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Like all coffee lovers, we truly value the taste of great coffee and espresso.  We also love to brew it from the comfort of home.  In order to accomplish this, it is imperative that we need to have access to the best coffee grinder we can get, usually made by one of the top brands around in 2016.

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By owning a high quality coffee grinder, the brewing possibilities are endless, allowing the aspiring home barista to brew all of their favorite delicious coffee shop beverages themselves – cappuccinos, lattes, americanos, espressos, macchiatos, mochas, flat whites, and of course coffees of various roasts… 

…and all at a fraction of the cost that coffee shops charge!

Grinding Fresh – The Secret To Great Coffee Flavor

There was a time where we used to think that coffee grinders weren’t so important.  In fact, we would just buy pre-ground beans and brew our coffee that way, blissfully unaware of the difference grinding your own beans could make on the taste of your cup of coffee (or espresso, etc.) if you do it yourself, and do it right.

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Little did we know that the grinding stage can really make or break the flavor of your coffee or espresso, maybe even more so than the brewing stage itself.

All those years of drinking sub par coffee at home, or just saying “Ah, forget it!” and going out to certain expensive coffee shops for a four dollar Americano every day.  You see, those are years we can never have back, sadly!

Using a coffee grinder will actually save you money in the long run, and, just as importantly, it will give you better tasting coffee once you get the hang of it.  On this website, we review two types of coffee grinder, which were demonstrated in the above video – burr and blade, plus coffee mills (which are still technically burr grinders).

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