Update International Long Dial Frothing Thermometer Review

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This is a review of the Update International Long Dial Frothing Thermometer. We love this frothing thermometer because it’s lightweight while being incredibly accurate. You get a wide temp range for this thermometer, so you can use it in your kitchen for a variety of purposes.

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Update International (Thfr-17) 5 1/2″-Long Dial Frothing Thermometer

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Features of the Update International Long Dial

  • Temperature range between 30 F and 220 F
  • Weight is 0.8 ounces
  • Includes a clip
  • Size is 5.5 inches by 1.75 inches
  • NSF listed

Update International Company

The company has been around for decades. It was started in 1966 by Ralph T. Buscarello. It was started when Buscarello was giving seminars on how to improve machinery by decreasing its vibrations. He also discusses how precision maintenance can give machines longer life. He applied this knowledge to various industries as well as products that prolong the life of industrial and commercial equipment.

Easily Clipped

When you’re frothing milk for your espresso, you want to be able to check the temperature without burning yourself. It’s important that you don’t burn the milk that you’re trying to froth for your coffee. Clipping the thermometer to the side of your frothing container will allow you to stay within the perfect temperature while you get the bubbles and foam that you’re looking for ideally.

The thermometer is also great for other types of food preparation. The clip will keep the end of the needle from touching the sides of the container. When you’re touching the sides, you’re altering the temperature and not getting an accurate reading.

Temperature Range

The temperature range of this thermometer means that it will work for all kinds of foods. First, you’ll be able to insert the thermometer into the milk when it’s first added to the frothing mixer. It’ll give you an accurate reading since the temp range starts at 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temp of the milk as it gets to higher levels will determine whether it’s a good temperature. It’ll let you see the rate of the climb as well as the temperature you want to stop frothing. The proteins in milk will start to break down and actually burn when the liquid hits 170 degrees F. The ideal temperature should be between 150 degrees and 155 degrees.

You can also use this to test the temp of your coffee to ensure that it’s being prepared to the right temperature. Most cafes serve coffee around 155 to 165 degrees. Keep that in mind when you’re making yours at home.


The thermometer and clip should never be too heavy. If it were to weigh down your frothing container, it will be hard to maintain good contact with the frothing wand. Whether you have a steam wand on an attached arm or on the machine itself, the thermometer shouldn’t interfere with the process.

The milk-frothing pitcher must be moved on the wand to ensure that there’s a good vortex in the milk. It’s important that the large bubbles are broken into smaller bubbles. When the milk has doubled in size, you’ll wonder whether it’s ready to pour. You don’t have to get a scalding burn to check the temp when you have a thermometer.

When moving the pitcher around, you don’t have to be weighted down by a large, unweildy thermometer. This one is the perfect weight. The dial is a bit large, but that makes it easy to see. You can easily work around the dial when frothing.

NSF Listed

NSF International was founded in 1944 as the National Sanitation Foundation. University of Michigan’s School of Public Health wanted to ensure quality food safety requirements. It started with the sanitation of luncheonette equipment and soda fountains. The NSF expanded and developed over 80 public health and safety regulations. They’re an accredited certification institution that is trusted around the world. This product has been tested, approved, and listed with the NSF.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the thermometer stainless steel?
This is a product made of durable stainless steel. It’s used in cafes and coffee shops with high volume of drinks being delivered. It should last for years.

What’s the diameter of the needle probe?
The diameter is approximately 1 and ¾ inches.

Can it be used on very hot things like cooking oil and fried foods?
Various cooking oils have a smoke point of approximately 220 degrees F. This can be used with any foods or other items at the highest end of 220 degrees F. You don’t want the oil to get that hot, or it’ll smoke, so this should be a good thermometer.

The Update International Long Dial Frothing Thermometer is a good thermometer with a wide temp range. To ensure that your frothing is always perfect, you’ll want to get a good thermometer that will clip onto your frothing pitcher. It can also be used for other kitchen purposes.

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