1. Got one yesterday from Bedbathbeyond . I saw your video and was surprised there was no dust coming out of the chamber that collects the ground coffee. There is a space between the chamber top and the bottom of the grinder base..

    My counter is getting a mess wit the dust.

    • Bill Powell

      I received one as a gift. The coffee bean particles get all over. Its a pretty loud obnoxious whine when on. I find that beans get stuck in it and the machine just sits and whines, no grinding. Also the grind quality is similar to that from putting beans into a blender. We’ve been nursing this one for 6 months, and it only gets dirtier and worse.

      • Wow Bill, sounds like this machine isn’t delivering for you! Granted, this is definitely a “starter” grinder, but was there ever a point where it gave you any good results in terms of controlling the grind size and not being a giant mess?

    • Hi Shan Jay, yes many people are complaining sometimes about the mess of coffee dust. It might be a faulty model. There is a warranty – you can take advantage of that and try a new machine!

  2. Dinesh Kandy

    I wish to buy Cuisinart supreme burr grinder for grain grinding . The grain such as pulse chic beans ,black gram ,bengal gram ,rice and spices.

    • Hi Dinesh, I wouldn’t recommend it for a few reasons. First, if you use it for things other than coffee, it will not be suitable for coffee because it will affect the flavour. You might have the coffee tasting like the spice, in other words. Second, there are more precise grinders that can grind finely than this one, for what you need it for. This is not a great espresso grinder – there are definitely better ones, and that requires a finer grind. Grinding rice would require such a grind, or other spices as well. I just don’t think it’s a good idea. 🙂

  3. I would like to know ,can I grind any grain such as rice ,pulses in this burr grinder. Thanks .please reply me so that I can order one with amazon.

  4. What is the cup size being used. I have a Cuisinart 12-cup drip coffee maker and fill with water to the #10 line. This does bot equate to 10 – 8 oz. cups, but seems to be more like 7 1/2. Makes me wonder what number on the slide bar I should be using on my new Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic. Any thoughts?

  5. David W. Hutchinson

    After using the coffee grinder washed the bean hopper and the ground coffee receptacle. Now I have water between the bean hopper proper and the bean hopper stem that I can[t get out without disassembling the bean hopper using a micro screwdriver. Huh!!

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