Eureka Mignon Instantaneo Coffee Grinder Review

by Selmir Omic

Quick Features of the Eureka Mignon Instantaneo Coffee Grinder:

  • Removable hopper which holds 8.8 ounces of coffee
  • Black or silver steel mirror finish
  • Hardened 50 mm flat burrs
  • 1350 RPMs
  • Adjustable grind from drip to Turkish (no French press setting)
  • Portafilter rest
  • Built in timer
  • 10 pound weight with metal casing
  • Consistent on all grind settings

Is it just me, or does anyone think that morning coffee could be a more delicious experience?  


I used to think about it all the time, because something just didn’t seem right as I sat there slurping my morning blackness.

There was a time where I’d use my coffee maker – a good one, at that – to brew up my coffee in a way that I thought was optimal.  

I figured, good pre-ground coffee, nice little coffee maker, what else is there to life?  

I also have an expensive water filter to make my water taste clean and pure (gross water is a no-no for me, can’t drink the stuff), and I don’t generally use cream or sugar in my coffee.  

I drink it black, so bad coffee can’t hide behind cream and sugar.  I felt I was doing ok for myself…check out my setup here (post-Eureka):

Eureka Mignon Grinder Review
Eureka Mignon Grinder Review

Then what happened is this (pre-Eureka).  The thing that tipped me off to my home brew being rather inferior was the occasional trip to my local café.  

I’d go there a couple times a week to order a cappuccino or even just try their different coffees, as the place has a warm, inviting atmosphere and cool people working there as well.  

So one day I noticed something – they were brewing the same coffee that I brew at home, but somehow it didn’t taste the same.  

In fact, it tasted far different.. as in, different better!  I was bamboozled.  How can they make the same coffee as me, but have it taste so different?  

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So began my interrogation of these poor baristas.  20 questions?  More like 100 questions!

To make a long story at least somewhat shorter, I eventually came to terms with the fact that the most likely cause of their coffee being better than mine was their grinder.  

I thought maybe it was the coffee maker, because they brewed differently from me.  

But the reason, according to the café owner (who eventually stepped in to set me straight), was that most of the goodness came from their coffee grinder behind the counter.  

This big, black 2001: A Space Odyssey-looking obelisk of coffee bean mulching action. AKA the Eureka Mignon Instantaneo, an Italian import coffee grinder. 

Eureka Mignon Instantaneo Review
Eureka Mignon Instantaneo Review

The past year taught me a few important coffee lessons. For instance, now I know that grinding makes a world of a difference to your coffee’s taste.

Grinding should be done just before brewing to achieve the most perfect taste and lovely coffee aroma.  

Pre-ground beans are fine, but its nothing like what I’m talking about with fresh ground beans.  

My life as far as coffee goes was changed forever when my local coffee shop actually got me a crazy deal on getting my own Eureka Mignon Instantaneo.  

They tried to steer me to a more reasonable purchase in the Capresso Infinity (which they also sold), but I would hear nothing of it – I had my heart set on the Eureka Mignon, because I’d been drinking that coffee for over a year and it was always stellar brew.  

Mind you, I’ve heard good things about the Capresso Infinity grinder, but I’m a bit of a mad scientist and part of my madness dictated that all the variables had to be the same.  

That, and the café own managed to get me the Eureka at cost, so it was basically half its normal price.  

After watching a few video reviews of the Eureka in action, I was convinced this was something that I needed. 

Here’s a video by some folks who do what they call a Crew Review, about the Eureka Mignon Coffee Grinder.  This provided some good info on the product.

I was told by the coffee gods (two café owners and my aunt) that consistent grinding was imperative to getting the best possible cup of coffee, and the Eureka is one of the tools that can ensure your beans are ground consistently every time, without fail.  

And now, with this beast of a grinder on my counter, I was able to start brewing all types of coffee – pour over, drip, espresso, Turkish, and everything in between.  

Lately I’ve been into making my special caramel lattes this week, and saving myself a few dollars a week from not having to buy them at Starbucks.

Why I Love This Thing

Anyway, the Eureka’s grinding is about as quiet as a kitten walking across a carpet, so I have no complaints there either in terms of noise.  

Its also been quite easy to clean, and its just proven itself to be a very solid little purchase.  

With both the black and stainless steel mirror finish, any splatters that get on this grinder are quite easy to see.  

It has stainless steel burrs are powerful and robust, and from what I’ve seen this Eureka grinder has been nothing but durable.

Now, what I must add in good conscious to those of you wondering if this is a good purchase as a home grinder, but are wondering about the cost. 

Where To Buy Coffee Grinder
Where To Buy Coffee Grinder

To those wondering, I would say that in all honesty, there’s probably cheaper coffee grinders out there that could do a decent job, and not cost this much.  As previously stated, I got this grinder as part of a deal and so I didn’t pay full price. 

Were I to have paid full price, would I still have gotten it?  Probably not.  But, now that I have it, am I glad I have it and not something like a Capresso Infinity?  Yes, I am.

This thing might be rather large at 14″, and rather heavy at around 10 pounds, but the control it offers is something that café owners would appreciate, but it’s also something that some crazy coffee nut (me) could get away with having on their kitchen counter.

Having this grinder definitely upped the production of coffee-related beverages in my home, and now I know way too much about coffee to the point where it’s making me more of a weirdo to friends and family.  I might have to open up my own little café in the near future, who the heck knows??

Overall, I would give the Eureka Mignon Instantaneo grinder a solid 4.5 STARS!

About Selmir Omic

Selmir Omic is KYG's cannabis lifestyle writer. He currently resides in San Francisco and can often be found enjoying design-forward cannabis accessories, candles and seltzer simultaneously. When he's not writing about pot or waxing poetic about vape pens, Selmir can be counted on to offer sage advice about the best strains for anxiety or how to make cannabutter without a stovetop.

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