What Country Drinks The Most Coffee? (Bonus – Awesome Cafés To Boot)

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In today’s society, most adults, and teenagers that live in the United States drink coffee daily and usually more than one cup of coffee, to boot.

The first cup of coffee dates back to the 15th century, and ever since it has been one of the worlds greatest inventions.

If you are like me or most normal people, a fresh cup of brewed coffee in the morning is the best way to get the day started no doubt about it. Honestly some days I have 2-3 cups of coffee just to get through the day.

If it wasn’t for McDonald’s iced coffee I’m not sure how I would be able to function throughout the day. As I’m taking the first couple sips of coffee I wonder how I would actually manage without my morning coffee (it was a dumb question, I know.

I couldn’t manage without coffee because id probably go insane), how much coffee do we really drink, where is the most coffee drank at in the world, and where are the best coffee shops at?

Which Country Drinks The Most Coffee? (Kg Per Person)

More than half a trillion cups of coffee are consumed each year!

The average coffee shop prepares and sells about 200-300 cups of coffee a day, which also equals up to a total of 2.25 billion cups a year.

Now, there are about 193-195 countries in the whole world, in the United States, we rank at number 25 for coffee usage, which is 4.2 kilograms per person a year. 

I myself drink a lot of coffee, especially iced coffee, I love it…so it’s kinda hard to believe that anyone drinks more coffee than us here in America, but shockingly its true.

The top 5 counties for coffee usage are Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Finland (Cafe Regatta – Merikannontie 8, Helsinki)

In Finland, if you want a fresh cup of coffee with either grilled sausages over the fire or sweet tasty treat such as cinnamon buns then you need to go to Cafe Regatta!

Cafe Regatta was first built in 1887 to be used as a fisherman’s hut and then in 1952, it was transformed into a cafe.

It is a little red hut by the sea, in the north west of Helsinki. They always have a fresh pot of coffee ready for you, along with tea, grilled sausages of course, and sweet treats.

(FYI Cafe Regatta is very popular for there cinnamon buns)

And one other great thing about Cafe Regatta is all of the baked goods are vegan and gluten-free.

Visit the Café Regatta website!

Norway (Supreme Roastworks – Thorvald Meyers gate 18A, Oslo)

supreme roastworks

In Norway, if you want a great cup of coffee in a very laid back café then you need to go to Supreme Roastworks!

What’s so great about Supreme Roastworks besides the great tasting coffee, is that not only is it a coffee bar but they also sell coffee equipment.

It was first built as a roastery but in 2013 it was finally turned into a coffee bar. Supreme Roastworks is very popular and has won the Norwegian Championships in the Brewers Cup for black coffee for 3 years.

Supreme Roastworks is a great place for coffee late in the morning or late in the afternoon, and hey why not try one of their delicious cinnamon buns while your there. 

One of the staff members Magnus at Supreme Roastworks says there is a saying, “ No fuss-just great coffee”.

Visit the Supreme Roastworks website!

Iceland (Mokka Kaffi – Reykjavik, Iceland)

mokka kaffi iceland

In Iceland, if you want to go out and meet up with some friends for some delicious hot chocolate, coffee, tea, yummy sandwiches, stacks of waffles topped with whipped cream and jelly or slice of cake then you need to go to Mokka Kaffi!

Mokka was the very first coffee shop ever to be built in Reykjavik, Iceland back in 1958, not only was it the first coffee house ever built here but for the first time they served espressos, cappuccinos, and the lattes in Reykjavik and became popular very quickly.

Truthfully not many people went when it first opened because for 1. Its cold,  2. Why would you go out for coffee when you could make it at home? , and 3. You can save more money. 

But eventually, over time the residents in Iceland became hooked when they realized going down to Mokka Kaffi to have coffee or a bite to eat with friends wasn’t as bad idea at all.

Visit the Mokka Kaffi website!

Denmark (Sonny –  Copenhagen København K)

In Denmark, if you want to go out to enjoy the nice sunny and warm weather while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee or a bite to eat then you must go to Sonny!

This very new coffee shop is being run by a young couple named Sara and David, it made its way to Copenhagen in 2017 and has ever since grown very popular.

Sonny not only sells coffee but there is also a wide variety on the menu such as egg’s, granola. fruits, chipotle chicken sandwich, smoked tuna, salad, banana bread, and lemon tarts.

To drink, they offer lemonade, chai latte, iced tea, and hot chocolate. You will find out that this coffee shop is very comfy, almost home-like.

It also has a couple of French elements such as a mini version of The Eiffel Tower, a stained glass ceiling and some blue-striped pillows.

Sonny was created so you can relax, drink coffee, eat delicious food, and talk a little about the history with the staff

​Visit the Sonny Café website!

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Netherlands (Paradox Coffeeshop – De Jordaan, Amsterdam)

In the Netherlands, if you want to visit a coffee shop with a friendly atmosphere where you can sit and relax, play a game with some friends, or have a variety of drinks and delicious treats then the Paradox Coffeeshop is the place to go!

You will find the Paradox located right in the heart of Jordaan. Many locals and tourists visit The Paradox not only because of the coffee but because of the wide variety of coffee such as latte, tea, hot chocolate, and soft drinks such as coca cola, spa blue, and lozza apple but also their delicious chocolate chip cookies.

The Paradox is the type of coffee shop that you can walk into in the mornings to have a fresh cup of coffee while reading the newspaper before you get the rest of your day started or in the evening you can come in and have lunch or dinner and afterward you can play a game of backgammon, chess, or cards.

You can also message them on there Facebook to ask about there smoke and edibles menu selection.

Visit the Paradox Coffeeshop website!

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