The Ultimate Sex Coffee Recipe To Naturally Increase Libido and Enhance Fertility

by Bryan Albuquerque

Do you find that your sex drive has decreased as you've gotten older? Are you struggling to conceive a child with your partner? If so, natural remedies like the Ultimate Sex Coffee Recipe could help! This coffee is packed full of libido-boosting ingredients, and can help increase fertility while improving overall sexual health. So drink up and get ready for some amazing bedroom fun!

There are probably just as many types of coffee as there are different sex positions, and that is to say, there are A LOT.

What About Sex and Coffee ?

The Ultimate Sex Coffee Recipe To Naturally Increase Libido and Enhance Fertility
The Ultimate Sex Coffee Recipe To Naturally Increase Libido and Enhance Fertility

Lattes, Americanos, Flat Whites, French Press, Reverse Cowgirl…err…wait, what?

For those of us who love coffee, we all have our own reasons for drinking it.

It may give us a little pick me up, it helps us to focus, it just tastes amazing, it prevent us killing certain people when we drink it, and so on and so forth.

There are many, many reasons to love coffee. But speaking of sex, what about sex and coffee…?

Many people don't really associate the two things, but there is such a thing as…

Sex Coffee
Sex Coffee
Beg your pardon? Did someone say something?

As much as some people love their coffee, and it makes them generally pretty happy, coffee isn't known for making people that happy.

In fact, what most people don't know is that there is a recipe out there for a coffee drink that turns your average pot of dark brew into a wickedly naughty sex potion.

Sex And Coffee
Sex And Coffee

You see, now we can combine sex in the morning, or "afternoon delight" as they say, with our cup of coffee, if we make it just right.

The following sex coffee recipe will…Hey, what gives? As soon as we typed in sex coffee, the text turned pink all on its own. How odd…Lets try this again.

The following sex coffee recipe we are going to show you will make your mornings a lot more memorable than just getting up, downing a quick cup while reading the paper, and then heading off to work.

You may want to get your smart wifi-enabled Mr. Coffee coffee maker to get things brewing just a few minutes earlier than usual. There's a lot you might want to do in those few extra minutes once you try this recipe we're about to share with you.

Alright, let's rock and/or roll!

Is Coffee An Aphrodisiac?

Is Coffee An Aphrodisiac
Is Coffee An Aphrodisiac
Is Coffee An Aphrodisiac

You may just be thinking, "I didn't know coffee was an aphrodisiac." Well, it can be, depending on a few factors.

To be quite frank, the recipe that we will share with you isn't just about the coffee, it's about combining coffee with the right ingredients.

This mixture combines your favorite fresh ground coffee (a natural stimulant) with other known aphrodisiacs. It turns a typical cup of coffee into something that is both delicious, nutritious, and perks you up in more ways than you'll know what to do with.

In fact, feel free to put this on while preparing this little sex coffee recipe…

Ok, now that the mood is set, let's learn some more!

It's All About The Superfoods

This anything-but-ordinary drink is based on ingredients which belong to the superfood family. They have been used as aphrodisiacs ever since ancient times to boost libidos in both royalty and serfs alike.

Check out this historical document we dug up at the library. Hmmm, interesting…

Sex Coffee Recipe
Sex Coffee Recipe

For those who have never heard of a superfood, a superfood is essentially just a food which has a high number of nutrients, and often, it possesses specific health benefits found nowhere else.

Sort of like the opposite of a Twinkie, which is neither super nor food. Cinnamon, for instance, is part of the superfood family.

These ancient superfood ingredients we will be using in our sex coffee recipe include many things that you've probably heard of, if not use on a regular basis.

The Basic Sex Coffee Recipe Ingredients

Woman Sensually Drinking Coffee
Woman Sensually Drinking Coffee

We're talking here about maca root, cacao, cinnamon, honey and coconut milk.

Nothing too obscure, but each and every one of these superfoods have all scientifically shown to boost libido.

When you combine these ingredients with coffee, which is a known energy-booster on its own, what you have is a potent potion of epic proportions!

So much for actually watching Netflix this evening! Instead, it's time to "watch Netflix and chill"… with the help of a little maca powder, perhaps.

Maca Powder And Root
Maca Powder And Root

If you're the edgy type to begin with, the normal kick you get from coffee may not give you the usual nervous tension that some of us get from caffeine.

Instead, with the influence from these sexuality-enhancing superfoods, you may just end up having sex instead of having a panic attack. Not a bad trade off, right?

