UK Family Food Bloggers – Our Absolute Favs of 2018

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At Know Your Grinder, we’re a coffee website first and foremost. It’s our love and our passion. On the list of loves – other than rich, dark coffee – is bloggers, and moms, and all things British in no particular order.

Today, we wanted to share some of our favorite family food bloggers from the UK in 2018, as they have their own special charm that needs to be shared with the world, if you don’t already know them.

These amazing women love to create meal plans and simple, healthy recipes for their families. We found them to be helpful as well as entertaining.

Emily Leary – A Mummy Too

In 2011, Emily began the blog as a way to celebrate her status as a mom. She’d been a busy consultant at the time, but wanted a place to share her love of food. She ended up leaving her career in digital marketing to write about lifestyle and food. She has weekly recipes on her site – with a total of 500 stored in her index of recipes.

Along with her blog filled with posts about food and recipes like Cinnamon French Toast with Griddled Apple Slices and Lemon Mascarpone, she has links to her work on other sites like the Huffington Post.

She has an incredibly popular site with thousands of shares across many social networks. We love the Travel section of her site where she posts about foodie travels as well as family days in the UK.

Mrs. Rachel Brady

Rachel is mom to Arthur who is 8 years old and Beatrix who is almost 6 years old. Rachel and her husband, Adam, also have another on the way in 2018.

Her tagline on her blog is “Real Family. Real Food.” Because she’s from the UK, she calls herself a mummy blogger. We can almost hear the accent. Her blog started its life as a family food blog called Well Worn Whisk.

With the name change, she expanded her topics from strictly family food blogging to lifestyle mom. We still want to include her on the list because she has a ton of food-related posts archived on the site, and still does lots of food posts.

She has posts like “10 Easy Daily Ways to Boost Nutrition” and “Carrot and Orange Cake,” which sounds yummy.

Daisies and Pie

On the Daisies and Pie blog, there’s a ton of information from cleaning and organizing to family meal planning. In fact, there’s a Meal Planning 101 post that gathers all kinds of planning techniques in one location.

There’s techniques like Dinner Theme Days, which helps for planning meals ahead of time. The kids look forward to things like Taco Tuesdays or a pasta night. Whether it’s meal planning or inspiration, there are hundreds of recipes and plans on the site.

Modern Family Food

Emily Kerrigan created her blog because all of the cookbooks for kids that she had weren’t current. They hid vegetables in sauces or used desserts as a way to get kids into cooking. She wanted a place where she could share healthy recipes and cook with her children like she did with her own mother.

She believed that if they cooked with her they might not view salad with suspicion. On her site, she has a category called Kid-Friendly Salads. One of them is called the Rainbow in a Jar. It’s filled with things like yellow peppers, lemons, and couscous to create a rainbow effect.

Easy Peasy Foodie

Eb has 2 children who are 7 and 9 years old. They’re tough food critics. She has a husband who waits patiently for his meals as she spends time photographing it before serving. Sounds like she has a mostly understanding family behind her.

On the blog, she has easy meal plans, 30-minute meal inspirations, and cheats for healthy foods that are delicious and simple to make. The pictures of her food are definitely worth it in our opinion. She has things like Persian Jewelled Rice and Spicy Lamb Meatballs.

There’s a recipe index on the blog that covers things like Homemade Chicken Fajitas that have a spice mix that isn’t full of additives. The index is full of recipes that are simple to make yet will satisfy the foodie in your house. We love that there’s nothing complicated or requiring expensive kitchen equipment.

All of the UK mom food blogs are full of recipes and family moments from women who love to take care of their families. They also want you to be able to take care of yours without losing your sanity. Every blog has post after post of recipes that won’t take hours to prepare. You’ll absolutely want to follow these women’s blogs from now on.

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  1. I love coffee, quite a simpleton compared to some other more tuned in coffee drinkers.. I simply enjoy Douwe Egberts by choice (strength 3).. although Ive started enjoying the odd “latte” when visiting parents.

    To be honest Im quite fascinated by whats out there and would love to see what others are like without buying the “crap” at the same time! So I will be following this blog a little closer..!



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