The Best Coffee Grinders For Weed – What Are They?

Out of all the creative uses in the world for coffee grinders, who would’ve thought it would be the best and easiest way to grind weed and get quality kief? 

Coffee grinders, eh?  Yup.  And along with this revelation we give you an explanation of how repeated use due to buildup that will guarantee quality kief for years to come.

best coffee grinder for weed

Remember that resin is the lowest common denominator, so why not get the most out of the current supply?

Everyone has their own style for grinding weed, just go out and do it your way – don’t just follow the flock.

Dropped out of elementary school and hate reading?  Here are the best coffee grinders for weed, bar none.  BTW, one of them is a blender so we had to include it just because it really is so popular we couldn’t ignore it.

The Best Coffee Grinder For Weed

Why a coffee grinder?  Because it’s easy to use, cheap, and it will last you a good while.  Plus, it has the right hardware to do the job right, vs. other ways you might go about grinding your weed. 

Basically, coffee grinders can be your secret weapon for grinding pot.

Besides requiring minimal effort and getting your weed ground up perfect in less than 30 seconds, there is the added benefit of this: if you’re lazy, these coffee grinders will surely be your best friends because they do all the work and they don’t ask you to clean them (unless you feel like it).

Let The Grinder Do The Work

best grinder for weed

You know the difference in how much work it is to mow a lawn between a push lawnmower and a gas lawnmower?  Arthritis is clear to set in with any manual grinder, and with no added benefits doing it by hand when it comes to weed, why not just go electric / automatic?  They’re practically the same price anyway, BTW.

Also, there is really nothing around the house that does what a grinder can do.  Blenders come close, but most of them are too big.  The Bullet Pro does a good job, but its not exactly cheap.

The reason coffee grinders are better is just due to a few things.  There is a difference between blade and burr grinders even with weed, as it turns out.  So watch out for the difference there. 

Some first time mistakes will be made, like not having a dedicated coffee grinder for kief, or accidentally making coffee with your weed grinder.

The worst case scenario is drinking a weird coffee / weed melange, although some people have tried it and liked it.

Dedicated Kief Grinder

In short, if you’re going to use a coffee grinder for kief then make it a dedicated one. 

And if you’re going to convert an already used coffee grinder into a mini weed factory, then have the sense to clean it out beforehand—unless you like the smell of Folgers crystal when you’re toking up.

There were a few that I ran across that did the trick, with some honorable mentions.

The biggest surprise is how fine the kief is grounded up using a burr grinder like the Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill.

The Cuisinart in the wrong hands can be overkill, and a newbie could end up badly grinding away their entire stash.

KRUPS F203 – Grinding Weed For Cheap!

KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Blades

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A smaller, portable, super affordable, and easy to clean coffee grinder like the Krups F203 is definitely one of my favorites for grinding pot.

As small as it is, the 200 watt motor and easy to use lid with safety makes this an ideal kief making machine.

Let’s also not forget about its large grinding capacity, which easily equals less time for you in the long run.

When it comes to the perfect size for grinding weed, as well as the power and of course the price, special mentions go out to the Magic Bullet and the Ninja

As a longtime owner of the Ninja, I can attest that it can do everything a coffee grinder can do and more.

Only downside to these models is that because of the design of the units, with the razor sharp multiblade setup, you’re going to need to be extra careful or risk a trip to the emergency ward when trying to get that last bit of buildup.

In both cases, the blades are manually screwed on the top and go bottom down into the unit.

When unscrewing, the buildup will be easy enough to get at since it is a separate part of the unit.  The overall usage with these models still takes patience and practice.

Blade Grinder vs. Burr Grinders

burr vs blade grinder

When it comes to grinding herb, the choice is pretty much up to the user, but one thing to look out for with burr grinders is you have to watch out for their grind settings, since burr grinders are often adjustable. 

With blade grinders, they are definitely cheap and fast when it comes to grinding for weed, but they are known not to last as long or be as consistent.

Big chunks are known to stick to the sides or even on the blades of some blade grinder units.

The best nomination for a coffee grinder that can make good kief is the Krups F203, but be prepared for some trial and error regardless.

Urban Myths

Fear not, you don’t lose all of the good stuff on the sides or within the blades – if you choose the right coffee grinder and removal method.

weed grinding pot kief

Here’s a good myth we want to bust right now.  Have you heard this one?  There has been reported deaths by using weed in a coffee grinder.  Oh really, how? 

Apparently, because the molecules leftover from the coffee beans mutate the weed, creating a nose irritant that will make your eyes bleed out if it comes in contact. 

Once again coffee grinders are more than an acceptable use for weed if the correct model and method is used.  You won’t die, don’t worry, you’ll just be very, very high. 😉

How Its Done

good hash

1.  Pick out your model, and if used previously for coffee, caps, fraps, juicing or whatever-clean it thoroughly. You want a dedicated weed factory.

2.  Add in your hash, removing stems included with them if you don’t have any other use for it. Keep in mind smaller nugs= smaller or no stems. Less work overall.

3.  Make sure everything is in place and do your thing. The desired consistency is up to you, but the most important thing is to tap on the top and shake it a bit before opening! If not you could get a weed mist all up in your area, wasting valuable effort, time and money.

best coffee grinder for weed

Just for added measure tap it on a solid surface a few times before opening, just to be safe. And never, ever open up the grinder in the middle of grinding. Any one of these things will get you trapped in a weed hurricane.

4.  Use a non-coarse method of getting out the kief, like a small toothbrush that isn’t worn. This gets the most out without wasting valuable kief, and leaves a good layer still for repeated use.

A spoon can also be used as a secondary if no soft brush is available, but avoid using worn brushes as the resulting mixture will get caught up in the bristles.


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The Best Coffee Grinders For Weed - What Are They?
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  1. This is pretty good for weed.we dont carry or buy grinder always. but coffee grinder is amazing idea for grind herb. already i broke many weed grinder. so this way give me a perfect solution. you can use it for cook or smoke. i am very glad to read this post and it is very helpful for me. wish you all the best.

  2. Paul

    I purchased the Cuisinart based on the recommendation on this site and it doesn’t seem to be grinding my dry buds. I load them into the bin and when the machine operates very little makes it to the container. The bud seems to accumulate in the cylindrical shaft between the bin and the grinder mechanism. What am I doing wrong, because this is just not working for me.

  3. Paul

    And also please elaborate the following statement on the site “The Cuisinart in the wrong hands can be overkill, and a newbie could end up badly grinding away their entire stash.”

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