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Know Your Grinder started in 2015 as a site that was dedicated to the examination and review of different coffee grinders, from small, inexpensive blade grinders, to heavy duty models like those by Mazzer and Mahlkonig.

Reviews generally include an overview of the pros and cons of the different grinders, comparisons with other popular grinders, and discussion of different grind settings you may find on such-and-such machine, and what those grind settings are meant to do in terms of the machines’ performance, and expected results.

Smart grinder

As time has passed, Know Your Grinder has gone on to talk about several other aspects of the coffee making process, from home roasting, to making espresso, to preparing other specialty drinks, as well as talking about perhaps less discussed aspects of coffee production like international coffee farming, antique coffee equipment, cupping, coffee grind storage, french press, porta-filters, thermometers, knock boxes, and more!

Coffee Machine

This, of course, doesn’t mean coffee grinders don’t get talked about – far from it – however, the scope of the site has changed as the team behind the website has grown and changed over the years.

The Know Your Grinder team has put in long hours researching the topic of coffee, talking to industry experts, and drinking a lot of coffee, for the betterment of – yes – the world! Here is who is behind this website.


marty and janet

Marty Cosgrove is the man who started Know Your Grinder back in 2015. He has worked as a repairman of any sort of small household machine for the past 30 years, and runs a local rocketry club.

If you’ve ever been to Marty’s house, it’s literally a hoarder’s domain. The house, on all three floors, is packed to the gills with things he’s either fixing, fixed, or soon going to attempt to fix.

The challenge of fixing all of these small home appliances, electronic devices, gizmos, and whatnot has given him a unique perspective on how your average household operates.

One thing that Marty is always seemingly in the process of fixing is coffee grinders.

coffee grinder fix

This constant stream of coffee grinders that came through his workshop had a twofold effect on Marty over the years. First, it got him acquainted with all sorts of different kinds of coffee grinders, not to mention a phalanx of coffee related equipment.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, it made him into a coffee drinker on a whole other level, because once Marty got to know the in’s and out’s of all the grinders and machines on the market, he started acquiring many of them himself, and began brewing his own special brew at home, with the benefit of many machines that allowed him to taste test rigorously.

Because Marty works late into the night as is, nitpicking at various pieces of technology, coffee was necessary anyways, so the fixing of various grinders and espresso makers lead to, in a roundabout way, the making of more home brewed coffee.

That’s when the idea for this blog came about. That said, Marty is a bit of an introvert, sort of a mad scientist type who doesn’t really get out much, which made blogging a fairly natural choice for him.

Overall, it is the grind that allows Marty to carry on with his work grind, and the cycle continues to this day…


author Dave Fox

Dave Fox here is our resident coffee drinking musician, making music with his indie band, Young Coconut. “We’re an electro rock indie dub funk punk fusion band” he says of the project.

Dave has been drinking coffee since the tender age of 16, when he regularly drank Tim Horton’s (popular Canadian chain) double doubles. This is a sugar-and-cream heavy “treat” type drink that many people in Canada buy regularly, and it’s the equivalent of drinking a liquified doughnut.

It wasn’t until he was in his 20’s that someone suggested he start drinking Americanos – black as midnight on a moonless night. It took him a while to acquire the taste for them, but now, a decade and a half later, that’s his go to drink.

He also records music under the name Young Coconut.


author Christina

Christina is Know Your Grinder’s “in the field” taste tester of drinks. She picked up the gig here at Know Your Grinder just because she has a no bologna attitude when it comes to stating her opinion, and, well, because she realized she could get paid to write about the drinks she was already drinking all the time anyway.

“What can I say, I’m a fiend!” she states casually.

Thus, Christina visits cafés and tries different drinks, and talks about her experiences matter-of-factly. She will admit to being a fairly huge fan of Starbucks, as Starbucks offers a lot of unique beverages, all of which Christina is willing to try at least once.

Christina will admit to being a very emotional person, and for years, she had her own personal blog, where she expressed herself very openly, talking about things that a lot of bloggers may not feel comfortable talking about. She more recently moved on to Instagram, however her account is private.


