Silva Manual Adjustable Burr Coffee & Spice Grinder Review

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Maybe the coffee that you get from your local coffee shop is pretty good, or the pre-ground bag of coffee that you just bought from the supermarket tastes ok, but there really is nothing as satisfying as grinding your own full flavour, aromatic coffee at home that is 100% fresh and ready for brewing. 

All you need to do is grind your preferred whole beans to the right consistency for the brewing method you’re using, whether it be espresso, drip coffee, or pour over, but for that you will first have to find the best coffee grinder for that job.

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In today’s review, we look at the Silva adjustable coffee and spice grinder – a snazzy kitchen product that could very well be the answer to your caffeinated prayers.  

Once you get your hands on a grinder like the Silva here, you can start making coffee that will be noticeably different from the pre-ground brew.  

You simply have to pay close attention to the grind size in order to brew properly – Have a look at this Grind Chart by Silva and you will start to get the idea!

silva coffee grind chart

Silva Offers Quality Hardware

The market is currently flooded with portable manual coffee grinders, but not all of them are good.  

When buying manual coffee grinders make sure to take a close look at the hardware. 

silva coffee grinder

Some manual grinders have poorly-made mechanisms that corrode with time or lose their edge.  Sometimes it takes only a few uses and you will see that those inferior grinders can’t handle the job.  

And yet, for under $20, Silva makes a manual, adjustable, and Aeropress-friendly burr grinder that will help you grind herbs, spices and of course coffee beans to your personal specifications.

Corrosion-Resistant Ceramic Burrs

The Silva coffee grinder is a ceramic burr grinder, that is made to last and resist corrosion.  

The grinder itself is very simple to use and it will provide you with a perfect and even grind every time (now you don’t have to worry any inconsistencies in the texture of your ground coffee beans). 

aeropress compatible coffee grinder

In fact, if you sift through many of the customer comments as we have for this little grinder, you will find that most people are saying that very thing – this is a very good, consistent grinder.

The Silva coffee grinder is made to last so you won’t be needing to worry about having spare parts or swapping anything in and out – especially the burr.

The manufacturer guarantees that you wouldn’t have to open up the grinder to turn a screw or replace a single part, which is great – it just works.

Out Of The Box

So what exactly do you get with the Silva stainless steel manual adjustable burr coffee and spice grinder?

The ceramic burr grinder is especially made to always deliver an even grind without clumping. 

Most customers complain that their manual grinders don’t provide them with a consistently fine enough grind, but Silva is designed to stop any clogging or leaving chunks of beans behind.

twist manual spice mill

While most ceramic coffee and herb grinders require to be opened and fiddled with from time to time, by unscrewing of certain parts in the mechanism to keep it working smoothly, but this Silva coffee grinder is good to continue its work with just a single twist. 

If you wish to change the grind size (for instance if you wish for your spices, herbs, or coffee to be rather coarse) just give the grinder a simple twist and that is all.  

You don’t have to open the grinder, change blades or add any attachments.


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Easy To Assemble

manual herb grinder

The Silva manual grinder is fairly easy to put together. 

There are a few parts (besides the stainless steel container) such as the handle, the burr itself and a screw that can be easily attached manually – in this way you are connecting the handle with the burr itself.

The bottom of the grinder has a glass part where you can clearly see how much work you have done – you can always see the amount of ground coffee beans or herbs.

More Features

herb grinder amazon

Silva’s burr coffee grinder has a stainless steel body that is completely resistant to water so you can be free to clean it in the dishwasher, or manually wash off the coffee or the herbs from it.

Also, there is a brush included that is perfect for cleaning the parts of the burr that cannot be reached with simple rinse.

In this way you can brush off all the ground coffee or spice dust.

Thanks to the ceramic burr, you wouldn’t have to worry about changing it; it will never rust or corrode and would endure years of use.

It is small enough to pack it and take it with you for your vacation or at your friends’ house.

silva coffee grinder

Besides the burr grinder itself, you will get two booklets with coffee recipes and chicken wings and barbecue recipes (where you can learn how to prepare your coffee and herbs or spices respectively).

This is a great bonus, and we think this makes for an even better value for the around roughly $20 you’ll pay for this grinder in most places.

So What’s The Catch?

There are practically no cons when comes to the operation of the Silva Manual Adjustable Burr Coffee Grinder, nor the device itself, unless you find manual grinding to be a waste of time and effort. 

In that case, yes, this grinder will require your physical effort (your elbows and triceps might hurt a little) and surely you won’t get the coffee ground as fast as when using an electric grinder. 

On the other hand, the pros for this grinder are many which is why it has gotten nothing but 5 star reviews from buyers as yet. 

Plus, this grinder has a very affordable pricetag; it is affordable and after all is said and done, it will do the job as efficiently any other manual grinder, if not more so.

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