Rancilio Egro Zero Review

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Quick Stats

  • Size: 31 inches high x 24 inches deep by 13 inches wide
  • Weight: 99 lbs.

Rancilio’s Egro line produces fully automated machines capable of making a variety of espresso drinks. These machines are intended for moderate commercial use, producing as many as 100 coffee drinks per day.

Programming is quick and simple with Plug-and-Brew technology, making the Egro Zero coffee makers an ideal choice for businesses that would like to add a coffee service, without adding a full service coffee bar.

These coffee makers are so easy to use that the customer can, effectively, prepare their own coffee drinks.rancilio-egro-zero-review

The Egro Zero comes in two different versions; the Pure Coffee and the Quick Milk.  

These machines reduce employee training, and offer the option to create high-quality coffee without the work of skilled baristas.

Programming training and use is minimal, but the quality of the beverages produced remains quite good. Both offer a bypass doser to allow the use of a different grind or bean without reloading the coffee maker.

In addition, both models offer a USB port to connect a laptop computer to the coffee maker or to use a thumb drive to transfer information to multiple Egro Zeros. 

The Quick Milk allows you to program 48 coffee drinks by uploading recipes, images, and other information for customers.

Watch this video by Kaldi Gourmet Coffee Roasters to get an up close and personal look at this super automatic coffee machine, and get a sense for how easy it is to operate.

Fully Automated Coffee Dynamo

Both Egro Zero models are relatively small, in comparison to full-size manual espresso machines. Each requires only a space on 24 x 13 inches; however, you will need a space without upper cupboards, as the coffee makers are quite tall at 31 inches.

Whether you opt for the Pure Coffee or Quick Milk, both feature a fully automated cleaning cycle. This should be run regularly, and daily if you use it at full capacity.

Removable parts can be hand-washed. The manual frother will require appropriate cleaning to keep the tip clean and clear of milk.

The Pure Coffee and Quick Milk require the push of only a few buttons to brew coffee. There’s very little time required to learn to use the coffee makers.


Egro Zero Pure Coffee

The Egro Zero Pure Coffee brews espresso drinks without milk. A manual milk frother is incorporated into the machine.

The Pure Coffee is ideal for a small bakery, where some manual coffee expertise is an option, but the time to manage a manual espresso machine is not.

The Pure Coffee will require that the worker produce espresso at the push of a button, then measure and froth milk manually.

Regular clean-up is required with the Egro Zero; however, it is a lower-cost option for a small shop. Given the manual frother, the Pure Coffee will require an attendant.

Egro Zero Quick Milk

The Egro Zero Quick Milk requires no manual frothing or labor—and your customers can pull their own coffee drinks. Coffee drinks can be produced with the simple push of a button and no additional work.

An available refrigerated chamber holds up to one gallon of milk or milk hoses can be connected to another refrigerator, and a powder dispenser enables the creation of mochas or other flavored drinks.

Once loaded with ground coffee, powder, and milk, a push of a button will enable you to quickly prepare coffee drinks or to let your customers prepare them.


The Pure Coffee and the Quick Milk are high-quality, automated options appropriate for many different commercial uses. They are relatively small for a commercial automated espresso maker, and incorporate a range of high-quality features.

Both of these coffee makers are easy to use—in terms of drawbacks, there simply aren’t many; however, they are both an investment, with five-figure price tags. The Pure Coffee, unlike the Quick Milk, will require an attendant to make coffee drinks.

The Rancilio Egro line is ideal for a small business, an office coffee upgrade, or a business lobby for customer use.

These automated coffee makers offer a smart alternative to manual products for businesses that are not coffee shops but would like to offer a coffee service.

These are commercial-grade coffee makers, and are priced accordingly.

Visit the Rancilio website for more information on the Egro line of products

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