Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer Review

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Most coffee drinkers live on the edge in life, downing the black brew and going full throttle. 

They are always in search of new adventures, and they need energy to help them satisfy their wild and wonderful needs. 

If that describes you, why not wake up to a Ninja on your kitchen counter?  You can, indeed, be a warrior!

Feature Pick

Ninja Cf091 Coffee Makers, 50 Oz, Silver

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This special coffee machine will work with you day or night, making your life the noticeably improved regardless of your current circumstances.  

Indeed, who can resist being on the receiving end of high quality, especially when it comes to coffee?  

Never fear, no more bitter tasting coffee, pour vous.  You won’t need to even think about this Ninja‘s Thermal Flavour Extraction technique, or its Auto- IQ One Touch Intelligence.  

These features will just automatically happen for you. 

With Auto i-Q One Touch Intelligence using Thermal Flavor Extraction, the Ninja works so slick!

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer i-Q

Just press a couple of buttons and this special Ninja feature will do the rest. 

You will get a cup, a mug, or a carafe of your favorite, perfectly brewed coffee, with just the right amount of flavour and strength. 

The Ninja’s thermal flavour extraction feature knows how to get the perfect amount of coffee from your beans, and it’s all automated.

Your Ninja is on your side.  It will draw the right amount of water from the reservoir, so go ahead and make one cup or a full carafe. 

Choose the Classic Brew, Rich Brew, or maybe the Over Ice Brew in the size you desire.  Wow!  It even comes with a reusable permanent filter.

Brew Options

A Classic Brew is a smooth, rich, balanced flavor option, and a Rich Brew is a more intense drink, capable of managing more cream and added flavors. 

The Over Ice Brew dials up the richness by increasing the coffee concentration because of the added ice, yielding a cold icy delicious taste. 

The highest concentration of coffee comes with the Specialty Brew

The coffee is thicker, resembling espresso, so you can add layers, just like at your favourite bistro.

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer - specialty

This stainless steel 43 oz. carafe is perfect for all occasions.  It always looks expensive and classy. 

You will have a blast using the Ninja Easy Frother too, when you’re pretending to be a barista in a coffeehouse.  

The free recipe book, with 40 very tasty brews, is just waiting for you.  

Try making the ice mocha latte …

There is more to tell you …

  1. It has an 18 oz. hot and cold tumbler.
  2. The Milk Frother is glass.
  3. 40 recipes in the cookbook.
  4. There are 5 paper filters.
  5. Yes, you get a coffee scoop.
  6. The stainless carafe is double-walled and thermally insulated.
  7. Easy dial determines your coffee portion.
  8. Your coffee stays hot for up to 2 hours and there is no warming plate needed.
  9. It is priced under $200.
  10. The shipping is free!

Special Features

The Water Reservoir is removable with auto-metering.  There is no need to measure and constantly refill. 

The Brew Basket and Filter is easy to locate and remove.  Yes, there is a timer so you can choose the start and stop times. 

Finally, the carafe is stainless steel and easy to clean.

We give it 4.5/5!

Now Let’s Review

  • This heavy duty machine should last a long time.
  • The coffee always tastes great.
  • I never have a problem with the brew measurements.
  • There are lots of options for brew sizes
  •  I love the permanent filter.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It looks classy.
  • It has all the extra features that I need.
  • I don’t need to use as much coffee as other machines to get a great taste.
  • It is not perfect but it is well worth the price.
  • It is rather larger and retro looking.

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