Musiclily Vintage-Style Ceramic Iron Burr Coffee Grinder Review

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The Musiclily Vintage-Style Ceramic Iron Burr Coffee Grinder is a beautiful reproduction of the antique grinder.

It’s one that was used for years by people who would grind their own coffee at home every day.

They weren’t heading to the local coffee shop and taking a chance on getting a bad coffee. They were sitting around the fire and experimenting and making their own.

That’s the kind of ambiance you’re getting with your own vintage-style grinder that you’ll use manually.

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Features of the Musiclily Vintage Style Coffee Grinder

  • Antique, vintage style
  • Easy to use
  • Decorative and functional
  • Ceramic iron burr
  • Manual grinder

Vintage Style

The beauty of this hand grinder is the fact that it looks like you’d find it in a museum.

If you were to visit a museum with displays about coffee made at home in the 1800s, you’d likely see a grinder much like this one. It’s an authentic-looking grinder as you would have expected your great-great grandparents would use.

It has a wonderful iron wheel on the side with a wooden knob for cranking yourself.

We’ll talk more about that in the next section. We just wanted to point out that it’s a style that doesn’t require electricity or anything. When you close your eyes and turn the crank, you can imagine that you’re in a simpler time.

The grinder is made from high-quality wood and cast iron.

Handcrank Manual Grinder

The crank on the side makes it easier to operate than some of the other manual grinders. They have handles on the top, so that you have to hold the grinder between your knees or lean over on top of the table to grind properly.

The wooden knob is the right size for holding in your hand while turning the crank. The iron wheel connects to the gears at the top for an intricate movement. That cog might have to be cared for over time, so that’s something to think about with your grinder.

It’s a satisfying thing to watch the movement as you’re grinding your own coffee beans. It makes you feel more connected to the process.

Ceramic Iron Burr

We’ve talked about conical burrs versus blades here on the site before. We lean a bit more towards burr grinding because it creates a more uniform grind. It doesn’t burn the coffee grind like blades can when they’re working so fast to cut the beans.

When you take the time to grind by hand, you’re not subjected to the loud whine of an electric grinder.

The beans aren’t being subjected to extra heat, which is what can happen when a blade is moving really fast. The ceramic nature of the burr means that it’ll last longer without maintenance.

You can easily change the grind size by taking off the top knob. Underneath that knob, you’ll find the spring, a rectangular piece and a nut. That nut is how you can adjust from a fine to a coarse grind.

Cute Drawer for the Grind

Under the grinding pot, there’s a drawer for the grind. This isn’t a grinder that’s going to produce a ton of grind for many pots of coffee. At most, it’s good for a few cups of pretty damn good coffee, though.

We adore the little drawer at the bottom. It’s quaint and really is what people used before they got fancier grinders that relied on electricity. You might have to grind a few scoops of beans to get the right amount of grind.

Decorative and Functional

The decorative grinder is very functional. While it’s quaint and vintage, it will give you a great grind that you can use every day. You’re not sacrificing your morning coffee because you want to use a grinder that is one like they used back in the day.

It’s not just a whimsical or nostalgic purchase. This is a grinder like they used in the days of great coffee. Before it got to be a watered-down, mass-produced coffee bean sent to the chain shops.

It works very well, though. You wouldn’t be buying this as a decoration. You could definitely display it, but you can also expect to get great coffee grind out of it for brewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the size of this grinder?

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The Musiclily Vintage-Style Ceramic Iron Burr Coffee Grinder is 4.3” x 4.3” x 10.6”.

Can I use this grinder for other things?

Some people use their grinder for oats, rice, spices, and nuts. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to brush it out thoroughly between uses.

Final Thoughts

The Musiclily Vintage-Style Ceramic Iron Burr Coffee Grinder is a beautiful antique grinder that will produce a great grind for your home-brewed coffee.

It’s especially good if you want to grind and instantly brew a cup of coffee before work. You don’t have to worry about storage, either. You can measure out exactly what you need for a cup.

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