No Guarantees, but that said…

Matcha Latte
Matcha Latte

Please take note that this drink is not necessarily meant as a libido supplement, or as a cure for a diminished sex drive.

While following this recipe can help boost your libido if it happens to be lagging, this sex drink recipe is meant more for purely recreational purposes.

It is by no means a medical substitute for anything your doctor may have given you.

That said, since it's made up of all-natural superfood ingredients, you can try it out regardless of your libido, just to see what happens.

At the very least, you may simply enjoy its flavor, if you are somehow immune to its libido-boosting ways.

If you are immune, you are a supernatural being indeed, as these are ingredients with a proven track record over thousands of years.

Maca Root (for Maca Coffee)

Maca Root
Maca Root

When you combine powdered maca root with coffee, it gives the liquid a creamy / nutty texture and smell. (Like butterscotch) It has the kick that maca is known for. So, with maca and coffee, it's like a one-two punch!

Although it isn't widely known specifically as an aphrodisiac as such, we definitely want to include maca on our list of libido-boosting ingredients, as some studies show that maca does have an affect on libido in both males and females.

Also, maca has been known to increase fertility in men and reduce hormonal imbalance (caused by menopause, for example) in women.

It is preferable to use maca in coffee when the coffee is not piping hot.

That's due to the maca potentially losing some of its more health-benefiting properties from the extreme heat. Maca and coffee combined will still retain much of its punch when added to coffee.

The fact that maca contains prostaglandins and sterols proves that this ingredient will increase sexual desire in women as well as balance out hormones due to adaptogens.

That last paragraph was filled with words many of us don't know. You can check the links for the Wiki version, but we'll break it down a bit here.

Prostaglandins are lipid compounds. There are many tissues in the body that secrete these compounds.

When you're ingesting them through the maca root, they're performing healing benefits on those tissues.

For example, the maca can regulate hormones, which is the impact you're going for if you take this with your sex coffee.

Basically, it'll light a fire in your body that has to be quenched!

Maca, for those who don't know much about it, is an extremely versatile plant related to the radish with many favorable applications.

Watch this video by Young Infinite Experience, where she talks about fertility and maca root.

Up next…cocoa!


Raw Cocoa
Raw Cocoa

The raw, ground cacao in our recipe will serve as a chocolate-y sexual stimulant, meaning it will improve overall blood circulation, increase cognitive function.

At the same time, it is stimulating the release of the hormone responsible for our happiness and well-being - serotonin.

The links between chocolate and sexuality have been around forever, and we see them in commercials and movies all the time.

In today's society, chocolate and sex are almost synonymous. There is good reason for that connection.

Chocolate, of course, is something that women especially go wild for. Of course, the higher the quality, the better it is for you.

Men should take note of this powerful craving and provide women with more chocolate when possible, as it could in turn, benefit them at some point.

Pretty cheeky way to flatter your woman with chocolate and bump up her libido!

To be a little more scientific, one study dedicated specifically to sexual health showed that women who ate cacao-based chocolate on a daily basis had higher and more acute sexual arousal than those who didn't ingest cacao at all.

We need to clear something else up as well, involving spelling. There's cacao powder, and there's cocoa powder. Yes, they are related, but not the same thing.

Cocoa powder is generally roasted cacao powder, which changes its molecular structure and decreases its nutritional content, sadly.

Also, there is something which must be said about store-bought cocoa. It has been known to contain cadmium, which is not something we want in our diet.

If you are purchasing cocoa, be on the lookout for cadmium as it is highly detrimental to humans.

That said, powdered cocoa and sex do go together, but just don't forget that our recipe calls for raw cacao, not cocoa. You certainly can't sub in a melted Aero bar.

To receive maximum sexual benefits, it's raw cacao we want.

Watch this video by Organic Health Care to show the benefits of dark chocolate.

Well that was enlightening! Up next, cinnamon!


Raw Cinnamon
Raw Cinnamon

Right off the bat, one thing which could lead to sexual relations between two consenting adults is the fact that cinnamon inhibits bacterial growth, eg. the kind that causes a person's breath to be less than sexy.

With this knowledge alone, we think cinnamon has every right to be on this list.

Boy And Girl Kissing Drawing
Boy And Girl Kissing Drawing

Cinnamon also has been known to reduce the risk of Type-2 Diabetes and assists with stabilizing blood sugar.

Like cocoa, it gets the blood flowing and increases our vital energies. It heats up your body and, in turn, your sex drive.

When added to coffee, it adds a certain spiciness and when combined with all of the other ingredients, and that added spice can only mean one thing.

