Simple Kitchen Products Gooseneck Tea And Coffee Kettle Review

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If you have always enjoyed using a kettle to make tea or coffee, you should check out what Simple Kitchen Products have created here, which is a gooseneck kettle that is reasonably priced and has all the qualities one seeks in a kettle, including precision pour control using the handy dandy gooseneck spout.  

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This is kettle is not known for its massive size, so you’ll need to be ok with that fact.  This is an excellent accessory for small families, or people who need about 40 oz (1200ml) for their brewing needs. Without any complicated instructions, this is a kettle that is very simple to use, just as the manufacturer’s name -Simple Kitchen Products – implies.

Perfect Pour Over

simple kitchen products gooseneck kettle

This kettle is specially designed for coffee or tea enthusiasts who enjoy the ritual of pouring steaming-hot water into their cup – but this time with unprecedented accuracy!  

What’s more, the majority of customers seem to agree on one thing – if you happen to use this kettle for pour over coffee – the accuracy provided by the long, tapered spout of this  Simple Kitchen Products kettle lets you take command of your pour over brewing in ways hithertofore unimagined.

We think that every kitchen deserves a quality-made stainless steel, gooseneck tea kettle like this one.  Clearly, it will do just fine for tea as well and if you happen to be a fan of loose leaf teas, using this type of kettle can save you from getting those leafs into your tea, since the precision pouring allows you to lightly pour the water as opposed to dumping the contents of your kettle on top, and hence the tea leaves leave the bag and get in the drink.

100% Stainless Steel Gooseneck Kettle

simple kitchen products gooseneck coffee tea kettle pour over

When comes to this particular kettle made by Simple Kitchen Products, you will be glad to know that customers get nothing less than a one hundred percent stainless steel quality made coffee or tea kettle, with a size capacity for 1200 ml / 40 oz.  

When it comes to kitchen products, you really can’t go wrong with stainless steel, and it certainly looks good on a kettle like this.  Not only is it elegant, but it is durable and well put together.  Don’t you agree?

Pro-Tip!  Pre-Heat Your Cup

Pour Over Coffee tea gooseneck Drip KettleIf you’re interested in upping your pour over coffee game, you should try and pour a little bit of water in your cup first to heat it up, as this has been known to improve taste.  

Why?  Believe it or not, if you bring up the temperature of your cup, when the coffee enters your cup, it will be less “shocking” to the coffee as the two temperatures (cold cup, hot coffee) collide.  Raise the temperature with some hot water and enjoy better coffee flavour! 

This gooseneck kettle helps you pour a precise and smooth water flow that also helps not to “disturb” the coffee when doing pour over.  It might sound a bit over the top, but its true!

Here’s a quick video to show you some of the advantages of using a gooseneck spout vs. the kind of spout we normally see.

You will find this kettle in both home and commercial settings due to its special pour over gooseneck design, and we do want to give a shout out to the manufacturers, who designed this nice little kettle in Windsor, Colorado!

Lightweight Beehive Design

Simple Kitchen Products have done well with the design of this kettle, as it is a perfectly convenient and lightweight beehive design.

Most households do not need anything bigger than 40oz kettle (just enough for two coffee mugs), although someone reading this may scoff.  Pour over in general is not a large-scale operation.

Typically your Aeropress coffee and espresso maker, your French Press, or your Chemex are not particularly designed to make coffee in bulk anyway, so this kettle is perfect for those three pour over devices. 

This kettle, sadly, does not have a whistle, and though some may find this to be a drawback in this kettle’s design, others find it super convenient not to be disturbed by the loud sound.  Not everyone loves that high-pitched aural declaration that your water is now boiling, it would seem.

Yes, you uourself will have to watch the water boil (within usually 5-10 minutes) and be around the stove during the process.  Drawback?  Maybe slightly.

Built To Last

gooseneck tea kettle

The manufacturer guarantees the product longevity – if it is maintained properly, of course!

The design enhancements include a knob that is well secured to the lid with a screw that will replace the weaker weld often found in other models. 

The kettle’s handle is made of a hard plastic that is heat resistant; but do not test it with flames because it is not flame resistant nor designed to be directly exposed to flames.


This kettle can be cleaned in the dishwasher, so that’s convenient.  Also, every time you boil water, make sure to dry it well before putting back in the cupboard to avoid build-up of minerals on the inside over time.  They still haven’t invented a mineral build-up proof kettle yet, so there is some maintenance to take care of.

Overall, this Simple Kitchen Products pour over coffee drip kettle fulfils its destiny, and it is a quality made product that will last for years and certainly pays for the money you will spend on it initially.  

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