Michelle Brooke

Michelle is a manager/barista at a local café in Ottawa. She grew up in Kitchener but moved to Ottawa when she was 18, where she completed her bachelor’s degree at Carleton. She majored in French and Linguistics and minored in German.

In her spare time, Michelle enjoys reading, painting and writing. She writes a bi-monthly linguistics column for the Glebe Report, a local newspaper in Ottawa.

Michelle is also passionate about coffee – she is learning lots at her job. Her favourite drink to order at a café is a black drip coffee or an americano.

Michelle has a husky named Taffy at home, whom she loves dearly.


Liam Eales

Liam Eales is a freelance coffee consultant currently based out of Ottawa, Ontario.

A seasoned traveler, he’s written several articles on North American coffee culture and has a marked passion for blending history with third-wave coffee culture.

Liam is especially fond of pour overs and striking up interesting conversations with strangers.

He can be found on Instagram under the name, The Autistic Barista.


Casey Saccomanno

Casey is Know Your Grinder’s Pinterest account manager, and has been doing this for several years now. She is, not surprisingly, a very “visual” person, and really loves the way coffee and espresso especially looks when it is photographed artistically.

“Some people don’t know this, but Pinterest can be an all-consuming passion”, she says, “I love the platform, and there is so much on there which is just about coffee, it blows my mind!”

Casey has several goals in mind for the Know Your Grinder Pinterest, several of which are now coming to fruition, including some very snazzy new pins, a growing collection of unique boards, and simply her own style and pizzaz added to this website when it comes to humour and neat facts.

Otherwise, she’s a fairly private person, but she does love to travel, which she does a lot as she works as an airline stewardess as well.

Where the wild coffee cherries grow!

coffee Arabica-Plant
Coffee Arabica Plant

Earlier, we mentioned some of the topics we discuss on this website.

From coffee cherry trees growing along the Earth’s equator to espresso machines that drizzle out the nectar of the gods, from the seed all the way to the cup, we journey into the coffee world and see what it has to offer.

Here are some of the topics you’ll find on this website, in a little bit more detail!

Of course, we will start with coffee grinders. We also talk about the actual farms where beans originate.

If you’ve ever wanted to know the process involved in picking beans and bringing them to your local coffee shop, we cover all of that and more.

Burr and Blade Coffee Grinders

Forte Baratza Ceramic Burr Grinder
Forte Baratza Ceramic Burr Grinder

It might surprise you to learn that there is more than one type of grinder.

There are conical burr, ceramic burr, and blade grinders. We cover all kinds of grinders here including doser and doserless grinders.

Ceramic Vs. Steel Burr Grinders

Coffee Grinder History

We’ll even tell you what all of the coffee grinder lingo means. You’ll soon learn whether you want a manual grinder, one of those beautiful Turkish burr ones, or even an antique & vintage coffee grinder.

Antique Coffee Grinders – We Review 3 of the Best

There are some really great companies out there making quality grinders. Finding the best grinder comes down to reviews and seeing the grinders in action.

We even cover the Best Coffee Grinders for Weed – Live that Kief Life!

What Else Can a Coffee Grinder Grind?

We have quite a few reviews for companies like HoneyGuardian, Technivorm, MIRA, Mr. Coffee, Quiseen, KitchenAid, Secura, Krups, and Hamilton Beach.

Check out the reviews we have:

De’Longhi KG89 Coffee Grinder Review

Technivorm Moccamaster KM4 Coffee Grinder Review

Mr. Coffee IDS77 Electric Coffee Grinder Review

KitchenAid BCG111ER Blade Coffee Grinder

KRUPS GX5000 Pro Electric Coffee Grinder

Hamilton Beach 80365 Custom Grind Review

The Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder – Your Questions Answered

There are burr grinders here by some really great companies like Baratza, Breville, Capresso, Porlex, Zassenhaus, Onyx, Peugeot, and Rok.

Baratza Forte AP + BG Grinder Review

Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Mill Review

We Review 3 of the Best Wood Grinders

You probably didn’t know there were that many grinder companies out there, did you?

It’s important to keep your coffee grinder as clean as possible. Old grind can alter the taste of coffee. We cover how to clean your grinder like a pro.