Used in both food and aromatherapy, cinnamon has long been a mysterious agent in a variety of ancient cultures.

Apparently a single dab of cinnamon rubbed carefully onto your genital region can do wonders for stimulation, but that's just a rumor that has been floating around since back in the 60's.

Here's a great video about cinnamon's benefits as they apply to sexual function by Bowl of Herbs.

We know you'll love the next one…honey!


Pure Honey
Pure Honey

We should not underestimate the power of this sweet substance.

Famous as one of the biggest aphrodisiacs on the planet, Avicenna, AKA the Father of Modern Medicine, once called honey "The food of food, the drink of drinks, and the drug of drugs".

Honey has been used historically by a number of cultures who prized fertility, such as the Vikings, to be used in their ceremonies.

Technically, honey affects testosterone in men, while the mineral boron assists with estrogen production in women.

When honey is consumed, studies have shown an increase in the production of nitric oxide, which accompanies sexual arousal.

Overall, it improves stamina, blood flow, and energy levels.

Watch this video for more information about the benefits of honey (and garlic) for Erectile Dysfunction.

Garlic in coffee? Nahh.. but what about this - coconut milk?

Coconut Milk


People all around the globe have been using coconut milk to achieve a natural hormonal balance and to increase their sexual desire for centuries.

And since it's full of healthy fats, coconut milk prevents fatigue and gives us more than enough energy needed for sexual activities.

And perhaps you've heard of coconut milk and honey going together as an energizing drink on its own.

Here's a video by Flo Chinyere talking about coconut, as well as tigernuts and dates as being the "Nigerian Aphrodisiac". 😮

Now, on to what we've been building up to…ohhhhh YES!

The Ultimate Sex Coffee Recipe

How To Make Sex Coffee
How To Make Sex Coffee


  • One cup of high-quality, freshly brewed coffee using your favorite beans
  • 1 tablespoon of ground raw cacao
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut milk
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon of ground maca root


1. Grind your cacao nibs / cinnamon sticks using a quality spice grinder or use cacao and cinnamon in powder form if you like (but grinding fresh has the best effect)

2. Prepare enough for at least 150 ml of your favorite type of coffee (pour over, drip, etc) - make sure you use a quality coffee grinder to grind your beans fresh

3. Pour 150 ml of fresh hot coffee in a medium-sized bowl

4. Add the desired amounts ground cacao, coconut milk, honey and the cinnamon into the bowl

5. Stir with a whisk or an electric Aerolatte Frother until the mixture becomes nice and foamy

6. Add the maca and stir the mixture a little bit longer (1 minute)

* Remember that grinding everything fresh is a key part of the recipe, so you will benefit most from having both a good spice grinder, and a good coffee grinder to use here

After doing all this, all you need to do is serve it as soon as possible, for maximum erotic benefit. 🙂

Drink this natural libido-boosting sex coffee beverage once or twice in a week and you'll soon be extolling the virtues of these erotic super foods.

Oh, and by the way, if this worked for you, tell us below in the comments!

Summary of Making Sex Coffee

1. Start With a High-Quality Coffee Bean

Coffee beans have a chemical compound that is a natural phytoestrogen, which comes from the Greek word "Phyto" meaning plant. This chemical compound mimics human estrogen in the body and can increase fertility issues in both sexes. In women, this is because estrogen can decrease fertility and increase the chance of miscarriage and cervical cancer. In men, it has been linked to lowering testosterone levels and decreasing sperm count.

Some scientists believe that Coffee will raise testoterone levels in humans, but there's no evidence to support these claims. The best way to avoid these estrogenic side effects of Coffee is to use a high-quality coffee which has been sun dried, not roast and ground.

2. Roast the Beans Yourself for the Freshest Flavor

The smell of freshly roasted coffee beans is one of life's greatest pleasures. Freshly roasted coffee beans produce the best-tasting cup of coffee you'll ever experience, but if you buy your beans pre-roasted there are several things you should understand to get the most out of your roast and enjoy it fully.

First, know the source of the coffee beans and whether they are single origin or a blend. Blending coffees can mask inferior quality beans, so if you want to know what kind of roast to expect buy unblended whole bean coffee and roast it yourself.

The type of roaster you use will affect the taste as well. If you're lucky enough to own a drum roaster or any type of industrial roasting machine, it may be possible to roast the beans longer and hotter without burning them. Over-roasting can make them taste bitter and detract from the flavors that should naturally arise in the roasting process. However, if all you have is an oven or stovetop, with practice you will learn to judge the doneness of the beans by visual cues, which is an important skill.

