importance of durability when it comes to crockeries. With this one, you can be sure that it’s not going to get tarnished and discolored very easily and as expected because it’s getting exposed to acidic liquids constantly. The reason lies in the fact that the mug is lined with stainless steel, which is highly sustainable and keeps looking good in the long run.

Take any kind of cocktail, especially the Moscow Mule which includes vodka and lime syrup can be enjoyed in this mug comfortably and stored without any tussle. This is an ideal gift for your friends who love to drink alcohol other than everyday red or white wines. It’s for people who like to try out new cocktails and invite a lot friends home for house parties.

Light Weight Mug

mosow mule mug set review

The mug is more light-weight than you think, and convenient to hold.  In fact, its so light that not one of my friends complained, although some of them pre-complained saying “Whoa, that looks heavy!”  Remember all those times your friends would get tipsy and spill drinks all over your carpet. Well, guess what? This product can save the day for you!  It understands that drunk people cannot handle a heavy mug. This is tailor made for every occasion, with it’s elegant, beautiful look and practical usage.

The mug set of 4 comes with a recipe book and a cleaning cloth. The recipe book contains authentic Moscow Mule recipe (very simple to make), along with few other cocktail recipes. The recipe book, particularly, has been extremely handy to me and my family when it comes to think of new and fresh cocktails for house parties.

Overall – Love This 4-Mug Moscow Mule Set!

moscow mule

I have been twisting few of the recipes my way to give my guests new flavors of cocktails every time and they are delighted. I believe, thanks to this book, I have become a professional cocktail specialist.

The cleaning cloth helps you clean up quickly and conveniently and is super easy to clean too. It looks elegant too, so you can keep it right beside your tray table and be ready to clean up any mess as soon as there is a need.

It should be pretty obvious by now – I love these mugs and have no complaints – 5 STARS from me!

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