Mcdonalds Oreo Frappe Review

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Another day, another limited time frappe to try! 

 This time, I’ve adventured to the glorious burger joint known as McDonalds!

Everyone at work was talking about this morning and I knew I had to give this one a try – McDonald’s new Oreo Frappe.

As my eyes lock on my chosen frappe on the menu screen, I examine the chunks of delicious Oreo and I already know which way this review is going to go.

As in, there’s no way this drink is going to let me down, except for perhaps calorically, as I will be consuming a minimum of 410 calories if I manage to finish this baby.

Then again, didn’t my trainer just tell me not to think about things in terms of calories?  He did, didn’t he?  So, I hit “Touch To Start” and the frap is soon to be mine.. oh yes, all mine!

mcdonalds orea frap review

Once the drink has been purchased, I set it down and look at it.  It reminds me of a DQ Blizzard, and that’s not an insult.  It looks thick, it looks creamy, the Oreo chunks are in effect.

If I were thinking about how many calories are in this McDonald’s Oreo Frap, and how long I’ll have to be riding the elliptical later to work it off, I might get a little bit depressed.

Luckily, I’m not bad at shoving thoughts like that aside when necessary.  So, I jam a straw into its creamy contents and head off on my way.

mcdonalds oreo frap review

McDonald’s Oreo Frappe Review – Yay Or Nay?

I must say that this drink was a big WIN.  Not only was it affordable but it was delightful in every imaginable way! 

 It was great treat to suck back as the sun was shining.

I didn’t want to miss a minute sitting inside McDonald’s especially when I only have an hour to enjoy my lunch!  I love McDonalds self-ordering station.

I didn’t have to wait in the line for a drink that takes 2 minutes to make, and then I was out the door to enjoy the glorious afternoon.

I mean, its really hard to complain when the weather is nice and you’ve got one of these frosty bad boys in your clutches.

christina drinking oreo frap from mcdonalds

By the time I was done my food, I was even pondering to go back for seconds since two small Oreo frappes from McDonald’s would be equivalent to the price of ONE “tall” frappe from Starbucks… wait, what?!

Well, that’s what I learned looking up the nutritional facts for both drinks on my phone.

I gotta say, 

I love that McDonalds branched out and now have the McCafé. They have prices that are completely reasonable and all day breakfast now.

Honestly, McDonalds trumps Starbucks any day, price wise, taste wise and from time to time coffee wise.

Back to the Frappe – personally, I’ve had many Oreo based drinks in my day, but this one takes the cake, or should I say cookie?

The cookie taste is quite evident and stands out the most in this drink and it was extremely hard to put down – make that impossible!

Oreo crumbs are actually blended in the frappe creating an epic taste that just explodes your tastebuds allowing little specs of Oreo to dance on your tastebuds.

I find the whip cream at McDonald’s extremely delicious especially when Oreo crumbs are sprinkled on top.


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The only bad thing about this drink is the calories, honestly, but that’s the price you pay, folks!  For example, a small Oreo Frappe, it would be 540 Calories, YIKES.  Not only is it a high cal drink it also has 68 GRAMS OF SUGAR. Which is more sugar than the Unicorn Frappe from Starbucks I reviewed few weeks ago!

However, I must say the small size is much larger than the Starbucks “tall” size (small size in Starbucks language). However, it does have 7 grams of protein… So, that’ll put my mind at ease (only a little bit tho).  

McDonalds and McCafé has my attention now, and if they continue to make frappes and other speciality drinks such as the Oreo Frappe, they’ll have my heart forever.

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