The flavor of a cup of coffee blends well with certain foods and flavors, but if you roast your beans yourself, you'll discover combinations that appeal to you personally. For instance, a medium-dark roast may go well with a dessert, but if you like your coffee with milk, you might prefer a lighter roast.

Your beans will be at their peak of freshness just before they are roasted. If you buy the best green whole-bean coffee and wait to roast them until just before you need them, they'll stay fresh for five to seven days more than if roasted and ground in advance.

Of course, freshly roasted beans should be used within a few days after roasting, or they will begin to stale and lose their appeal. If you roast coffee yourself you should either drink it all immediately or store the beans properly to preserve freshness over an extended period of time. They can be stored for about one month in an airtight, opaque container in a cool place. But if you roast your beans yourself, you'll always have the freshest-tasting cup of coffee.

3. Grind the Beans Just Before Brewing

You're not alone. Americans are spending over $11 billion on coffee every year, but the majority are buying it pre-ground at supermarkets or coffee shops. If you are willing to grind your own beans for the freshest cup of coffee around, read on!

A number of reasons why People Grind Their Own Coffee Beans:

  • to get the freshest coffee you can, since ground coffee loses its flavor quickly
  • for the vast variety of coffee roasts and blends that are not available pre-ground
  • for a more economical way to buy many different roasts and blends than just buying your favorite one by the pound
  • to add just the right amount of freshly ground beans to your pot or machine for perfect flavor every time

4. Brew Using a French Press for Optimal Flavor and Health Benefits

There are several ways to brew coffee, but one of the most popular is by using a French Press. This popular way of brewing offers several benefits that other brewing methods fail to offer.

What Is A French Press?

A French press is not just for making "French" coffee! The name comes from the process of pushing down on the contents of the press to filter out grounds. This is in comparison to other coffee brewing methods, such as drip coffee brewers or percolators, which use gravity and pressure to push water through particles in a filter.

Many prefer this method because it provides full contact between the hot water and the ground beans. The hot water saturates all of the components of the ground beans evenly, which allows for a full extraction of the flavor.

The French press process is also less wasteful than other methods of brewing because it does not use paper filters. The mesh screen on a French press is typically made of stainless steel or ABS plastic, and can be cleaned easily after each use.

However, if you are looking for the maximum amount of flavor and health benefits, there are also some things you should keep in mind before using your French press.

Benefits Of French Press Brewing

There are several reasons why people prefer to use a French press over other types of coffee brewers. The taste is typically considered better because all of the essential oils extracted from the ground beans as well as all of the flavor. The flavors from a French press are so strong, in fact, that it is often referred to as "French-press espresso" by many coffee lovers! An additional benefit of using a French press is that it does not require filters, which means no waste and less concern about your environmental impact. Unlike other types of coffee brewers that may have a paper filter to remove particles from the final product, a French press is able to separate them all out.

5. Add Organic Ingredients Like Raw Cacao, Maca Root (Maca Coffee), and Horny Goat Weed to Increase Libido and Fertility

A scientific study conducted at the University of Guelph, Canada, and published in October last year claimed that raw chocolate can serve as a potent aphrodisiac for women.

The combined effects of cocoa powder and hot water was shown to increase sexual arousal and desire more than hot water alone. A similar effect was also achieved with dark chocolate, which contains a significantly smaller amount of the same ingredient as raw chocolate - Theobromine.

The researchers also reported that drinking cocoa boosted women's sex drive by 87%, and increased their genital arousal by 49%.

It is believed that this effect was achieved because cocoa contains phytoestrogens, chemical compounds found in plants, that mimic the female sex drive.

Top sexual health expert Shantha Kumar MD, director of the Center for Sexual Health Medicine in New York City, claims that raw chocolate contains numerous vitamins and minerals essential for healthy sexual function, including Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Copper, Iron and Potassium.

6. Enjoy Your Delicious, Healthy Sex Coffee!

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Conclusion for Sex Coffee Lovers

So, if you are looking for a way to increase your libido and fertility without having to resort to drugs or supplements, give this Ultimate Sex Coffee Recipe a try! It is easy to make and all of the ingredients can be found at your local grocery store. Let us know how it works for you in the comments below.

About Bryan Albuquerque

Bryan Albuquerque is a coffee lover and vaping advocate who writes reviews and information about coffee accessories and KYG. A former coffee addict, Bryan traded his morning fix for an electronic cigarette in an effort to quit smoking, and has never looked back. He's dedicated to helping others make the switch to vaping, and believes that it's one of the best decisions anyone can make for their health.

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