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Someone once said, “I’ll take a Breville!” 

This someone was probably Australian, because in Australia, Breville is a term synonymous with household appliances, in much the same way we mention Kleenex when we want a tissue. 

Breville has become so synonymous with certain products that it’s perfectly normal for someone to mention a Breville rather than get any more specific. 

Indeed, the Breville company has been a beacon for innovation in kitchen products for some time now. 

If you are only aware of Breville as a maker of much sought-after coffee products, here’s a quick TV spot showing one of their blenders.

Breville Company History Information

Yes, Breville is an Australian manufacturer of small kitchen appliances, and they have been on the scene for nearly a century. 

The company was founded in Melbourne in 1932. 

old breville radio

An old Breville radio from the 1930’s

They began with radios in 1932 and moved into mine detectors during WWII. 

They stepped into the world of television in the late 50’s and early 60’s and the brand decided that they should serve the lady of the house and focus on home kitchen appliances. 

This was a very creative and important time for Breville and resulted in many great products that they still produce today, only more modern and efficient.

Here is a quick look at some of the kitchen appliances Breville makes.

breville list of products information

The Breville name came from it co-founders – Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville. 

This family business has over 100 active patents and has won over 40 international awards such as the prestigious iF Design Award and the Webby Awards in the U.S.   

breville team, wine festivals

The world will never forget the Breville Kitchen Wizz food processor and the Wall Heating Electric Wok – not to mention the world’s first juice extractor to juice whole fruits, the world’s first sandwich press with adjustable height, and an impressive list of other great firsts. 

Here’s the Kitchen Wizz in action below, which is regarded by many as one of the world’s finest food processors.

Cool Facts About Breville

breville juice fountain

Breville’s innovations have won them numerous awards for excellence.

Their Juice Fountain is proudly visible in the Sydney Powerhouse Museum as a model for exemplary design skill. 

Breville is even gaining a lot of popularity due to having their products featured in a film about juicing and weight loss called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. 

People who see this film definitely get a new appreciation for Breville.  Definitely worth seeing if you’re in need of a healthier lifestyle.  Here’s the trailer:

Breville’s Centre of Design and Excellence is located in Botany in Sydney Australia. 

It’s contagious reputation has spread throughout the world and trades with over 30 countries. 

It is best known today for its quality juicers, bread toasters, and coffee-related products. 

Food thinkers breville logo

Their slogan or mantra is “We’re Food Thinkers!” and they are proud of it! 

In an effort to expedite their technological growth, Breville have implemented a type of software called NX, which provides them with a beginning-to-end environment for developing products that runs in step with Breville’s unique creativity. 

According to Richard Hoare, Breville’s design director, this type of technology is allowing Breville to take ideas from their initial stages to their full realization much faster and with less mistakes. 

This NX technology is based on a CAD system which is second to none in terms of product development, because it allows ideas to be conveyed perfectly between Breville, its design team, and manufacturers and toolmakers who are also integral to the creative process.

The Breville team of designers and engineers are always on the cutting edge, and today they have included the “smart” technology into many of their appliances. 

They include consumer input into their excellent kitchen tools.  Breville’s mission is to make the best kitchen tools possible!

Since 2001, Breville has been owned by Housewares International Pty Ltd. and are known innovators of design in their particular field. 

In 2016, Breville is alive and well, and they remain grounded in their success despite the brand’s global awareness. 

They continue to look for ways to make their customers happy in the kitchen!

39 thoughts on “About Breville – Company Overview”

  1. i have a breville coffee maker, just find out that the plastic container for water is the worst plastic to use for food, it is a number 7

    how could you sell that?

    • Hey Robert,

      I wasn’t aware of the Number 7 for the plastic container on the Brevelle. From what I’ve just researched, Number 7 is a catchall for a variety of plastics. It’s also used in baby bottles and water bottles. It’s safe for use, so we’re comfortable in our recommendation.