Anti-static devices help when grinding, too. The Hario Skerton Coffee Grinder is just one device that has anti-static properties. There’s also the Porlex Hand Grinder.

If you want to learn all there is to know about coffee grinders, this is the place. There’s more to learn in the world of coffee, too, like How Big is a Coffee Scoop?

Barista Life


There’s so much to talk about when it comes to your favorite barista.

There are a few articles about them here. You won’t be getting great coffee at the local shop without dedicated baristas, that’s for sure!

BPA-Free Devices

Haven’t heard about BPAs, yet? They’re a horrid chemical in some plastics that can cause health issues.

You really want to avoid BPAs when possible. We have hunted down devices that are not made with harmful chemicals.

Commercial Use Coffee Grinders and Makers

If you’re starting your own coffee shop, you’ll find many comparisons and reviews surrounding the best type of commercial appliances you’ll need.

Choosing the Best Commercial Coffee Grinder – Review and Analysis

We cover some of the heavy names in commercial espresso machines like Nuova Simonelli, Breville, Isomac, and Rancilio Silvia.

Breville BNE800BSS Nespresso Creatista Plus Review

Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine Review

We even have some advice for opening your shop.

Check out this article on opening a cafe or coffee shop. It includes a list of items you’ll need from lighting to grinders to a website.


If you want to start your own coffee business, you should already have an idea of what cupping is. But if you don’t, it’s the way you choose a coffee bean.

The process allows you to test all the beans under the same process and conditions. You’ll use the same water at the same temperature.

You can also use this process at home to try different grinders and beans to find your favorite.

It’s a great way to get all your coffee-loving friends together, too.

Coffee and Camping

Colema Camping Gear
Colema Camping Gear

Another way to get friends together is camping. They’ll also need coffee when camping. There’s nothing like sitting by the fire with friends and a strong cup of coffee in hand.

There are quite a few products that can be taken outdoors like OXX Coffeeboxx. A camping percolator is made for the outdoors.

Espresso Machines

Espresso Machines
Espresso Machines

When choosing an espresso machine for your home or business, there’s much research involved.

Top 5 Best Coffee Grinders for Making Espresso at Home

Coarse Grind Vs Fine Grind Coffee – Espresso Gal’s How To Guide to Grinding for Black Gold

It’s an investment that you want to be thoughtful about. Especially for a commercial appliance that can cost much more than a simple home unit.

At Know Your Grinder, we also know about espresso machines. We’ve covered them extensively. Brands like Isomac Maverick, Nuova Simonelli, Bezzera, La Pavoni, Capresso, De’Longhi Gaggia, and KitchenAid just to name a few.

Isomac Maverick PID Espresso Maker Review

Bezzera Galatea Domus Review

Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine Review

KitchenAid KES2102FP Pro Line Series Espresso Maker Review


To get the best taste out of your coffee grind, you’ll likely want to skip the paper filters. They leave a residue in the coffee that can really alter the flavor.

On the site, we introduce you to other kinds of coffee filters like permanent ones. There are reviews, and we also pick our favorites.

There are terrific options like surgical grade stainless steel ones as well as gold ones. They each have advantages.

Home Coffee Bean Roasters

The freshest cups of coffee are not going to be found when you get already ground coffee or beans that are already roasted. The beans and grind you get from the store could have been sitting on the shelf for weeks.

Even beans from a roasterie have been there for a week or two.

The only way you can trust that your coffee is fresh is with your own home roaster. Roasting at home becomes a part of the coffee making process. It’ll give you the freshest coffee possible.

Companies like Behmor have roasters that will give you an incredible cup of coffee.

We Review Best Home Coffee Roasters

Stale coffee is definitely the worst, but you don’t have to suffer a stale cup of coffee ever again if you roast at home.

Coffee Bean Storage Vaults

When roasting at home, you need a way to store your coffee beans and fresh grind. The best way to do that is with a storage vault.

The storage vault will help to release CO2 after roasting without allowing oxygen to make them stale.

The vault keeps out moisture and sunlight, which are two of the worst things for beans and grind.

Many people believe that keeping your beans in the freezer will keep it fresh, but that is where you can pick up moisture.

