Tokyo’s Weirdest Cafés and Coffee Shops

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Tokyo has all kinds of unusual places and is known for the sparkling night lights, highly advanced railroads, all kinds of stores, delicious food, and last but not least all kinds of weird and crazy cafes/restaurants.

tokyo at night

Because of all this exciting stuff in Tokyo, they get tons of tourists. But I’m betting most of these tourists come for the coffee ( I mean who wouldn’t? Everyone loves coffee).

When most people think of going out and getting coffee, most people think of going to Starbucks, Tully’s, or, Dunkin’ Donuts but…others such as in Tokyo are not so much imagining these chains we all know here in the USA.

Now in my previous article, What Country Drinks The Most Coffee? (Bonus – Awesome Cafés To Boot), I talked about different coffee shops around the world, but today we’re taking a trip to Tokyo to see some of the weirdest coffee shops/restaurants they have.

Get ready, because you’re in for a big surprise!  Unless you’ve been to all these, in which case…business as usual for you, eh?

“Sleep Together” / Cuddle Cafés

Right off the bat, let’s mention one of the most interesting and err.. “innovative” cafés you’ll ever come across, and that is Soineya, a popular “sleep together” café rumoured to be located in the nerdy tech district called Akihabara.

I say rumoured because this particular cuddle café is somewhere on the border of the area, and some say it’s within the borders of Akihabara, some say it’s outside.

Akihabara, as a district, has its share of anime shops and things of that sort, because it is a nerd haven first and foremost, but the “cuddle cafés”, as they’re called, are special, because they are cafés, but not in the sense that Starbucks is a café.

For 3000 yen, you can enter the café, and proceed to pay more sums of money for various types of interactions with pretty young Japanese girls dressed in costumes, or not.

The idea of the cuddle cafés is less about coffee and more about lonely men finding intimacy.  That said, they do have coffee…usually.  Not sure how good it is, though.

Watch this video to get a glimpse into the world of these cafés, of which there are certainly more than one in Tokyo.

Now let’s look at a café which is a little more about coffee, although mostly about relaxing, and that is…

Mahika Mano “Hammock” Café

In Kichijoji, Tokyo you will find a café called Mahika Mano Café. It has been said by fans of utter relaxation and coffee, that this café will be the most relaxing café there is in Japan, or anywhere, really!

If you haven’t guessed it already by the nick name, “Hammock”, the Mahika Mano Café, is a coffee shop you are able to sit back and relax in one of there comfy hammocks while sipping on your coffee. 

When you first walk into Mahika Mano, you shouldn’t expect it to look like a normal coffee shop, where you would see tables and chairs. Instead, you will see hammocks hanging from hooks attached to the ceiling.

This is definitely a very unique way to experience coffee, but some might worry that it might be too hard to drink your coffee while swinging in a hammock.

Not so, as the way the hammocks are set up, there are tables beside them and you can actually sit quite comfortably and get the best of both worlds.  That is, reclining in a hammock and yet still able to order food and drink coffee.

Also, wouldn’t you know that some of the hammocks are for sale! How crazy would it be to have a hammock at your own house and be able to drink coffee all relaxed at home!  Might be worth a try, if that’s your idea of a good time.

Atmosphere-wise, Mahika Mano is so very warm and inviting. When you first walk into Mahika Mano Hammock Café you have to take off your shoes, as your waiter/waitress is taking you to your hammock you will hear very comfortable music.

Once you are in your hammock you can order food, a drink, or even get settled in to read a book, they have a wide variety of signature coffees, meals, desserts, and they even have alcoholic drinks, now the biggest problem with that is deciding on what you want to eat or drink.

So If your stressed out or just having a bad day, take a trip to Mahika Mano and all your worries will disappear!

Visit their website here:

N3331 Café And Bar

n3331 cafe

In Chiyoda City, Tokyo you will find a café by the name of N3331 Café And Bar. If you are a fan of trains and railways you will love this café!

This café and bar has 2 railways on either side of it. Indeed, N3331 is located within the new and modernized Manseibashi station, which first opened in 1912.

Of course, you can’t get extremely close to the trains unless you are riding it or waiting behind the yellow line waiting to board one for the two trains.

But aside from the trains for a second, N3331 has a great menu selection, they have, special garnishes, regular meals for lunch and dinner, and of course desserts, and at night you can enjoy high-quality Japanese alcohol while watching the trains pass by.

The inside of N3331 is very sleek and clean, most of the building is made of wood and a lot of glass (for example the walls are made of glass!).

If you’re the type of person who likes to stay inside and not in the sun so much, then N3331 is perfect because even though it has large windows and walls made from glass you are still able to sit down while enjoying a drink or meal without the sun beaming down on you.

N3331 has everything to offer a fan of trains from great tasting meals and drinks, to viewing trains at a different perspective. The coffee isn’t bad, either.  

Watch this short video to give you an idea of what N3331 is like.

Now, for something a little different…

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Maid Cafés

In Chiyoda City, Tokyo you will find a place known as a Maid Café.  These café are actually somewhat of a trend in Japan nowadays, but this particular café is somewhat notable.

When you first walk into a Maid Café you will be greeted with a, “Okaerinasaimase, goshujinsama!” which means “Welcome back home, master!” by a pretty waitress dressed up as a maid.

Some people think of these places as being part of the sex work business, but this isn’t how it works.  Instead, this café involves cosplay and role-playing because all the waitress are expected to dress as maids and to act as servants for there masters.

Still, you can’t put your greasy paws on any of these girls, because the rule forbid it.  It’s considered not only in bad taste, but you might end up getting hauled out of the café and dumped unceremoniously on the street by someone who most certainly isn’t a maid.

japanese bouncer

Anyway, if you play by the rules, and be respectful, all will be well.  Because, not only do waitresses take part in this very attentive maid-like behaviour but the customers also like to take part in the maid/master role-playing experience.

Another of the most famous Maid Cafés in Tokyo is called “Home Cafe”. At Home Café, there are over 180 waitress dresses up as cute maids.  

The maids at some or even most of these cafés and many other Maid cafés have a great victorian style maid appearance, and they have great communication skills, always making the role-playing experience between her and the “master” feel so real.  

Oh, and there’s coffee too.  🙂

Watch the video below to get an idea of what a Westerner might experience at one of these cafés.

Now for something a little more cosmic in nature, and that is the…

Planetarium Starry Café

In Ota City, Tokyo you will find a café called the Planetarium Starry Café.

If your taking a trip and happen to be at the Haneda Airport, walk towards Edo Hall (this hall is made to look like a busy Japanese shopping street) and Tokyo Pop Town (this hall focuses on the different kinds of pop culture in Japan such as Hello Kitty, Pokemon, and many more.)

In this general area, you will find the Planetarium Starry Café in all of it’s stargazing glory. When you get to the café you have to go to the main desk and purchase a ticket which costs 500 yen or $4.51.

Then, you will be directed to the exact entrance because there are 2 entrances in the Planetarium Café (the first entry has just tables and chairs, this is for the visitors/tourist who does not wish to visit the Planetarium side).

Once you are seated you can order some very strange items off the menu. The planetarium is very relaxing, while, the light is dimmed down the solar system is projected on the ceiling, you get lost in the atmosphere so you easily forget your in an airport.  

Planetarium Starry Café is such a great and relaxing place for the whole family to experience together!

Thanks for reading our article on weird and wonderful cafés in Tokyo.  If we missed any, or if you know of a good one, please let us know in the comments section below.

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