  2. I love my Breville blender the Hemisphere Blade & Bow System BBL55OXL it works great and has been a great addition to our kitchen gadgets. The only problem is we cannot find another replacement for the seal ring you put in the bottom when you clean it. We make smoothies all the time and over time this has become gross even trying to clean it it still doesn’t come out very clean. 🙁

  3. Hello, I recently purchased a Brevill oven(bov900) i misplaced the information booklet and all other paperwork that was in the box. I am hoping I can get another booklet of operating instructions ..I will gladly pay for this. I have exhausted myself with the search of it. Please help me with this situation. I am anxious to use this oven,since it was highly recommended. My name is theresa ferringo,616 Glen ct.,turnersville,n.j. 08012_1435. My telephone number is,856_232_8960. Our e mail is larry1659@comcast.net. Thank you very much.


      • So this is not true?
        “All Breville® products, including the BOV800XL Smart Oven®, are designed and engineered in Australia and manufactured and assembled in China. …”

    • Are ALL Breville products manufactured in Australia, Canada and the USA. Does that include your line of espresso machines?

  4. I am interested in your remanufactured Barista pro or the Duo temp pro . Unfortunately you are sold out still . I am on your mail list for when either of them come in . I just wanted to know if you have any idea of when you may have either of these or anything similar to become available?

    Thank you,

  5. Hello I have been watching YouTube demonstrations on the Breville combi wave and am very impressed with it. I am very disappointed that it is only available in America as an Australian company which is very impressing why was it not released in Australia first.
    I would really like to have one.

  6. Hi we just bought a bit of breville history. A fp-14 cyclonic super wizz. looks a beauty. Can you tell us when it was made, made in china on model n.o.

    • Hi Phill,
      Thanks for contacting us! Can you provide us with more info about your product? Does it have any serial no. or labels?

  7. Yes, designed in Australia – but, manufactured in China. I am so disappointed to find this out after just buying a bread maker. Will not be buying Breville brand again.

  8. Hi I have an old Breville cyclonic kitchen whiz (model FP8)230/240 V.A.C 425W
    Aust.Pat. 548399
    that was my mums.
    It’s a great kitchen asset
    But sadly the bowl clasp that licks it in and presses down the go button cracked and snapped off everything else is perfect. Can you help me please.
    Our family has been Breville supporters and buyers for many years

  9. I am so happy to see your comment above. If you do manufacture your products in Australia, USA, and Canada, then you may want to update your web page. I no longer wish to support products made in China, and was reading for that purpose. Your website states that your (deep fryer) product is designed in Australia and manufactured in China. You may want to update that, kudos to your company for putting quality above cheaper out sourced labor! That is a selling point for me

  10. I purchased a Breville BTA730XT The Bit More 4 Slice Toaster 2 months ago from Amazon. The lever for the temperature control broke off. When I contacted customer service for a warranty replacement staff requested the produce 4 digit batch code and/or serial number. The unit has no such identification symbols. After I attemped to explain this to the Breville customer care team they have rejected my emails and will not communicate. Query: why is Breville selling units over Amazon with no unit identification?
    Query: why is Breville refusing to honor the written 1 year warranty?
    Query: why is Breville treating me like I am a criminal?

    • Hi Gregg!
      There should be a label with the 4-digit serial number somewhere on your device. Did you try calling their customer support instead of reaching them via email?

  11. I wish I had read this before my purchase of the Breville bambino coffee machine. I had read another article that said the machines were made in Australia and US. That was my biggest reason for choosing your machine over Delonghi machine. Now I read that your parts are made and assembled in China. I am disappointed! I would have paid more for “made in USA” or Australia or Canada! I will not choose Breville again UNLESS you begin manufacturing outside of China.
    I love your innovation, I do not love your production methods.

    • Hi Carla,
      Sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, most of the Breville parts are made in China.
      Are you happy with the machine you bought? How it’s performing?


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