A coffee vault is a better choice.

Latte, Nitro Brew, and Cold Press

From cold press to nitro brew, we explain all the different coffee types. If you’ve ever been intimidated going into Starbucks because you don’t know what all the terms mean, we can definitely help with that.

Cold Press Coffee – What Is It and How Do I Make It?

There are also more than a few reviews about the coffee giant and all their coffee trends.

The Best Starbucks Drinks and How to Make Them at Home (Includes DIY Copycat Recipes and Videos)!

Want to get an unbiased review on what we think of the Roasted Coconut Cold Brew? Or how about that weird Unicorn Frappe they had a while back? We’ve got you covered there, too.

Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee
Instant Coffee

We know that many die-hard coffee roasters and brewers will turn their nose up at instant coffee.

There are many coffee drinkers who like the powdered grind that instantly dissolves in hot water.

Some believe that instant coffee isn’t “real” coffee. We disagree. It’s made from real coffee beans and concentrated for those who need a speedy process.

We talk about how to make fresh coffee when you don’t have enough time, so maybe you can skip the instant coffee next time.

Single Serve Coffee Makers

Not everyone needs a full pot of coffee brewing in the morning. If you live alone, or are the only one drinking, it’s a waste to prepare a whole pot.

Instead, you can purchase a single-serving device.

It might take simple cups like a Keurig, or it could be a Moka Pot. There are simple pour-over drippers that can make one lovely cup of coffee, too.

They help you deliver water for an even extraction. We cover flat-bottom or cone-shaped devices as well as wave filters. Learn which one will give you the best cup of coffee.

Percolators and Kettles

A percolator is a great way to get coffee when you’re not able to plug in a coffee machine. Campers especially love percolators.

There’s no reason you have to forgo coffee just because you’re out in the wilderness.

In fact, you could get an old-fashioned manual coffee box and grind your beans before using the percolator.

You’ll feel like a real outdoors person. There are lovely silver ones that can be a part of a morning breakfast out on the patio, too.

They’re made entirely of metal like stainless steel, so they don’t have any harmful BPAs in them, either.

French Press and Aeropress

French Press and Aeropress
French Press and Aeropress

There’s more to coffee than water dripping through grind. There are press coffee makers that are said to make magnificent coffee. Water and grind are combined, so the coffee is squeezed out of it.

This type of coffee is very popular. In fact, Aeropress has a contest every year to find the best coffees made with their device.

On the site, there are also many posts on the right grind to use for Aeropress as well as what grinders work the best for that grind.

We Review 4 of the Best Coffee Grinders for Aeropress

How to Make an Aeropress Latte

How Fine to Grind Coffee for Aeropress

Using Your Porlex Mini for Aeropress

Informative Articles

Along with our thorough reviews, we have fun facts about coffee like what country drinks the most coffee. There are plenty of How-Tos like our favorite Starbucks drinks and how to make them at home.

We also have The Ultimate Sex Coffee Recipe to Naturally Increase Libido and Enhance Fertility.

We also cover some of the best roasteries around, the farms that bring us the best beans, and associations like the Specialty Coffee Association.

Best Indonesian Coffee – Beans, Brands, and Kopi Luwak

Best Arabic Coffee Beans – Koffee Kult, Don Pablo, and More!

Keeping It Clean

Clean Your Coffee Ginder
Clean Your Coffee Ginder

One of the biggest spoilers of your coffee doesn’t come just from stale or bad beans, it comes from not cleaning your coffee grinder. Old grind can get into the new grind and give you a stale cup of coffee.

Our posts cover more than coffee making, we also cover coffee device cleaning. We’ll show you how to clean your grinder like a pro. We also show you how to descale your espresso machine.

Some of these devices have to be cleaned in a specific way. They can’t be exposed to water.

How to Descale Your Espresso Machine

We believe you’ll find everything you need that’s coffee related on this site. We’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of hours testing and researching to give you the most up-to-date information.

Our site aims to be the most in-depth, resourceful space around for all your coffee needs.

We’ve also covered other parts of the coffee world like Specialty Coffee Associations.

We hope you enjoy!

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