OXO On Barista Brain Coffee Maker Review

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The OXO On Barista Brain coffee maker is a home brewing system that styles itself after the best coffee shops. That’s also where they got the name Barista Brain.

The coffee maker can give you up to 9 cups of coffee. It’s also capable of single serve, too. It’s based on the amount of water in the brewer as well as how you program it.

The Barista Brain provides precise temp control with its intelligent microprocessor for a consistent cup of coffee every time you fill your cup.

Feature Pick

Oxo Brew 9 Cup Coffee Maker

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OXO On Barista Brain

  • Makes up to 9 cups
  • Held at perfect temp
  • Rainmaker shower head
  • SCA Certified Home Brewer
  • LED interface
  • Simple programming dial
  • Microprocessor

SCA Certified Home Brewer

The Specialty Coffee Association has a program called the Certified Home Brewer. They test dozens and dozens of home coffee making systems to learn whether they are producing quality coffee.

The testing is based on rigorous requirements of the home brewing system. It’s based on proper temp and the time it takes to brew. They test the product against the SCA’s Golden Cup standard, too.

There are only 14 home coffee makers with this coveted seal. The OXO On Barista Brain is one of them.

Precise Temp Control

The water is heated to the proper temperature based on the coffee being made as well as how many cups are programmed. The temperature is between 197.6 F and 204.8 degrees F.

A perfect cup of coffee has a few things that have to be in alignment. One of those is the right water temperature. So, this is an important feature of the Barista Brain.

Rainmaker Shower Head

The pattern of the drip portion of the coffee maker will enable the even distribution of water. When water is dispersed evenly across the grind, you’ll get full saturation. That leads to the full flavor of the grind being extracted for each cup of coffee.

When the cycle has started, you can even peek under the hood. You’ll see that the water is dispersed without dry spots. You’ll never have to reach in and stir the grind to ensure it’s getting wet.

Easy Interface and Programming

The coffee maker has an easy way to program your coffee. It has a simple dial. You’ll set the time of your coffee brewing up to 24 hours in advance. The next step is setting the amount of coffee by the cup. It’ll pull that amount of water from the tank. All of that is done with a simple dial.

The LED interface will show icons based on the time selected and the cups you want. It’ll automatically start your coffee at the designated time. You’ll come into the kitchen to find the perfect amount of coffee based on what you’ve programmed.

The OXO On Barista Brain made our list of the best BPA coffee makers – read more here


All of the awesome things that are done with this coffee maker are overseen by the microprocessor. It’s an intelligent microprocessor that controls the brew cycle and replicates that every time to give you consistent coffee.

It’ll pull the right amount of water through the machine, heat that water to the desired temp, and pushes it through the rainmaker shower head.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a person make just one or two cups of coffee instead of the 9 total this can produce?
Absolutely. You program exactly how many cups you want, add the correct amount of grind, and you’re going to get that much coffee. The precious liquid will never go to waste.

What’s the material used to make the Barista Brain?
Overall, the stainless steel is the most prominent. There’s also glass for parts where you can see the cycle in progress. That means it’s BPA free, which is very important for some people.

It looks substantial. How much does the Barista Brain weigh?
The shipping weight is 12.4 pounds while the item itself is approximately 7.7 pounds. It’ll sit beautifully on your counter without being knocked over, but it’s not to heavy to be moved if that’s needed.

Final Thoughts

The OXO On Barista Brain is a coffee maker that is simple to operate while complex operations are taking place behind the scenes. It’s all controlled by the intelligent microprocessor. All you have to do is turn the dial for the amount of coffee you want and walk away.

The Barista Brain is like having the brain of a professional at work in your kitchen. It’s a clever name as well as being a clever machine. It’s one of the few coffee makers that can boast a seal from the SCA for home brewing machines, too.

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