MIRA Electric Spice And Coffee Grinder Review

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Mira Electric Spice And Coffee Grinder – Stainless Steel Blades, Removable Cup, Cleaning Brush

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The MIRA here is a small but nifty little electric coffee and spice grinder that doesn’t harbor any pretensions about its status in life. 

It’s not harbouring resentments that it’s not the fancypants Baratza Vario 886, it doesn’t care that it’s not available in shiny Empire Red, looking alluring and flirting with your kettle.  

It is happy just to be modest, small and functional and to get the job done. Which, with the help of some sharp blades, it does!

Costing less than $20, this is definitely worth a look if you are still buying ready ground packets of coffee and looking to move on from that experience, or maybe you’re done hand cranking your way through mountains of coffee beans and need to recover from the RSI that your daily coffee habit has inflicted on your delicate digits.

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I’m In Love With The Grinder Next Door

Just because it is small and utilitarian does not mean that the MIRA is ugly to look at.

A soft oblong shape, in black, with a detachable stainless steel chamber and a clear lid for viewing what you are grinding, this is pretty straightforward as blade grinders go, but if you want something simple and kind of minimal, then this one might do.

MIRA spice and coffee grinder review

To be honest, this is as fine a little coffee / spice grinder as you’ll get for the price, and it will tuck neatly into any kitchen area, no matter how small or cluttered.  

It can also easily be put away when not in use.  Need extra cord?  Within the body of the grinder there is more storage, don’t be thinking it’s literally on a short leash and chained to the power supply – check!

Despite its small stature, the MIRA may fool you with its capacity – it can pack away up to twelve cups worth of ground beans in its dinky interior.  

Indeed, there seems to be no lower limit to which this grinder can perform, at least this reviewer hasn’t heard tell of it and it likes to keep her ear pressed hard to the ground for these sorts of things!

Spices, Coffee, or Both?

epica spice and flax seed grinder

Not just for coffee, this little beauty will rip through your flax seeds, spices and make mincemeat of your nuts, with quite some gusto.

Here, however, we come to our first word of caution. One of the (very few) little ‘problems’ this particular model has is with burning out/ overheating if the unit is overused.

It is therefore not advisable to press down on the button/ keep grinding for longer than twenty seconds in any one go. It is probably best advised to grind in short bursts of a few seconds, with a pause in between.

Many customers trying to use this for longer have experienced electrical burn out, but, to be fair, they might be pushing this little beauty past her limit on occasion.

Also, you might want to make a choice to just use it for coffee, or spices.  If you choose to do both, fine, but don’t be surprised if some of the flavor of one finds its way into the other.

Safety & Cleaning

small electric coffee and spice grinder

Because blade grinders can be quite a scary proposition, especially for the caffeine starved at stupid o’clock, you will be pleased to hear that this comes with an automatic safety function.  

It will not grind unless the lid is firmly on, sparing you/ your inquisitive child’s fingers from years of extensive reconstructive surgery. Phew!

Dishwasher safe and with an easily removable grind cup (made of steel) everything has been done to make the user experience as simple as possible and cleaning it will not be the epic fuss that some of the fiddlier models may be.

It also comes with a free brush for removing grounds with.

You may scoff, but actually most users find that, at least for coffee bean use, this is often all that is required to keep the grind chamber clean and pristine.

If you are grinding spices you may find you wish to wash them ‘properly’ though.

The Lid

Despite being fairly basic and not having a million and one settings, users have reported that it is perfectly possible to grind in a variety of manners (i.e. coarsely or finely) as you simply keep going until the job is done to your satisfaction and of course, you can see what you’re doing  though the clear lid.  

Just remember not to grind for too long for the potential of burnout.

The good news we can impart to you coffee lovers out there is that on the technical side of things, there is no design flaws to speak of here.

It gives a decent texture and consistency, regardless of whether you want coarse, for French Press, or finer grinds.

For under $20, this isn’t a bad deal at all. Even more expensive models don’t always get the thumbs up from so many users on this score.

Other plus points seem to be that it is reasonably quiet, compared to a lot of grinders, you will not feel that an underground express train is suddenly burrowing its way out of your kitchen.


MIRA Blade Grinder

In the overall ratings we’ve seen the MIRA coffee and spice grinder here has always scored quite high, and we can find no reason to disagree.

Bottom line – if you want something simple, unpretentious and, well, cheap, to grind your coffee and spices, this is a good bet.

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